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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Meet the Poet on Wednesday

Meet the Poet on Wednesday
Get to know more about our fellow wonderful poet and his/her work right here at Jingle Poetry!



Welcome to this wonderful Wednesday at Jingle Poetry.  It's time to brush shoulders with the poetic elite! I, Lovely Annie, am your hostess for the evening.  The enigmatic and charismatic, Christopher L. Jones, will be hosting Jingle Poetry's phenomenal Meet the Poet Wednesday next  week. He will be interviewing a different poet every week. Now...It's time to  Meet The Poet!

 Pete Marshall

Annie:  Pete…Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, what your life is like?

I live in a small town on the Thames Estuary, in the county of Essex, England Its a hustling, bustling seaside town that has its ups & downs of life. I am now in my 40's and have lived here for the past 23 years, before that I lived in a small village about 10 miles inland but as a youth I was always drawn to the bright lights of the town. London is also less than an hour away by train and in my youth the headiness of that place also helped to shape who I am today. I am married and celebrate my 25th this year with a very special, supporting lady, and have 3 young children. We met just after leaving school and have journeyed a long winding road together. 

The greatest factor in my present life is being unemployed. I have been out of work for over a year and this is key to what I do now...however first and foremost I am a father & husband and most of my time is devoted to my family. I also run a football team (soccer to you guys!) which takes up my weekend. Football always having been a passion of mine since way back when....and then if I am not doing  any of these things then I am writing poetry and running and organising One Stop Poetry, with the help of my cohorts. (Which is open right now! Post away! hint hint)

Annie: Can you remember writing your first poem?

As a matter of fact i can. I didn't study English literature at school and have never studied poetry...however i can recall sitting in my bedroom, when I was 16, listening to Marc & the Mambas, and this deep, dark depressing music inspired me to start writing. I locked myself away for nearly two weeks and wrote over 40 poems. I still have them today....sometimes i read them back and still draw inspiration from them. The very first poem I wrote I can actually quote off by heart...

Annie: What style of poem do you write most often?
This is a hard question for me as I have never studied poetry, I am self taught, and have never had any knowledge of styles. Through running One Shot Wednesday(click here now to read fellow poets! and perhaps you will post one of your own...Pete is the host tonight!) atOne Stop Poetry I have however become educated by some amazing writers and am starting to appreciate the different ways that poetry can be written. I write in a style that seems to fit the poem that I am writing at that time...although I do like my words to flow and if that means rhyme then I am all for it....

When I write I like my poetry to seem simple, so that the message is conveyed and understood on the first read....but on reading that I want the reader to be absorbed and start thinking about the message its conveying...and if they chose to read it again only then do the layers of complexity really reveal themselves....which is I suppose how i live my life...i try to keep it simple and only chose to tackle the complexity of it when I am prepared and ready!

Annie: Are there any styles of poetry you find difficult or annoying?

I wouldn't say I avoid but i wish I could write more non rhyme....when i read others it works but when I try this it seems so disjointed, but saying that I did manage this with one poem, Reflection, for which I was very pleased with its outcome 

Annie: What is your favorite poem? One of YOUR poems to be specific!

I recently wrote a poem called The Lykewake of Morag...this is a poem that drew on old language, history, and Gothic undertones....my favourite poetry has to have elements of history, darkness & suffering in it...which reflects the old Goth in me!!! After I had written this I had the greatest sense of self satisfaction ever...I really connected with this piece;

The Lykewake of Morag

The crows would circle high above
As death would waken on the ground
A hand would stretch and flick its claws
To trap the prey that swooped on down.
As feathers fell on sodden earth
And float as boats upon the breeze
Bones would crunch and blood would splay
That fed the Scarecrows dark disease.

The haar would creep along the links
As song was heard beyond the hill
The tabor marked the lykewake start
As clans would bow and mourn their still.
Upon the beach the waves would crash
And curse and spit their maddened angst
The mortcloth lay across her soul
As friends would come and offer thanks.

Through wynd and vennel souls would part
As spirits fled the darkened streets
The Scarecrow watched in silent thought
Whilst winds would blow through mans deceit.
And dirks were drawn at Morag’s hame
As Chiefs would curse their spoken vow
Blades would clash and wounds were deep
But one remained to tell this tale…….

I know I mentioned this to you already, but I want to share with the readers as well. I am very touched by your poetry about your personal struggle with unemployment. I face similar struggles and feel supported/inspired by your willingness to share in a creative and authentic manner. I appreciate you.

Favorite poet? Poem?

