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Friday, December 31, 2010

Poem of the Week

So many things to celebrate, and so many ways to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who posted. This week’s Open House really has been a potpourri  of holidays, speaking to a broad range of human experience: joy, sadness, family, loneliness, solitude, reverence, and simply fun.  

I highlight Ms. Peaches’ poem because it embodies most clearly what it is like to gather as family, with all of its craziness, joy, ambiguity, and even love. Read and enjoy the internal rhyme, the pulse and rhythm of speech, and the feel of family in “Like None.” 

Then read more of Ms. Peaches’ blog at: http://peachpitproduction.wordpress.com/2010/12/28/like-none/.

                                Like None

This time of year always brings my heart Near to those I
deem dear to celebrate with Cheer… Family they be, crazier than
anyone ought To see… But simply put they all belong to me…
Connected blood lines from generations of past And together we
gather celebrating Our lives, God given and doused in love, Heated
with discussions of passion Filled to the brim nothing purer than
Nonsense and foolishness Stuffed with homemade Stuffing, filled of
ourselves Not caring just sharing not none not even a one can
capture what’s given as we gather for our celebrations our
festivals Of family like none…

Till next week,
Talon: (www.talonted.blogspot.com)                                                                 


Anonymous said...

I love reading your posts ,they seem to be filled with such magick,that can feel it within ,The images are viewed with much beauty ,Keep posting ,many Lover stopping by .

personal note
No one can hurt You
Unless you allow

True Love is not simple Words ,like No one will ever love you like I did ,then they walk away ,towards another .

True Love is not Written in a Poem to be left unspoken ,never faced with Reality .

To what I’ve seen
Some Do not even know True Love
They will argue the point ,they do
No ,they are still searching within themselves .

Leaving My Heart with Words here today .
Now it shall forever be me speaking the Truth to ,your Soul .
You shall never be Loved ,Like I will always Trust and Believed .
I Loved You
Yes used word Loved .
As now I finial Know That I am Set Free of this Bind that connected each other together .

My Heart is Free and believe me ,This is so Refreshing to have this Experience ,it is like ,each Heart beat
Holds some amazing Sound as it beats within you ,that is really for first time .
Becomes “Alive”

Happy New Year
May the Life ,Open up something new ,that will bring much Beauty to your World .
Be the Magick in 2011
Be the Beauty in 2011
Be Yourself in 2011
Open your Heart ,Love You
There becomes a Beauty and Magick ,breathing amazing Love in just being Who you are .


TALON said...

Ms. Peaches' poem was a perfect choice, Bill.

Happy New Year everyone!

Unknown said...

Enjoyed reading my friend ; )

signed...bkm said...

Looking forward to when everyone is up and running full strength again....bkm

annell4 said...

Nice piece! Nice celebration!