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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Meet the Poet Wednesday

Greetings! How Are You?

Hehe, welcome, welcome! This is Jingle, Since Annie (Lovely Annie) has to run some hiatus, I am excited to run Meet Our Poet Wednesday this week…As you know, I am a passionate poetry reader and poets lover...How many poetry prompts do you think I write 4 and how many blogs do you think I visit daily?

Among many poetry communities, there is a special poetry community that truly stands out and attracts my attention, and as far as I know, almost 30% of poets at Jingle Poetry Are members of this amazing community, and after this VIEW, I hope that all of you who read this post will take a closer look at the community I am discussing and join them without hesitation!

Wow, what are you talking about? Some may wonder!

Okay, okay, here it goes: I am talking about POETS UNITED, and today, we are going to meet the mastermind and creator of Poets United right here at JP,

Ready, Set, Go!

Meet The Poet

Robert LIoyd Is The Star of The Day at JP Today

Robert’s Poetry Blog:

The Migration of Words

Robert’s Meme Blog:

Burdens And Smiles


Share with us a little about yourself...


That’s a hard thing to do because I am always all over the place. I am like the energizer bunny and can't keep still. I am always on the go or coming up with some idea. It drives my fiancé crazy. I currently live in Texas and have a great job as a numbers cruncher. I've traveled the world and still have tons of places I need to go. I write poetry as my release and have always wanted to dabble in writing stories, poetry is shorter though and so its easier for me. I come from a small family and am I about to be married to the most beautiful woman in the world. She takes me as I am and that says a lot. I will try anything everything at least once, except sky diving and eating raw shouldn’t be eaten foods. I guess that’s me in a nut shell? Oh I am classic film buff. I love the silver screen and watch at least 2 new classic movies a week. Ok I will stop now lol. Like I said I am all over the place.


How did Poets United come about? Please tell us a little bit of your blog and what it means to you.


Poets United came about because I was looking for place to share my poetry and read others. I constantly came across either jam packed sites that were very disorganized, Dead Sites or places where the folks in charge where snooty and clickish. I know I don’t write the best poems but I still felt there needed to be a place for me to go, a place to get better without being told I suck. So as I fiddled more and more with blogger the idea developed. At first I was only really thinking about an active blog roll hence the URL for Poets United but then it grew into something ten times better and purposeful. I realized there were a lot of other folks out there beginners, occasional poets, life long poets and everything in between. Its a amazing to see how many talented writers there are out there. I decided to create a corner for them and me. Since I started the site it has been amazing. I have met so many people from all over the globe. Its like I am traveling again. I get to experience there lives through their poetry and best of all we all get to meet new folks every day with the same dreams.


What does your work with Poets United involve?


It’s a labor of love that’s for sure. Even when my own writing suffers because of a lack of creativity Poets United keeps me busy. It started out fairly easy but as my little mind spun I created more and more things to manage and participate in. At one point it was overwhelming and I though to myself what have I done? Lucky for me We have a great community and roughly 8 to 10 folks have stepped up to help make Poets United what it is today. I list them as contributors on the side bar on the site. They are all amazing people. Time wise it went form about an hour a day to sometimes 4 or more. Now I'd say I spend on average about 1.5 to 2 hours a day, roughly 16 to 20 hours a week doing stuff related to Poets United, I dont count the weekends but sometimes it can be all I do lol. Now with the planned anthology it may be more lol. Its a hobby. A cheap hobby that I absolutely love now.


Do you remember the time you write your first poem? Do you write more than just poetry? What is the favorite poem you have written so far?


My own poetry I keep on my blog Burdens and Smile also my meme blog The Migration of Words. As to when I wrote my first poem. It was back in high school to far to remember. I actually have it somewhere and laugh when I read it. It’s something about chickadees jumping up and down and true love. Its a pondering poem. Ah to be so naive lol. I try to write more than poetry. I dabble in flash fiction have started numerous books that I never get past chapter one on and I also have penned a few...show we say R rated romance? It all sits on my computer waiting for my next move. As for my favorite poem I have written so far...I really don’t have one yet. I find them flawed after I read them and then cant stop tearing them apart so I don’t have one I am truly in love with Yet.


