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Sunday, November 7, 2010


Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members. I've collected announcement from diverse sources in order to attempt a reflection of the geographic and cultural diversity of our community. Your contributions from your area of the world or your interests are welcome. Please forward them to Jamie Dedes at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. Contributions are subject to editorial discretion and space constraints. Feedback welcome.

Courtesy of Rangoli
From Jingle Poetry officials: best wishes for a JOYFUL DIWALI to all our friends who are celebrating and blessings to those who celebrated in October.

ON THIS DAY: The Indonesian poet and activist, Rendra, was born in 1935. He died last year, August 6, 2009.  Rendra has been quoted as saying, “I learned meditation and the disciplines of the traditional Javanese poet from my mother who was a palace dancer. The idea of the Javanese poet is to be a guardian of the spirit of the nation.” 

He was nominated many times for the Nobel Prize for Literature. 

Six days before he died, from his bed in Mitra Keluarga Hospital, Rendra wrote this poem expressing his love of God. This was to be the last poem he wrote.
I am weak
But not helpless
I am not complaining about the pain
or the itch
I want to drink tajin
I never have difficulty breathing
but my physique is not satisfactory
to have a normal or ideal position
I want to cleanse my body 
from chemical poison
I want to return to nature’s way
I want to improve my dedication
to Allah
God, I love you
In the last years before he died, Rendra lived with friends on a sustainable farm.

TONIGHT BEGINS OUR NINTH POETRY POTLUCK: InLinkz will be up at 8:00 p.m. (CDT) this evening and open through Wednesday, 8:00 a.m. (CDT). You have sixty hours to share your poem. Please consider adding a link to Jingle Poetry to your blog roll.
THURSDAY POETS RALLY #32 is open until November 10. There’s still time to participate. Check it out HERE.

OUR OWN POET/NOVELIST/ARTIST, Christopher L. Jones, has just had his first novel, Waterboarded, published by Chipmunka Publishing. Christopher lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA. He was born born in Tucson, Arizona, USA. He is a survivor of mental illness, specifically bi-polar disorder. A graduate of New Mexico State University with a degree in Philosophy and Theater Arts. Christopher started writing after being introduced to poetry as a form of art therapy as a teenager. He has not stopped since. Christopher is a single father of one. Link to his blog HERE. His poetry can be downloaded HERE. And link HERE for a review of his novel. His novel, Waterboarded, can be found at Chipmunka Publishing

A SPIRITED ADVENTURER, our Olivia is new to blogging and this month has assumed the added challenge of participating in [Inter] National Novel Writing Month, which requires writing a 50,000-word first draft. Here she talks with Dispatch about her writing, poetry, life, and goals.
When did you start blogging?
I started on 28th March, 2010. I am a Newbie! I had always wanted to write, but I am interested in many creative arts, perhaps more than I can handle. LOL! I paint, sing, draw and dance. I was became interested in make-up at seven and would volunteer to do that for my seniors at cultural events.
In 4th standard, I participated in an On the Spot Hand- Writing Competition organized by Gold Spot, a soft drink manufacturer. I chose to write a story that I read a couple of years back about a single woman and pigeons. Originally, I’d read it in Hindi. I rewrote it in English. I did not make a single spelling or grammar error. Sounds like boasting, I know self- boasting, but I am only to tell you my story. http://oliviasbiopiclog.wordpress.com/2010/04/20/my-writing-and%C2%A0pigeons/
A few years later I wrote an article about polution and its harmful effects. It was published in one of the science magazines.  
My mom only wanted me to “study”; so none of my hobbies could be pursued. I lead a life of near “Celebrity” at  school because of my art and my good grades. In college, I did my Textile Design, although the last time I worked with color was when I was eight years old. I say this here because that’s exactly how I started to write and then Blog.
Hindustan Times, a leading newspaper then, invited readers to write for a centre spread on “why I am proud to be a woman”. I wrote a short piece and gave it to my uncle to print and post. I was amazed to find out he edited the piece until there was almost nothing left of what I had written. My mom sternly told him not to include any of his redundant thoughts and get the final printout mailed. As my fate would have it, on the eve of my English Board Exams (12th standard), he handed over the write-up and the printed envelope for me to sign, and there it was, the last line was missing. I silently took the papers away, went into my room and tore them up. I vowed silently that maybe someday I would write another piece on womanhood and put across the media.
Part of my wish is granted. I have blogging, mostly about women’s issues and me.  I have put across the the wounds which I tried to weave into a selection fo pieces on my Blog for all to read.

How did you get interested in poetry and when and why did you start writing it?
Since childhood. I kind of liked the dreamy feel of it and the sense of being hopeful, all spun within a few words. I spent my teens writing up cards for my girlfriends’ boyfriends. As an adult, I expressed myself through poetry while in workplace. Incorrigible! Yeah, that’s me!

