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Friday, January 28, 2011

Poem of the Week--Saturday, January 29

I feel honored to be a part of Jingle’s Poetry Community and to be hosting this week’s Poem of the Week.
It was amazing and a bit overwhelming to be submerged in so much splendid poetry—I truly enjoyed reading every entry. For this week’s featured poem dealing with Rules, Regulations and Laws, I chose Jamie Dedes’ poem, Of a Certain Age.

The poem celebrates the freedom that comes with aging, when you're able to feel at home with who you are as a person. Ignoring some of the ought-to’s and should-have’s imposed by society allows us to enter into the celebration of each moment.

Stylistically, Jamie’s poem excels. Note the crisp details and the choice of active verbs that draw us into the experience of nonconformity. She has taken a theme that could feel oppressive and injected it with a bit of mirth and irony.

As you join Jamie traipsing your neighborhood streets or nibbling on an apple, enjoy being who you are called to be. Don’t forget to pay her a visit at http://musingbymoonlight.com/

Of a Certain Age

What’s it to me? …

A gnarled, nasty old poet of introverted time

wearing five-dollar sweats, dressing in black on black like a fly

with silver earrings tinkling softly in the winter breeze

What’s it to me? …

A Madwoman, a Madonna, a Medusa

Traipsing neighborhood streets, city parks and country lanes

Nibbling on sharp yellow cheese and glossy red apples

Sitting down on some wayward curb to sigh in wonder at

noisy birds and children, wizened old men, whiskered grandmothers

And dogs walking their humans by the side of the road

Feral cats scratching out a living of pigeons stuffed with stale bread

Muttering, muttering, whispering, watching, writing

Writing long poems and short about what it was to be us

through clocked days trapped in pointless, punctilious youth

Enjoying now the wild, gnarled randomness of life

and the music of our silvery old souls tinkling in the breeze…

What’s it to me? What’s it to this so lately untameable me?

May your muses work overtime this week. We'll see you next Saturday. Don't forget to join Monday's Poetry Potluck!
Victoria Ceretto-Slotto (http://liv2write2day.wordpress.com/)
Bill Cook (http://beginningpoetry.wordpress.com/)


JamieDedes said...

Thanks for this treasued honor, Victoria.

Welcome to your new position with JP.

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Hi, victoria,

what a sweet surprise, Thanks for picking Jamie's poem..

you do have unique version on this.
Thanks for the passion...

Jamie's words are playful and thoughtful...

Greetings from Jingle

Anonymous said...

Happy first choice Victoria, if I may say it that way! And what a good choice! I personally like everything from Jamie, it's the style and touch of care in her writing I adore. Excellent choice and very sweet presentation of the poem of the week! All the best to both of you!

Shadow said...

i concur, writing that draws you in...

The Unknowngnome said...

An excellent choice of poetery. Both Victoria and Jamie have excelled.

JamieDedes said...

@The Unknowngnome

Thank you for your kind and supportive comments.

Peace and Hugs,

Paula Tohline Calhoun said...

Absolutely wondeful, thoughtful, and rich poem, Jamie! Being a woman of a certain age myself, I walked that street and sat on the curb with you, and watched the world go by. . .(I ate the apple, too, but refrained from eating the cheese - this time, anyway!):-D

BTW, I would like to post in the potluck this week, but I still have no idea where or how! Somebody help? Thank you!

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...


Welcome join us tonight...

Thanks for encouraging and commenting...



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jamie! This is such an innovative and creative poem on that "certain age." I love it!

Unknown said...

Jamie's poem SO speaks to me. I adore the message and embrace the culture to which she so succinctly ascribes. Jamie-- You Are Brilliant!