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Friday, November 19, 2010

Poem of the Week: Week 10

It has been another week of rich poetry. I enjoyed reading through 195 poems exploring the inner realm of mood and emotion. As always, it is difficult to highlight just one poem. I was touched by Nolina Estuary’s vivid and powerful image embodying the passage into and through the deep waters of grief. Here it is for your reading and reflection. Be sure to visit her blog at http://saltythirst.wordpress.com.


Alpine grief


I wade into grief slowly
as if it were an alpine lake
each step causing breathless gasping
its frigid bite meeting warm skin.
So I wait
until each body part
grows numb
the thousand poking needles
as if a thin paper
suddenly shields my skin.
Finally, I am immersed
and I carefully tilt back my head
to press my nose
into the air
as the water covers my face.
I wait
feeling the throbbing cold
complete its path
through my skin, muscles, nerves, and bones
until it hits my core
until I am fully conscious
of my submersion.
And then, only then
do I slowly turn around
layer by layer
my body emerges
dripping, sodden
until I stand on dry ground
once more.
But even then
the memory of the dark waters
remains in the faint, shimmering droplets
perched on my skin
sending goose-bumped shivers
across my body.

Till next week, keep reading and writing,


annell said...

Such a beautiful write. Hit the spot of grief untold. Real close to perfect for me! Thanks.

Jingle Poetry said...

But even then
the memory of the dark waters
remains in the faint, shimmering droplets
perched on my skin
sending goose-bumped shivers
across my body...

that's very vivid and powerful imagery...
fabulous choice, Bill Cook.
Thanks for the post.


Strummed Words said...

This is wonderful, the imagery reflecting emotion. Good choice for Poem of the Week.

TALON said...

Bill, great minds think alike because this is the poem I would have chosen to highlight this week. Fabulous choice!

Beautiful writing, Nolina.

Nolina said...

Thanks for choosing my poem and your comments. It is very encouraging!

uma.a said...

Beautiful poem!
Hi,I am on vacation and will be back after christmas...I created few drafts and I mange to post them atleast once a week or one in two weeks so that my blog still remains alive although activities like commenting is absent.Thanks for visiting me :)...will catch you all soon

Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks to everyone who have given comments here,
your FEEDBACK is valued and appreciated by Bill Cook and everyone in this community.

Happy Sunday!

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

Congratulations Nolina, two wonderfully talented folks chose your poem as poem of the week, and I too enjoyed reading it! Grief is something we can all relate to, on one level or another.

Bravo to the Jingle Poetry's Staff, you all are doing a wonderful job here in the blogspere, and you are so appreciated.

Stafford Ray said...

Hello Bill, insightful with the core message to all who grieve:
"Wait" ... "until I stand on dry ground/ once more."

beginningpoetry said...

Thanks for the comments on the choice. They are much appreciated. But of course, the real appreciation and gratitude is for Nolina, and all the poets who contribute to the open house, not to mention Jingle, who started it all. - bill

haisley said...

Hi there!!!!!Hello to ever one!!!!

Anonymous said...

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