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Sunday, December 26, 2010


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to those who are celebrating

Boxing Day (December 26, St. Stephen’s Day, mostly UK countries) a shopping day in those countries that celebrate

Tech. Sgt. Jennifer Myers (above), 66th Air Base Wing noncommissioned officer in charge of the U.S.Military Equal Opportunity office, demonstrates a Kwanzaa ritual where she lights a candle in the Kinara.
photo by Christopher Myers, via Wikipedia
Kwanzaa (December 26- January1): in the US and Angola, celebrates the seven principles of blackness, one principle each day of the week: Unity, Self-determination, Collective Work and Responsibility, Cooperative Economics, Purpose, Creativity, and Faith.
to all

Thanks to Blaga Tordorova, Scent of My Heart, for information on these two events of interest to poets and writers:

1.) BOOK DRUM 2011: This is a SITE that provides book and author reviews written by readers for readers. First Prize: £1,000, Second Prize: £500, Third Prize: £250, 5 Runner-Up Prizes: £100
The Tournament opens on 5 January 2011. Have a look at the last year’s winning entries to get an idea of what impressed the judges: The Odyssey; Good Morning Midnight; Don Quixote; Cloud Atlas; Speak, Memory; In Search of Lost Time (Vol.1); Something Wicked This Way Comes.  To be eligible for a prize, you need to complete a full profile of a mainstream published book. Details are here: Contributor Guidelines. The deadline for entries is 30 April 2011. The following are samples profiles: Riding the Ice Wind by Alastair Vere Nicoll. Profile by Vincent One and Revolutionary Road by Richard Yates.

2.) WINNING WRITERS’ NEWSLETTER: maintains a DATABASE of writing contests. 

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Some of us choose to post only poems on our blogs. Others, like Shashi, Shadow Dancing With Mind, like to keep things open to move as the spirit moves us. Here Shashi shares some ideas on creativity and spirituality

JAMIE: The name of your blog, Shadow Dancing With Mind, is evocative. How did you come to it?

SHASHI: Most of the time, we don’t differentiate between the inner-self and the mind. We believe that we are the mind that is taking input from sense organs not the one that is beyond the mind, that one aspect which thinks. Over the centuries, many philosophers have thought about this, including our own ancient Indian scriptures like the Vedas, Puranas and Bhagwat Gita and realized that it’s not the body but some thing beyond the physical existence, does exist. Some call it sub-consciousness, inner-self, soul etc. René Descartes tried to make that point in his famous quote “I think, there for I am.” I firmly believe in this inner-self existence and the blog’s name came from the process of that exploration. As mind thrives on chaos, flitting from one thought to another, one pleasure to another, it was a hard journey. Every time I am reaching closer to inner-self, mind throws up new chaos, sense pleasure or flood of desires, emotions or cravings in order to divert attention… hence I ended up shadow dancing with mind as they do in the popular sports boxing, fighting with one’s own shadow….

JAMIE: You clearly love poetry and are a fine poet, but have chosen to cover multiple subjects, to do articles as well as poems, and to use a magazine format. What made you decide to do this instead of a strictly poetry blog?

SHASHI: I am passionate about reading, writing, and photography and have been working in the field of interior design for a long time now. I realize that it’s all about creativity, a way of expressing your inner-self. It’s just that in all these forms the medium or the language of expression is different. That is one part of my blog where I do manifest my thoughts in physical form in terms of poetry, haiku, or a book that is serialized, Yogi Baba – A Story Untold.

The other part of the blog is about sharing. I wanted to share - my thoughts, ideas and creativity - but also what has influenced me over the years. Maybe this will help some one somewhere some time to give expression to their feelings, emotions, and creativity. Perhaps it will influence or trigger their creativity as it has influenced my thinking. Even if one person who gets inspired by my features at blog about books, music, artists, movies etc, I would probably achieve, what ultimate cosmic design has intended me for this life time.

There are so many beautiful things to admire, live, and touch in this beautiful life, this beautiful world. Some times I feel that I am not doing enough too; but then through this blog, at least I am going somewhere … even if in little steps.

JAMIE: Are the photographs on you blog - which are fabulous, by the way - yours? What comes first the poem or the picture? Or do they feed each other?

SHASHI: Most of the photos on the blog are of my own on the posts that deal with my creativity. When I feature others from net I attribute the source.

As I started my journey through the search of inner-self, I travelled to amazing places as I believed that travelling is meditative. The Himalayas, nature, rivers, sea and powerful spiritual places like temples, churches and mosques and so on were places that attracted me. In the beginning, I started taking pictures, to give form to those beautiful experiences that I have had. Slowly I realized that the photographs are inadequate to capture the true essence of my experiences. They gave those powerful places, nature, and emotions a body but not a soul. So I started writing poetry, free form of haiku, thoughts etc. Now, after many years of personal experience, I realize that for me (it’s my specific nature) writing is more fulfilling. Photographs are about past, reliving moments and connecting with them, whereas writing is living that moment in that present.

