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Friday, January 14, 2011

Poem of the Week

Thank you, everyone, for making Monday's Poetry Potluck such a great success. Such wonderful writings on the theme of "Journey and The Road Ahead".

Always so difficult to pick one poem out of so many outstanding ones, but this week, "Responsive Pleading" from Marian's runaway sentence. blog really struck a chord:

responsive pleading

what if i took flight
with a wedge of geese
honking and squawking
took my place in formation
and flew south

i could nest for a while
licking my wounds
reviewing my territory
maybe i would play my trumpet

weakly at first, then
flugeling across the water
calling you
pleading for your reply
to call me home.

runaway sentence. © 2011


The personification of the geese, the imagery, are so clever and well done. The use of a word so uncommon as "flugeling" adds another element that makes the poem sing.

Thank you, Marian, for sharing your poetry. To read more of Marian's fine writing, please visit her @ runaway sentence.

Looking forward to another wonderful potluck next week!

Bill Cook


Rinkly Rimes said...

That was a beautiful poem! So delicate and yet so meaningful.

Celestial Dreamz said...

awesome write. enjoyed reading it.

'uday' said...

... such, a beautiful poem !!

Maggie said...

A beautiful choice.

Hope said...

i've often thought that
wonderful poem!

Marian said...

aw! bill, thank you for this wonderful honor. what a nice surprise! thank you and thank jingle. i love this community.

Anonymous said...

A wonderful choice! Such beautiful imagery...bravo!

Other Mary said...

Good choice Jingle.
Very good poem Runaway!

Fay Campbell said...

Delicate is a good word for this one. Very nice.

Rajlakshmi said...

this is indeed a wonderful pick...
the imagery so beuatiful and deep.

Unknown said...

Im so happy!
I love Marian and Runaway Sentence.
Great pick!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...


what a smart take.
I am flying with her like geese...

I am glad you pointed out this one.
beautiful job.

Anonymous said...

beautiful poem. Solid choice. bill

JamieDedes said...

Thanks, Talon. Excellent choice.

runaway sentence - Very fine! :-)