Recently I did a Halloween special at One stop Poetry which gave me the opportunity to put up a video of Vincent Price reading The Raven, by Edgar Allan Poe...that was pure poetry heaven for me

Annie: Any recommendations for great poetry on the web?

Through running One Stop Poetry I have been amazed at the talent that is on the web.I could not point my finger at any one single writer as i would be doing an injustice to so many other great poets. The beauty of One Stop Poetry is the spotlights that we do which brings these great poets to peoples attention 

Annie:  Fantastic answer!
 Any mentors? (life, poetry, any type)

I was reading She Was My First by Brian Miller this morning and it triggered the same question to me...there was a teacher I had that left a mark on me...he was my history teacher and also a football fanatic....my granddad was also a very successful antiques dealer who was obsessed with history and I used to love spending Saturdays in his shop surrounded by the past.....i would say history was and always has been my inspiration

Do you have a place of inspiration? A time or location that triggers the poetic genius within?

Surprisingly not. I just write. doesn't matter where I am and what I am doing...if something comes to mind then i write it. I have visited places that mean so much to me but its not until I am home that being there will bring on the inspiration to write about it..perhaps when i am there i am absorbed in the moment..although this sounds contradictory I hope it makes sense?   

Annie: It makes sense to me...but I often ask the same question when talking with people. The classic "Am I making any sense?"!

Tell me about some of your "favorites" (book, T.V., music)

I suppose my favourite books have to be written by Bernard Cornwell. Action, adventure & history that really clear my mind of any day to day concerns and take me off on a ripping yarn...Bernard was brought up near where I live and, like me, he also uses a lot of the local history in his work. I thought his Arthurian Trilogy was the best work I have ever read.

My favourite shows are either historical dramas, comedies (The Inbetweeners is great!) dark dramas like The Misfits or any football that I can watch...yes  I really am that sad.

Favourite music ...that's easy..best album of all time Ziggy Stardust & The Spiders from Mars by David Bowie. I am into a lot of groups but currently listening to Strickland Banks, Florence & The Machine, & Muse

 Annie: I have just recently been listening to Muse! um...I have never heard of television shows The Inbetweeners or The Misfits (unless you are referring to the evil all female cartoon metal band from the cartoon Jem & The Holograms...oh,you're not.). 

I love dark drama so I am looking forward to exploring your recommendations.
 Do you have a favorite quote that inspires you? Your life or writing?

I just want to live my life with no regrets and accept responsibility for my own actions rather than blame some one else for my mistakes...i so hope this is possible?

I believe that your intention makes it possible. Just by making that statement you are living your life that way. Stick with it, man!

Any other creative passions?


Does soccer count (Pete is now calling it soccer to help us (northern) Americans out...love it!)...lol....drinking beer...and I mean real ale...if WYCHWOOD BREWERIES are reading please contact ME for mentioning you...would love a years supply....seriously though I am very receptive to other arts, I love visiting galleries & museums....I have a passion for history and understanding what went before as the past is a teacher of the future...

Annie: If you were a singer/musician/band what would  be the name of your band?

when i was a teenager I was a Goth...one of the originals that used to frequent at the Bat Cave in London, see bands like Alien Sex Fiend, Sisters of Mercy, Soft Cell, Marc & the Mamba, the Specimen and so forth....and I got together with some mates and we had such a thing...a band that we called Isis....yep very Goth!!! I would be true to those days and call the band the same...Isis!

Pete Marshall is O.G. (Original Goth)...Isis is a killer name! FYI: Isis is the Ancient Egyptian goddess of motherhood, magic, fertility, simplicity, protector of the dead and goddess of children from whom all beginnings arose. She was the friend of slaves, sinners, artisans, the downtrodden, as well as listening to the prayers of the wealthy, maidens, aristocrats and rulers.[1] 

What is the name of the Isis premier album?

That's a fun question...perhaps Were are we now?

Annie: And what is the name of the first single on the album?

Now that is really easy....I still remember our song....titled Black Moon Child....it was 1983...but don't try looking it up on any archives...we never cut a record...as most friend do..girls came along and we went our separate ways!!!

Annie: No record! I would have like to hear that...


Annie:  If you could spend time with one person…alive or dead…who would that be…and what would you do?

This is so easy....from as long as I can remember the legends of King Arthur have held me spellbound....if I could have time with anyone it would be him...and I would have so much to ask, so much to see....if I could just wield Excalibur for one moment my life would be made!

I just got goosebumps thinking about what it would be like to spend time with King Arthur! wow...

Strange question: I was just wondering what animal do you feel the most connected with?