Do you have a favorite poet? Why?


Dylan Thomas because he was the first poet I ever realized was a poet. Do not go Gentle was my springboard into the poetry world and his fault. I even posted a poem about with him and Rodney Dangerfield on my Meme site. Its called Rodney Dangerfield Taught me Poetry. Its his recital of Dylan's do not go gentle.


What are your inspirations? Where do you feel most comfortable to write?


Life is my inspiration. Any ones life for that matter. One of my favorite thing is to step outside myself and write as if I where someone else. I enjoy when someone reads a poem of mine and they wow that’s how I felt in that situation. Although I never was truly in the situation myself I love the fact that my imagination got it right. I enjoy being able to step outside myself.


Great! Do you like music? Who is your favorite musician? Why?


Do I like Music? I live for music. It seems to be what drives me day in and day out. I could talk about music for hours. I despise this Bubble gum crud that’s out today. Taylor Swift? That woman cant carry a tune to save her life. I read articles that try to justify how she cant sing but that’s not what music is about. What? Music is not about singing? it drives some mad. Music is suffering right now and the I-pod is killing it. Currently I like for the indie artist the groups that are obscure and talented. I have friends in bands and listen to them all the time. Let see mainstream music I like...Mumford and Son, Flogging Molly and so much more. My favorite Musician is a toss up but I’d have to say Jewel. She can sing in box with nothing else. Folky yes I know but her voice gives me chills. What i wouldn’t give for her to sing just to me.


What would you say uniquely sets Poets United apart from other poetry


We aren't rude or critical. We are about the community first. We want to foster a place for people to feel comfortable. So what if your poetry is not the greatest. We are not to judge that. The only person who judges is the poet who wrote they are the only ones that truly know what’s being said. What makes Poets United unique is we are a family and so supportive of one another. We are all about what you want. If you want to stop in every so often great!! If you want to participate in every thing we do Great!! We just want to be active and we want our poets to feel comfortable and like they belong. Poets United is unique because of its members and the sense of community they bring with them, our members are always visiting, commenting and communicating .


Great to know, I always feel comfortable at poets united. Now: Tell me a little about Poets United Writing Prompts?


They are now generated by our members. we take suggestions and use them on a weekly basis in our The Thursday Think Tank. Its always so fun to see what people come up with when prompted. We also have The Poetry Pantry on Sundays where its not so much a prompt but a free for all. We all write stuff we want to share and this creates a place for it. It doesn’t matter if it was written yesterday or 12 years ago if you want to share link it there. Again our members are always visiting, commenting and communicating it makes it a fun interaction.


I always enjoyed Thursday Thinking Tank prompt and Sunday Poetry Pantry…I appreciate the platform you provide for poets.

What advice would you give someone who is interested in hosting a blogging community?


Make sure you have the time because it is demanding. Its like a snowball rolling downhill and if you don’t watch out you can get way more than you can handle. If it wasn’t for the folks in my community helping out Poets United could have failed really quick. If you don’t have at least 2 hours a day to dedicate just for maintenance, emails, and whatever else comes up don’t do it. Plan for 15 hours a week to work on stuff. But its even harder in the beginning because you have to figure out what works and set things up. That’s not including any other crazy ideas you come up with. I would recommend volunteering to help, become a co creator or something like that, it will get you in without being overwhelming. I actually may need someone like tah myself but the ocd in me doesn’t know if I can let the design portion go.


Wow, amazing!

Do you support any causes and if so, which ones and why are they important to you?


I actually support quite a few. Me and Fiance do a lot of volunteer work. Our biggest ones are Food Banks, Habitat for Humanity and Children. Anything that helps a child is great we do a few different programs ourselves. The main one I do is Usk8 its a local church program for skaters...the kids who get a hard wrap that are not actually so bad. we set up a weekly skate park in the church for them to get them away form the violence found in most municipal skate parks. Its great way to show them folks care, maybe introduce them a little to god, and see that adults in the community are not all that bad. Its a wonderful program.