What are the benefits to you of participation in Thursday Poets Rally and Jingle Potluck?
MANY! I love to communicate. While writing is the main joy, I have met some of the most beautiful people here. It makes me swell up with pride when I see fellow poets from the different sides of globe reading a cross- cultural poem and appreciating it too. In fact, almost all of them have read my prose too and have tried to identify with my expressions. Isn’t that a compliment Jamie? You included.. :) 

Yes! Indeed it is, Oliva, and it’s all joy. You work hard and are quite prolific.
I wanted to write about Ji and you and a few others too. I am blessed that I am doing so now at Jingle Poetry site and none other than you, have spelled this magic for me.
It was after I had started writing about society and its evils in my first bog- Readolivia, that I decided to split my biography onto a different blog. A couple of weeks later, I split my poetry too. As a seasoned blogger would know how a new blog struggles for traffic. I prayed and wished that some miracle may happen to me. The next Thursday, my blog-life changed. Ji invited me to Thursday Poets Rally. Here I am; enjoying what I had asked for. The following Thursday, my blog life changed. Jingle invited me to participate in Thursday Poets Rally
I met You, envied your awards page and also your Gravatar Image. I kind of read beyond words. It was only later I learnt about you through your blog, and I was right about how I had read you. As I said, I am blessed to have met you.. Reasons..? Let’s hop onto the next question..
What inspired you to start doing NaNo?
My Dear Sweet Jamie, it was you who has inspired me to do it. Both as a person and also an encouraging participant. I am all set to create some “history” for myself. I plan to write about you and Ji and Gayle in my NanoWriMo writes. That I have initiated that process here; is also a miracle by itself. Gayle is yet another fellow blogger who has inspired me no end to share my views about life and spirituality. With her encouragement I feel I am little more grown-up spiritually.

Yes, I find Gayle, BoddhiRose, a delight and inspiration as well.

Really I guess, I’ll always remain a child! That’s how we all are, isn’t it? 

Yes, I do believe something of our child-selves remains with us throughout our lives.

What other kinds of writing do you do and why?
I write about this Society, Women, the redundant and obsolete practices that we follow as some God- Damn Religion- about everything else that pricks me.
I also used to write for BellBajao.org- an organization protesting against Domestic Violence.
I wish to tell others of my presence in this up-side down society under its mundane obsolete rulings. Not to mention that I have been a victim of its order (s) often enough not play into it anymore. I have decided to tell my own experiences so others know of its existence and current disorders. It’s a wonder I’ve survived and am still alive with all my senses intact and functioning.
My reflections, brooding, and coffee table stories are scribbled on my blog. I write non-fiction fun- stories, sarcasm, and humor.
I use my poems to express my vision of I life, what I’ve learned, and my feelings, experience, and pain. Most are double veiled: one portraying the literal meaning and the other depiction of my feelings and ambition.  They are not woven fantasy in words but more often than not; have a dark recess depicting my experiences.
My dreams: I don’t ignore what I dream of; often there are hidden messages or a fore- elling of a future events.  Often broken pieces of my mind trying to get my attention. They sit in my mind to explain the depth that I may have missed while fighting out the situation actually. Whenever I  hit a dead-end, I turn inward, seeking resolution and finding a right path My dreams are ike a faithful friend telling me the next action and anything else that I may have missed. 
Art: I am a Gold Medalist in drawing and painting. I won National Competition before I was five. I enjoy crafts, appliqué, and embroidery. I’m a qualified Textile Designer. I obtained my degree with merit points, and I’m in the process of loading some work to my blog.

What are you reading right now?
I am all stuck to Cheiro’s Palmistry. I read it word by word as if for my life. I read my palm. I do occult reading.

What are your long term goals for your blog and your writing?
The ultimate Dream for any writer is to become One.  I communicate through My Blogs. I am completely alone and on my own, the blogs are my window to the outer world. Most of the time, I’m homebound and go out maybe once in three weeks.
I also feel connected to the spiritual world through brooding and my writing. Consider this, it was only after I have started logging that I met you Jamie. isn’t it? It couldn’t have been any better. It’s a great honor to be interviewed by you, as if I am being acknowledged for walking on the right trail!

Thanks, Olivia! It would appear that you are indeed on the right track. I might add that if you are writing, you are a writter. If you are publishing on your blog, you are published.
Wish me luck!

I do, Olivia. We all do, dear girl.

Olivia's note: Loads of Love to you My Jamie, Ji, Gayle, Amanda (Buttercup), Kavita, Trisha, Rachana, Blaga, Leo, SIS, Dom*, Eric, Victoria, Susan, Chloe, Joyce, Jessica, Ms. Peaches, Uncle Tree, Caribbean Fool, Lisa, Lovely Annie, Punam, Riika, Talon and everyone else who has been with me, Reading Me and “communicating” with Me..!


