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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Poem of the Week: Week 13

Thank you, everyone, for your wonderful contributions to week l3's theme of Dreams, Visions, and Reveries. It's not only a pleasure to read all your fine work, but inspiring, too.

This week I chose Abigail Pearl Pope's, Ledges: Coincidentally, Abigail's blog is called The Flying Dream Poet. She caught the dream state so beautifully with her words...


Sleeping on the edge of

I don't know why it happens:
I sleep on the edge of my mattress.
I don't know why I'm leaving room.
If it were for someone else, then whom?
There is only me.

Slipping off the edge of

I don't see when it happens:
I fall from the edge of blackness.
I slip into dreams of falling.
I'm unclothed by something's calling.
Here I find my joy.

Sinking in the ether of

I don't know left from right here,
And up from down will never matter.
I am in a state of dream now.
Time is a cloud, but cars laugh so.
Serotonin is a drug.

Waking on the edge of

I don't whisper any truths;
I never tell secrets to my pillow.
Every cell defaults to black.
Now I can't call those images back.
The dream remains a dream.

Abigail Pearl Pope © 2010


Thank you, Abigail, for sharing your poetry with us. To read more of Abigail's talented writings, please visit her blog, The Flying Dream Poet.

Looking forward to Potluck's Week 14 and more fabulous poetry!

Bill Cook


Vibhuti B said...

Those truly are beautiful verses Abigail. Congratulations!!! :D
Write on!!!

Jingle Poetry said...


what a brilliant choice, Talon.
love every single line of it,

she is super talented as far as I know.
Way to go!

Greetings to both of you..

Hope said...

very nice! wonderfully written!
thank you Abigail and Jingle!

croleyc69 said...

Very , very beautiful !!


Fay's Too said...

Ah, yes. It took me there. Lovely words.
Please consider Won't You Haiku.

Jingle said...

Thanks for all of you who commented here.
Happy Sunday!
See you at potluck tonight.

Abigail Pearl Pope said...

Thank you so much for featuring me. I'm very honored! *hugs*

Anonymous said...

So glad you chose Aibgail's poem. I haven't visited her blog before and am looking forward to more. Wonderful poem. Victoria

Anonymous said...

what a poem!