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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Review Tuesdays - Myriad of Thoughts

Missed you people for more than two weeks as I was unwell. I take this opportunity to thank Leo for the timely recovery last week. Thanks a Billion dude… This time I love to review a blog that says, “Myriad of Thoughts”, a wonderful student Sumit Sarkar from Manipal, Karnataka owns this blog, “Myriad of Thoughts

About The Author:

Sumit is a student from Manipal, Karnataka and a wonderful writer by passion. In his space, he reveals about himself as a person who loves to share his thought as writing being his latest interest. He loves to sketch, sing and dance other than reading and writing. Apart from this Cricket is his favorite sport too.

He owns two blogs, Myriad of Thoughts (where he shares his wonderful thoughts as poems or sketches) and Technology Infoline (this is a team blog where he share the info’s on technologies).

About The Blog:

A blog that looks cool with basic picture template, few good widgets and his wonderful poems. His blog consists of two pages, WANT TO KNOW ABOUT ME. (where he describes about himself.), AWARDS (where he displays the awards he had won). As per the site archives he pens down right from June 2010. His felow bloggers can share his thoughts using FB, Twitter and other popular websites is available.

About The Poetry:

It is a unique poetry world composed of thought provoking messages from a wonderful student. The poem he pens down is simplistic yet deep thoughts behind it. If you read the first poem he penned down “Let Tender Hands Lift Pen” then you can understand the beauty of his writings.

If I want to list out some of his best works then it would be all of his thirty creations. He is such a talented and enthusiastic blogger. Do stop by his thoughts and enjoy his thoughts.


I feel that he should add more number of good available widgets, also create a Twitter and FB account for his blog.

Special Words:

As a fellow blogger, I love the way he encourages his fellow bloggers through his wonderful feedback.

About Me:

Friends, this is Someone Is Special, the author of Few Miles, hosting Tuesday Reviews with Leo of I Rhyme Without Reason. Do stop by “Myriad of Thoughts” and enjoy Sumit Sarkar’s wonderful creations. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


Sumit Sarkar said...

This is something I didn't expect...
Thank you for considering me good enough...

Thanks to Jingle too for allowing me to share my thoughts with all the wonderful bloggers...
When I first realized that so many people are writing..and all of them write so well..I felt so small...
But thank you for all your great support..
These platforms where I share my poems and sketches make me write more...
All my fellow bloggers are great inspiration too... :)

Wysteria said...

I agree about Sumit. A wonderful poet with much insight and thought to his poetry

I am happy to have found his site


Olivia said...

I have read Sumit a few times over.. Talent in abundance- unlimited!

Very well chosen!

All the Best Sumit- You are a gem- just keep shining..

@ SIS: aaw- we missed you too- should have screamed once- I would have directed all the Angels towards you..

Love to both of You- xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

His postings are very beautiful...this week's is no exception to that rule!

Reflections said...

Nice selection you have made... I have explored a bit of his site, and Sumit definitely has a thoughtful depth to his writings.

Definitely those unfamiliar with his works should go stop by, you will enjoy your visit there.

Anonymous said...

I sure love this guy's blog !! and also he comes across to be a really nice person too :)

Thank you Sumit for visiting me first and leading me back to your wonderful page which i admit i have to yet subscribe to for better read :)

Jingle Poetry said...


Thanks for the fresh treat,
way to go...
He is a true talent.

Happy Tuesday.


Heather said...

Great review! I have linked Jingle Poetry to my home page now. Found the code, finally! ;) Lots to read on the Jingle pages--lots to take in!

I look forward to my subscription to Sumit's blog.


Anonymous said...

Sumit is a marvelous poet. I have started reading his blog just recently but his skill has already won my heart.

thanks for sharing him with us.


TALON said...

What a wonderful review of a very talented poet. Thank you!

(and I'm so glad you are feeling better)

Gabriela Abalo said...

I'm happy to know you are feeling better :)

Great review for a great poet

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

It's good to encourage poets, young and old ... nice interview.