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Sunday, January 23, 2011

POETRY POTLUCK - Rules, Regulations and Laws...

Hi everyone!! Hope you all had/are having a great weekend! 

We (Amanda and Kavita) are as pleased as ever to welcome you (newbies and followers alike :)) to Poetry Potluck... This week, it's all about  Rules, Regulations and Laws!!!!! Ouch...they really hurt, don't they?! :)

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using InLinkz below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!! Once you are done with this, visit other participants (at least 6), read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!! Of course, you can always submit any poem of your choice as well...

Remember: Every week, InLinkz will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CST), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8pm (CST). So you will have 72 hours to share your poem with us...COOL huh?!! Also, if you aren't new to Poetry Potluck, please note that we may not send you weekly reminders. So, it would be awesome if you could add us to your Blogroll or Favorites, so that you can stay updated with the happenings on our site!! :))

Flash Forward!! After all those strict Do's and Don'ts on all kinds of matters, we think it would be a great idea to enjoy and bask in some Peace, Relaxation and Spirituality... You will have one entire week to prepare your poem for this theme.. :) And if you are unable to submit a poem ON the theme, relax... Send in an older poem you would love to share with us...

And now, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Enjoy the VIDEO here and write on... Thanks for joining in and supporting your fellow poets here at OUR favorite Poetry Potluck!!!

"Solitary Law Keeper"

Lonely he stands,
be it sun or rains,
he can not give up
no matter what it takes.

Blaring horns around
angry drivers in hurry
ever busy people on foot
these are his worries.

Then there are those
who flaunt arrogance
by breaking rules,
in name of ignorance.

Can you blame him then,
to take things by law book
if he wasn't careful
how messy would roads look ?

Treat him just human
keeping regulation isn't easy
give him a word of praise
for keeping the traffic moving.

Pass him a genuine smile
if he gets angry at you
only he ensures your safety
being the traffic police.

By our lovely Nimue...
Thanks a bunch, dear friend... We are honored to have you write for us...


Anonymous said...

Looking forward to reading every poem this week, even if I don't comment on all of them. Lady Nimue, thanks for giving us the poor traffic cop's point of view.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

so elegant image on top, Amanda.
love Ladynimue's poem,

perfect start for the day.
Way to Go!

Have fun!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Greetings, Happy Sunday! Blessings…

Friendship Awards, Enjoy!
Thanks for the support, You Rock!

Keep Your Poetry Coming.
We Love seeing you HERE!


Maggie said...

Yeah, I do what I want. LOL.

Okay, I forgot the theme this week, but hope you enjoy anyway.

: )

Lolamouse said...

Had a bit of a laugh with this one! As you may have guessed, I'm not good with authority!

Hope said...

Wonderful poem

looking forward to this weeks poetry!

thank you Jingle

Carl said...

Laws are fine as long as their my laws.

I resisted at first, but I put something out there.


RiikaInfinityy said...

Not related to the theme, but just something reflective on my personal life :D~ Hope you enjoy it by knowing and reading =)

bendedspoon said...

Rules are hard for my heart at times but thankful that I have something to follow when I can't totally trust my feelings.

Poets rule in here so I follow and learn!

Thanks to Blaga for inviting me here.

Anonymous said...

i worked hard to be the first to post. i set an alarm :)

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Have fun, guys...

Will read you tomorrow if not today.



Anonymous said...

Thank you for the trust in my words Mandy. And to all to read and appreciate my poem !

Have a good week ahead :)

Anonymous said...

Good luck all! http://inaweblogisback.wordpress.com/2011/01/20/a-nice-winters-day/

dakshi said...

This is wonderful stuff..
gonna read all of them, :D

Anonymous said...

Whoa, what happened to Mr Linky???
here's my poem anyway -

River said...

Thanks for all your work Amanda and Kavita. I posted with a new wordpress blog. When there is time could you please add it to the blogroll. Thanks! xx

River said...

Me again. lol :) I just realized I'm logged in with blogger here is the new link.

I still have the poetry blog on blogger. Jeepers..I'm sorry if I'm confusing you. :)

Uma Anandane said...

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Anonymous said...

Good one!!!



Bubba said...

I decideded to link my first rictameter poem here because it has a set form to follow, which is a rule of sorts - and was the closest thing I had fitting this week's theme.

Someone is Special said...

Dear Special Jingle Poetry Friends,

Here is my Rules

PS: I have been shortlisted for the final round of Best of Indian Blogosphere (BoIB) 2010 polls under the categories “Poetry” & “Fiction”

If you wish me to win then vote for me here

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JamieDedes said...

Thanks for another fine Poetry Potluck post and for all the work you guys do to pull it together for the rest of us.

Here's my link:

flaubert said...

I liked this prompt. Inspirational.

Anonymous said...

Ok, mine is an oldie, but a goodie. ;)

Unknown said...

I shared this one in potluck a few months ago, but decided to link it in today because it is the closest to your requested theme. :o)

Greenzilla's Top 5 Green Deeds

I look forward to reading many posts soon!

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Been too busy but I always enjoyed being here so this time I had to do something special to interest fellow readers in my post... so here I am with Rules and Regulations of Haiku form and post some of them that conform to the rules of 5/7/5 syllables... hope you will all enjoy it ...
Look forward to reading great poets here this week...

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Hi! my entry is http://amritaghosh.wordpress.com/2011/01/24/a-monday-morning-quarterback/#comment-719
this doesn’t strictly fall into either, partly because I find that defying rules come easier to me than obeying them. Nevertheless, this is a pun on a sporting practice that I think can be used as a thumb-rule of life.

JamieDedes said...

Another fine selection, Leo. Much appreciated, especially as I have not visited Twitty's blog yet - as least I don't think so - so the added value of an intro. Going there now.

Twetty, thanks for contributing to the richness of this site by allowing Leo's analysis.

Fine job ...

Shadow said...

rules were made to be broken, right?!?!?!?! enjoyed the poem, nimue!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Dear poets /friends of Jingle Poetry:

Thanks for sharing your poetry here,

we are more than happy to see you in.
have fun exploring some treats of others.

you rock.

Anonymous said...

add mine stuffs

Hope you'll like it have these. ;)

Bing Yap said...

glad to be back... better late than never, they always say. :D

nimue's poem is brilliant for the prompt.

much love,
bing (PinkLady)

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Thanks for coming, pinklady, ash bee zone, and shadow...

everyone is doing so great ..

Hope that you take your time, enjoy some talent shown here.

Happy Wednesday.
You Rock.