Olivia said...

My Dear Sweet Jamie,

I am barely able to see my Computer screen..!! It's hazy.. sniff..

I owe you- and now losing count on how many things i.e.,

You have captured the spirit of (still a) kid so well here.. I am so thrilled to be reading about myself here.. I am blessed!!

I am so touched when you say- "that if you are writing, you are a writer. If you are publishing on your blog, you are published.."

May I also add that today- November 7th, happens to be my best friend's birthday.. I am sure her well wishes for me have started flowing even in my New Life- now that I write and all!! "Dear Sampada, Many Happy Returns of the Day.. I hope you would love it as much as you have loved me.."

Once again Jamie,
Loads of Love and Hugs

sniff.. sniff..

Olivia said...

WOWIE- Congratulations Christopher..!! You have so very well done..
You have made our Community swell up with Pride!! Way to go.. Man, I am now counting on my days for my turn.. I mean I getting featured along with this great News..!!!

Celebrations all around..!!
Love xox

Olivia said...

THANKYOU so much for those DIVALI wishes Jamie..

* BOW *

I have loads to learn from you- I am good at picking up fast- will try to imitate your style of being so eloquent and humble- both at the same time..

May my head rest where it should and not swell up in vain.. LOLss

Love xox

Anonymous said...

It's always a pleasure to read you Olivia! Thanks for the thank you :)! Keep the good job coming! Cheers with a glass of wine!

Anonymous said...

olivia is a truly talented writer, very talented. her blog is a visual delight and joy for brain.

thanks for sharing that touching poem by Mitra.

Congratulations Christopher. God bless you with more and more success.


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

Fantastic Job, Jamie...

Olivia, love your honesty, I hear you when you talk about attending Thursday Poets Rally, envying my awards page, and feel inspired by fellow poets mentioned or honored here....

Glad to have Christopher covered here, he is 100% NEW to Jingle Poetry, it is his first time to attend Thurstan poets Rally, without linking in his poem, he started commenting for all participants, and he visited almost 100 poets from my list...wow.

he is a fresh talent and a treasure to our community.

Blessings to all.
Hope to see you at our potluck tonight.

TALON said...

Oh, this was so fun to read. Olivia, your light just shines :)
Thank you, Jamie, for a terrific interview.

Congrats, Christopher! That's awesome!

Rajlakshmi said...

whats such a wonderful interview... Wish you all the luck Olivia
and congratulations to Christopher.

Anonymous said...

It was a pleasure to get the skinny on Olivia, it gives a perspective on where her mindset is and the flow of the words that she uses. Of course, now I'll be wondering if her uncle is just a little red in the cheeks now!

Louise Gallagher said...

Jingle -- it is people like you who make blogging so worthwhile and fulfilling. Thank you for all your support! You are truly amazing.


Anonymous said...

A lovely interview! I really enjoyed reading about the one that brought me to Jingle Poetry! Thanks Olivia!

Punam said...

Wowowowwwww... Olivia, you are a celebrity.. what an interview!! Loved reading every word of it..!!
And thank u for counting me in ur circle of friends.. I am glad to have come to know you through your lovely blog and lovelier poetry and even-more lovely dreammms... So, Dream Onnn and you'll SEE them one day, happening.. right here.

Olivia said...

@ Punam: Love you My Girl.. :) You'll always remain one. You know, we must have been very close friends in one of our past births. Due to unbalanced Karmas, it took time for us to bump into each other..

What beautiful words you have written here. Celebrity and all.. I so yearn to be one. I am sure now that you said it, I'll hit it soon. Heartfelt Thanks My Dear.. :)

@ ukeepwalkingforward: With pleasure my Dear.. you know I love how things have moved for me ever since I joined the Community; so now I do the same for fellow poets.

LOLss I am the Community Consultant Assistant, so that's my job.. but with much fun and joy.. :)

@A.B.Thomas- LOLsss
LOLsss.. Yes, wait till he sees this mega- rollover- then again, he is a poor one so leave him at that- am I trying to be modest here.. :P

@ Rajlakshmi: Wow Thanks Dear Girl.. I so need that wish for that Luck..!! The more I get from you all, the happier I get.. :)

@ Talon: You are sweet My Dear. I am still a newbie.. :)

@ Ji: I am grinning.. :)

Love you all and loads of mwaaaaaahs xoxox

Jamie Dedes said...

Nice to see you collection Kudos, Olivia.

Love, Jamie! :-)

Sanjukta said...

And I was the one to introduce her to blogging, right Olivia!!

Proud of you girl :)