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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Review Tuesdays - The Zone

When we write, we enter our own world. It is like we are in our own zone, where we can’t be disturbed. (I’m writing this, but I don’t know why she intended the “zone” in her name). Today, on Tuesday Reviews, I review a poet who’s known to many through Thursday Poets Rally and here through Potluck at times. Megzone is both blog name, and pen name at the space authored by Meghana, an Indian blogger.

Who’s the gal behind the poetry?
Meghana is a blogger from India. She’s a little of a lot of things, according to her introduction at the blog. She’s a little cute, a little alluring, a little innocent, a little devilish, a little mystic… she also says she has a little zeal, but I’d disagree. She has a lot of zeal. All those little things are part of her disposition; uniqueness and grace she says forms her core.

The look of the Zone…

The Megzone blog uses Spectrum, one of the recent updates to the Wordpress templates. Meghana has added a custom background, the light green color of which gives a nice soothing effect. She has used quite a lot of the widgets on offer, like recent posts and comments. In addition to that, she has also used the html widget to incorporate features like Flag Counter, Indiblogger Badge etc. There is also a subscription button which you can use to get email notification when she updates her blog.

Poetic Zone:
Meghana writes a lot of different styles of poetry, and at a very good frequency each month. The poetry is at times simple and simple in depth at times. Her free verse has a good flow to it, and rhyme as well. Many of her recent posts are haikus, and there has been a haiku about a haiku too. She's also into acrostics, sticking to the meaning of the theme quite well.

Meghana has been writing poetry for a while now, and has over 250 posts. From her recent works, I'd suggest the post Rendezvous for reading. She writes from her heart, and her poems are filled with emotion. She writes well at almost every emotion, though fantasy seems to be quite popular among her choices. The poems at times exude a calm feeling.

She writes for a variety of memes like Haiku Heights, Monday's Child, Thursday Poets Rally etc. Being a reader of her blog, I feel her poems for Monday's Child are easily her best works, the simple language and feeling she gives to them is exactly what a child might love to read. I think she writes good fiction too, but her focus is more on poetry than on prose.

The template is fine, I think it is one of the better ones Wordpress has to offer. Do incorporate the Archive widget, and Tag Cloud into the sidebar. It'd be quite useful for readers to browse by category. I think you can get into more forms of poetry too because you seem to easily absorb the forms.  From the fiction I've read, you're quite capable of doing prose as well, so attempt them once in a while, if not often. Your frequency is not affecting the quality of posts, so good job.

Who am I?

I’m Leo; author of I Rhyme Without Reason, co-host of Review Tuesdays here at Jingle Poetry along with Someone is Special. Hope you enjoy reading about the blogs, and do go read them too. Megz, it was a pleasure to review your blog. I'll continue to read it regularly of course. Do let me know how you found it, or if I went wrong somewhere!


Sumit Sarkar said...

Her poetic talent is unparalleled. I love her poems. They have a good flow, rhythm and rhyme.

I am sure she is equally brilliant in writing prose.

Thanks for reviewing her blog Leo.
You did an excellent job. :)

haisley said...

Hi!!my first time to read tuesday reviews,,...I'm getting addicted to Jingle poetry..I wish I have more time reading everybody's blog here... Thanks Jingle for showing this blogosphere..
To megahana.... Keep it up.....

heather grace stewart said...

Great review! I look forward to spending some time on Meghana's blog today.

Rajlakshmi said...

ahaa so its meggie this time :D one can get floored by her energy and enthu... and its reflected in her words :D she dishes out poetry like anything.
Wonderful review done.

Jingle Poetry said...

wow, Megzone is the longest supporter of Jingle community,
She deserves the honor...

Keep it up.
Beautiful highlight, Leo..
Happy Thanksgiving to all of you.

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

Congratulations to Meghana ... will visit you soon.

Anonymous said...

eeeeeeeeeeee....... :D :D :D :D
thaankkkooooooooooooooo soooooo mucchhh Leooo :D
and yes credit shud also go to Jingle :D
cos if not for her i dont think i would have been able to write poetry so well and so much...
and off late you too Leo have taken over the mantle of motivating me to write...
its indeed an honour to be here on Jingle Poetry :)
thaankkk you sooooo much :D

Anonymous said...

meghna is terrific. i am a big admirer of her works.