My favourite animal has always been birds...and my favourite bird is the beautiful Jay...the bird has it all, the freedom of flight, to wander, to cross borders and never be hemmed in...

Annie: Your astrological sign?

ha...very revealing....I am a Gemini

OK Annie...you have delved and I have replied...hope my life is interesting enough!!!

Annie: More than interesting! Perhaps you will find this interesting....time to peek behind the veils of the mundane world and.into the depths of the symbolic realm:

Animal symbolism of the blue jay includes:

Verticle Oracle cardGemini (May 21-June 20)
"Nothing changes until it's changed in everyone's memories," said poet Alice Notley. I urge you to keep that in mind as you move forward, Gemini. In recent weeks, you have helped untie a knot that once seemed impossibly tangled, and you deserve kudos for that. But your job isn't done yet. Your next task is to work on loosening the snarls and smoothing the kinks that still linger in the imaginations of everyone involved. 

 Pete...I am honoured by your presence here at Jingle Poetry. Thank you for allowing me to interview you.
I encourage everyone to support each other and check out the poetry pickings at One Stop Poetry! The links are open for week 20!

Until next time...

Lovely Annie


David Waters said...

I recently discovered and started following Petes blog. He is an amazing talent. truly.

Marja said...

Interesting interview and I love the fantastic chilling and haunting poem

Pete Marshall said...

hi and thanks to annie for the lovely spotlight...it truly is a great honour to be appreciated by your peers...heck an interesting interview too LOL...all the best pete

Heather Grace Stewart said...

Pete, thanks for keeping the beautiful art of poetry alive.

It's great to 'meet' you. Your
poem posted here is excellent. I can almost hear you reading it--superb rhythm.

Have you ever tried writing Villanelles? There are strict rules to follow--I broke the rules just a tad but came close with my poems "Autumn Will" and "When Freedom Stands"

Check 'em out--they're under Modern Villanelles in my categories or you can use the search engine on my site.

I'll visit your poetry pad often--cool hangout.


dustus said...

Wonderful interview, Annie :)

Working and creating alongside Pete, I can say without reservation that he is one of the nicest and most talented artists you will ever meet online.

Thank you

annell said...

I loved the post. So good to know about him and his dark ways.

Emmanuel Ibok said...

This was a great spotlight...Shout out to my friend, Pete!


haisley said...

Hi!!!!! Woo!!! didn't know that we can do such thing here..I love Pete..coz he seems so nice....

Hope said...

wonderful wonderful interview! Pete seems like such a down to earth, and loyal person. the best to you, Pete!

Found the questions to be perfect and loved the extra about the blue jay and the horoscope.

well put together
thank you

Hope said...

wonderful wonderful interview! Pete seems like such a down to earth, and loyal person. the best to you, Pete!

Found the questions to be perfect and loved the extra about the blue jay and the horoscope.

well put together
thank you

S. Sharp said...

I really love this poet, one of the poets i read to everytime. Pete you're a true inpire to me.

Thanks to Annie


Jingle Poetry said...

Glad to see you in spotlight, Pete...
have fun today..

creative interview, Annie.

itslovelyannie.com said...

This was very fun for me! I was cracking myself up searching for cartoon images for the Misfits!

you have such a calm, easy way...and I love the darker side

Thanks for answering all my strange questions

and Thank you Jingle Poetry for allowing me to be creative and spot light poets around the web. This is my last post here on Jingle Poetry...but the lovely, dynamic, superb spotlights will continue next week with another Meet the Poet on Wednesday!


Lovely Annie

Dave King said...

Excellent stuff! If that is a typical example of Pete's writing, I don't think he needs to worry about not writing in some other style!

TALON said...

Thank you, Annie, for the terrific interview!

I've been enjoying Pete's writing for quite a while now and it's wonderful to get to know more the person behind the awesome writing. As suspected, he's just as neat as his writing!

signed...bkm said...

Great write up on Peter, I just noticed it and am so glad that he was featured here this week at Jingle Poetry....Thank you so much for interviewing Peter and of course he would want to meet King Arthur...thank you Annie...bkm

JamieDedes said...

Annie, thank you for interviewing Pete. This is a fabulous interview.

I enjoy Pete's poetry very much, and you've just reminded me that I don't visit his site ofen enough.

Pete, thanks for your fabulous poems and for doing this interview. Kudos!

Poem on ...

ljm (Amias and Liquidplastic) said...

Good to meet you Pete ... keep on writing, it's the thing that will bring peace to all ....! Nice interview.

ladynimue said...

One of my fav poet !! Love his work :)

ladynimue said...

One of my fav poet !! Love his work :)