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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Poem of the Week (Saturday)

Jamie Dedes here covering for the talented Talon this week.  I must say, until now I didn't appreciate the challenge Talon and Bill face each week when they have to choose the Poem of the Week. It's difficult to choose from among  Jingle Poetry Potluck poems when so many have so much to recommend them. Mulling it over, I thought: I like this one because it's sweet and romantic, that one because it's technically competent, and that other because it makes a strong activist statement. Which do I choose? A tough decision.

Finally, for this week, I decided on Lovely Annie's Untitled - Shadorma. It deserves special attention because of both subject and technical competence. As value added, Annie introduced us to Shadorma, which is a poetic form new to me and I image some others as well.

Annie says:

The Shadorma is a syllabic poem of Spanish descent.
It is a sestet with no rhyme scheme.  3/5/3/3/7/5.

Here's our poem of the week: Lovely Annie's 

Untitled - Shadorma

a daughter's
forgetful father
cries liquor
into tears
the blue of his reflection
holds her redemption

Since it's a short poem and today's a holiday for many of us, here's another of Annie's shadorma for your poetry pleasure. Consider it a gift. It is ...


the girl fades
between desert nights
southern days
slipping further from the place
where they slept like cats

Kudos and thank you to Lovely Annie, Lovely: Life on the Inside (visit her!) 
Jamie Dedes, Musing by Moonlight for

And to everyone: Peace!
Red bow


Someone Is Special said...

Nice poem.. Wonderful work Jamie, you are really a wonderful official of JP.. Happy to one amongst you.. Wish you and all the Jingle Poetry Officials and Readers a very Happy and Merry Christmas !

--Someone is Special--

itslovelyannie.com said...

Wow...what a wonderful gift this morning! I am honored...Thank you Jamie, Jingle, and the rest of the JP crew! much love

Fay's Too said...

Very nice word paintings. I'm going to try Shadorma. Thank you.

annell said...

I loved them both, but especially the second, about the desert, where they slept like cats. Thanks for the post!

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Annie - oh so talented and Lovely yes.. good choice

Jingle said...

Romantic indeed,
Jamie Dedes,

I believe that You, Talon, Bill Cook are equally talented, both on writing and on spotting talented poets...

Lovely Annie is a gem to our community, Glad to have here here today.

Merry Christmas!

Stoic-wes said...

A great choice and a beautiful poem. I will definately read more by Annie. Jingle had given us all the Christmas present of discovering each other as writers, poets and artists. I'm inspired to look further into shadorma as a form.

Caroline said...

Love them both
Merry Christmas

JamieDedes said...

Thanks again, Annie, for letting me use your poems and wonderful photograph. Very nice! :-) You look like you are challenging us to try shadorma!!! ??? :-)

Thanks to all for reading and supporting Poet of the Week. Appreciate your comments. Bill and Talon will be back next week... and Kudos to them for such fine work and for taking on this job, which is not the easiest!

Poem on, my friends.

Peace and Hugs,

beginningpoetry said...

Lovely and engaging poetry. Solid. Thanks for this. - bill

Sammie said...

Blessed are they that can say so much with so few words.

Sam373 said...

Blessed are they that can say so much with so few words.