The best advice I can offer to friends about photography is that it’s not about taking pictures. It’s about connecting with that particular present. Take picture of any moment, after living in that present. See through your eyes first, live in that moment, totally immersed, and then try to capture what you see, not what the camera lens is showing. Focus on seeing not on taking pictures. Photography is not about the camera, it’s about your seeing eye.

In sum I am passionate about any form of creativity, designs, reading books, travelling, and I love taking pictures. Today, if you ask me, where I am. I am not sure yet, but I am experimenting with and living the life of Karma Yogi.  As, I have still not found the right path or the right reason for me. I am practicing Mantra Yoga for peace and positivity in life too. (I actually started teaching the path of Mantra Yoga for meditation to few of very deserving and dedicated people online as well).

By way of explanation: Being a Karma Yogi means "do what comes to your table with your 100% sincerity and hard work and then don't worry about the results.” The key point here is "what comes to you" as ourselves, being the part of Universal Consciousness, will attract only right things for us to do. I again firmly believe, is that what is good, or required by Universal Consciousness for us to do, will come to us on its own as our nature will attract it towards us. The second part is “don’t worry about the results,” which means that worry is negative and it will end up attracting negative things for you so you should not worry about things that you have finished doing. This is especially so if in the first place you have had already given your 100% to the work, situation, or things at your table. If you worked hard and with dedication, you could not have done any better. In that case, what is the point of worrying?

JAMIE: Thank you, Shashi, for sharing your unique perspective with us today.
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Notation: 12/27/2010
"Late-breaking" :-) News in from Riika Infinity

From 10.01 a.m. Monday December 27,2010 until 10:01 a.m. Saturday January 8, 2011 (CST), think about what you want to have, do and wish for this upcoming new year.
After that, use them to create a poemshort fictionprose or anything you can think of and link them in right at this post!
Share your dreams, wish list and wishes over here as the new year comes greeting on us! Do remember to highlight them as well, we want it to be obvious, isn’t it? :P
Note that you don’t have to be a poet or blogger in order to do it but a link to where your work can be seen by other audiences :)
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Belated but sincere Happy Birthday to
TAMMY, Gypsy Feet Antics, December 19

and Happy Birthday to
KAVITA, How I write, is mine..,January 1

Thanks to Ji for the birthday updates.

Please visit the birthday girls and wish them a good one.


Please email news announcements to Jamie Dedes at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. 

Please include photograph or illustrations and include all necessary links. Thank you!


Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

WOW, LOVE YOUR NEWS, HOW COOL TO KNOW YOU REMEMBER OUR LONG TIME SUPPORT SHASHI, and how neat to learn two events of interests via Blaga...

Happy New Year,

Happy Belated Birthday, Tammy,
Happy Birthday, Kavita...

With so much celebration going on, I am tickled...

Keep Smiling...
Thanks for the update...

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Hope to see you all at our week 16 potluck tonight...

This is our last potluck in 2010,
We will have fun viewing how you celebrate Christmas or how holidays bring you muses and rvoke poetic muses in you...

Bring them in, share, we love your holiday poems...

Happy Sunday!
You Are The Best, Jingle Poetry Supporter and Happy New Year to You!


Louise Gallagher said...

Happy Birthday (belated) ladies!

and Happy New Year Everyone.

And thank you for the information on KWANZAA -- cool!

Anonymous said...

I was more than happy to provide the information Jamie! Lovely news as always, Happy birthday to the girls, Shashi it was wonderful to read your sayings!

Unknown said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Merry Christmas and happy new year!

Jingle said...

Tammy, Scent of my heart, Lousie,
Thanks for the comment...

Happy Sunday!

JamieDedes said...

Hello Everyone -

Back online for just a few minutes again here .- in between this and that - LOL! .. and thank you so much for your kind comments and interest in and support of the Dispatch. Much appreciated.

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I'll be back for Potluck and look forward to reading your contributionsa tomorrow night.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and comment everyone.

Another very happy birthday to the birthday ladies and to G.L. for commenting on Kwanzaa -thanks! And, Blaga, you already got my emails and comment. Love ya'!

Peace and Hugs,

Kavita said...

Oooooohhh...thank you so much for the advance wishes, Jamie!!!!!!!!!!
It's really VERY VERY sweet of you!!!
Now I am doubly excited for my birthday... who cares about the age anyway! :)
Many many hugs to you all the way from the Hudson! :)

Olivia said...

My Dear sweet Jamie.. Thank you once again for sharing such a beautiful news patch yet again.. The bits are so informative!!

Sunday Dispatch is more or less becoming a weekly edition of so many events around the globe about writing and about the fellow bloggers..

Loads of wishes n Love xox