Wow, you and your Finance are quite a pair of blessings to many. Do you enjoy humor? what's your favorite joke?


I love humor but don’t have a favorite joke. I know a bunch of dirty ones that cannot be repeated. Lets see how about this
Horse walks into a bar
Site down at the bar
The Barteneder looks over at him and asks
Why the long face bub

HA!! Get it Horse. Long Face? lol I know I’m a dork


Just for fun, fill in the blanks...


Poetry is_LIFE_.
I love poetry because It is representation of me and how I live.
Without poetry, life really sucks for even those who claim to not like poetry_.


Perfect! Amazing job, Robert!...way to go...We are very honored to present you today!

I wish everyone a wonderful Wednesday and a spirited December ahead!

Christopher is on next week! I can't wait to Meet the Poet then!

Until next time...

Have A Splendid Week!

Let ME know how you like Poets United If you are a current member there…

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Heather Grace Stewart said...

Nice to "meet" you Robert--great interview. Looking forward to spending some time on your blog. It's always inspiring to read about someone else who is "all over the place" and feels so passionately about poetry. I only have one critique: I wanted to read the dirty jokes! ;)
And congrats on your upcoming wedding! That day will give you lots of inspiration for your poems.

chamiechamz said...

I'm glad to know a bit about you Robert. :)
Thank you Jingle for sharing. :)

Rashmi said...
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Rashmi said...

Very happy to see you here Robert.You are doing wonderful job at Poet United's.I am very very happy to be a part of our group.It's very nice to know a little more about you..
Wish You and your fiance
"All the very Best and may God Bless You".

Jingle,thank you for the wonderful interview dear..

L.L. Barkat said...

The idea of poets united makes me smile. I hope we unite with readers too... :)

Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this marvelous introduction jingle.

glad to read about robert. i have not had the chance of reading him before, will now.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this marvelous introduction jingle.

glad to read about robert. i have not had the chance of reading him before, will now.


Anonymous said...

thanks a lot for this marvelous introduction jingle.

glad to read about robert. i have not had the chance of reading him before, will now.


Myrna R. said...

So nice to read about Robert. I am amazed at his dedication to Poets United and I am so greatful for his philosophy of community. He's such a nice guy too.

Thanks Jinlge for highlighting Robert.

Systematic Weasel said...

A wonderful article! =)


flaubert said...

Fantastic interview. Robb is a super nice guy.

signed...bkm said...

Wonderful write up of Robert...he works endlessly to keep Poet's United going and exciting....I am looking so forward its first anthology and encourage anyone who is currently a member of Poet's United to submit a poem for entry....Thank you Jingle for all your work...and Congrat's to Robb on being highlighted here today...bkm

Susannah said...

Good to read more about Robb, I enjoyed it! I'd also like to echo what the others who know him say, he does so much for Poets United and he is a really nice guy. ;-)

Jingle said...

Thanks a ton for your feedback, referring to heather, cham, Trisha, Rashmi, L. L. Barkat, Myrna, Larry, Palma, Signed bkm, and Susannah...

It is a pleasant experience to join Poets United and to get to know the master behind the organization.

Happy Wednesday!
Hope that you become part of the poets united as well..


Ghs XD said...

Hey really nice blog. I really liked the theme . If yu could take a llok at my blog too:

and do leave a comment on how to develop it. And follow it on facebook too if yu like it.

Cheers, Cya :)

The Unknowngnome said...

Another great interview Jingle Poetry. Poet's United is as good as it is because of Robert and his assistants. Anyone here at Jingle Poetry who is not a memeber really should join.

Jingle Poetry said...

Thank you all for the supportive comments...

See you next week.
Happy Thursday!

Laura said...

A fascinating interview! Robert ignites my new enthusiasm for poetry all the more. Thank you for stopping by the Wellspring and encouraging me in my poetry.

Jingle said...

Laura, poem on,
Thanks for the encouragement.
Happy Weekend.