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Monday, December 20, 2010

Review Tuesdays - Quills

What is poetry without the pen? The sudden arrival of the muse, the need to put the thought to paper immediately… Those are things most poets can relate to. For a blog to have a name dedicated to the pen, it is a beautiful thing. Today I review Quills, which is a blog authored by Nanka.

The hand that holds the Quill:
Nanka is a dietician by profession, with a passion for traveling. Now a stay-at-home mom, and a nurse to her mother, she is happy in her own little world, which she considers to be a window to the world. She was convinced by a friend of her daughter to start blogging and writing poetry. Through her blog, she shares His blessings with all of us, smiling as she sits in front of her computer. She is from Mumbai, India.

The parchment paper:

Quills, uses a simple Picture Window template of Blogger template designer feature. The post background is white, with brown link colors and pleasing to the eye. The blog has an assortment of widgets including a link to follow her on Networked Blogs, Popular Reads, Recent Visitors Map/Counter and Blogroll. The archive there tells us she has 205 posts till date, having started in August. The blog has 43 followers.

The writes with the Quill:
If you look at the label cloud widget on her blog, or even if you just browse through her recent posts, you can easily recognize that her favorite form of poetry is the Haiku. From her 205 posts, more than 100 have been haikus. Being a fan and writer of haikus myself, I know that even though it is just 3 lines, it is not that easy to write a good haiku. So to write many beautiful haikus, and on a regular basis, I commend her. The images she selects increases the beauty multiple fold.

Other than haikus, Nanka has written acrostics, cinquains, fib poetry, nonnets, limericks and naisaikus. She has also written many short stories as well. The language she uses is quite simple to understand.

Nanka writes for many meme blogs like Haiku Heights, One Single Impression, Sunday Scribbling etc, and she’s a recent writer at Monday Poetry Potluck as well. She tries to give a different take to the topic every time.

From her recent posts, the haiku “The Grinch” is a worthwhile read, as she gives a light hearted take to the prompt Self at Haiku Heights and a seasonal one at that. The acrostic story "The Lady in Red” is another read I’d recommend. Want a break from a frown? Read her limerick, “Match”. When a photo yielded quite a lot of negative takes, Nanka yielded a break from that with her take. The story, “The Bridge Across” is memorable to me for that reason.

You are on the right track Nanka, and there is no need to fiddle with what’s working so well for you, and a blog that doesn’t deter the reader, or leave one complaining. Continue as you are, and do try more forms too.

Who am I?
I’m Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Nanka, I very much enjoy reading your blog and I am a big fan of your haikus. Thank you for the wonderful poetry. Do let me know how you found it, or if I went wrong somewhere!


Nanka said...

Thank you Leo for the wonderful review report.

Being a follower of your blogs I must say that you have done it as usual in a very commendable manner, all worthy of an applaud and oh! so much in your own inimitable style.

The restraints by avoiding extravagance and extremes here is what I appreciated the most.

Vibhuti B said...

COngratulations Nanka on such a rave review about your blog.
I must compliment Leo about such a well-analysed review of one of my most fav' poet bloggers here.
I completely agree with you and your must read picks are absolutely, truly memorable writes from the Quill!

Jingle said...

awesome choice, leo,
her blog is always fresh air to breath....

thanks for the showcase...

Happy Holidays, Nanka..


Anonymous said...

thanks leo. her blog sounds beautiful. will check it. hope she allows anonymous comments.