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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Review Tuesdays - Caged or Free?

What is freedom? Is just being able to do what we want define freedom? No. Even that is very suffocating at times, and we are caged by it. Such thoughts, free yet caged, bring out the best in us at times. And so it does for a blogger named Tweety, whose blog I’m reviewing today. The blog, which has had a name change recently, is called Caged by Freedom.

Who is this yellow bird?

Tweety is an infant learning to speak, an adolescent trying to come over her latest crush, an adult trying to bring balance in her life. A simple middle class girl who carries her heart on her sleeves… someone who accepts her imperfections, doesn’t crave or want an extraordinary life but a life that has calm, peace and love… and a talented poet.

What does her cage look like?

Tweety uses a custom template, 4 columns in all. The post background is red and white fonts. The overall look is quite appealing and the blog has an array of different widgets like archive, visitor feed, blogroll and label list. The blog has 95 followers and 19 followers on Networked Blogs. She has been actively blogging since January 2009 and has 216 posts to date. The pages on her blog are for blogger awards and a space where she tells about herself. She uses DISQUS feature to provide Wordpress like comments on Blogspot which makes it easy to comment.

The song of the caged Tweety:

Tweety’s poetry is simple and captivating. Most of her verses are free in form and thought, and easy to read and understand. Her enthusiasm to write is evident from her writing, which comes on a regular interval unless impeded by personal work like exams. Even during them, I’ve found her to be quite attracted to blogging, and poetry in general.

Her favorite form of poetry I think is the acrostic form, and she writes quite often for the Acrostic Only meme. To keep the flow in thought and theme, and trying to follow the rules at AO is no easy task but she doesn’t give up and rises to the challenge. Other than acrostics, she likes to do the haiku form as well. She’s an eager student, always interested in learning new forms and willing to work on her mistakes. Other than poetry, she also dabs in fiction, and her acrostic short story on New Dawn has also won her a best short story badge.

From her recent posts, I recommend the free form poem Dear Brother as a read. It tells the story of a girl who is going abroad and away from her parents and beloved brother. From her older posts, The Secret of Eyes, the story of a young girl, cheated into prostitution by one her family, is another I’d recommend. Tweety also likes to write etheree form, and poetry in Hindi as well.

She writes for a lot of meme blogs like Acrostic Only, Haiku Heights, One Single Impression etc, and has also recently started to write for Thursday Poetry Rally and Poetry Potluck as well.


I’d ask you to keep going the way you are. Reading your poetry is very enjoyable. Try a different template sometime, one with a wider post area and lesser columns… simple ones are quite good. Regarding widgets, I think you have what is needed to make your readers navigate easily.

Who am I?
I’m Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Tweety, I have wanted to review your blog for a while now, and I'm glad to have got the chance today. Continue to write, read and improve on your talent... 

To JP Tuesday Reviews readers, sorry for the delay today. It wasn't intentional.


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Tweety is an infant learning to speak, an adolescent trying to come over her latest crush, an adult trying to bring balance in her life. A simple middle class girl who carries her heart on her sleeves...

Tweety rocks. leo knows you well...

amazing review, Thanks a lot, both Tweety and Leo.

Happy Tuesday.

Tweety said...

awwww that was so sweet leo... Me and my blog wouldn't have had such a description...thanks a lot for this... :) :)

If i started to write about my blog and my style of writing even i wouldn't have written it so perfectly...

thanks once again...I am honored..
Thanks for your support always :)

Vinay Leo R. said...


yeah, I do :) but that's her words itself. I just felt it perfect so used that itself :D

glad u liked the review! thanks!


pleasure is all mine.

annell4 said...

Yes I do.

Vinay Leo R. said...



JamieDedes said...

Thanks you, Leo, for a fine review and selection. You have the gift for this! :-)

And thanks Tweety for collaborating and enriching and letting us get to know you. I appreciate the intro.