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Sunday, October 31, 2010


Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members. I've collected announcement from diverse sources in order to attempt a reflection of the geographic and cultural diversity of our community. Your contributions from your area of the world or your interests are welcome. Please forward them to Jamie Dedes at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. Contributions are subject to editorial discretion and space constraints. Feedback welcome.
John Keats 1795-1821
ON THIS DAY: English Romantic poet John Keats was born on October 31, 1795, in London. MORE 
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1.) NaNo: November 1, 2010 starts the tenth annual [Inter] National Novel Writing Month (NaNo) and several members of our community have responded to the challenge to write 50,000 words of a first draft of a novel in one month. These included: Jamie Dedes, Kavita, Olivia, and Someone Is Special. If you are joining in that fun, be sure to look for us on the NaNo site and link to become “buddies.”  If you are not on this list and want others to link with you on NaNo, then please respond in the comments below to alert everyone. Thank you!
2.) The Z-A Challenge is hosted by our own Leo. This challenge is to write 26 posts in 26 days (the month of November, excluding Sundays), each day using a different letter of the alphabet going in reverse order. For example, November 1 would have  theme based on the letter Z, November 2 would be the letter Y, and on through November 30 and A. Write in your blog and share the link in the comment section of Leo’s post for the day at Leo’s challenge is to write 26 posts in 26 days, He asks that you do not lease do not share the link of your old posts that fit the theme. Please place a link in your blog back to Leo’s blog so that others can join the Z-A Challenge.*  

Leo's rules allow for multiple posts that fit the theme,  multiple posts for each letter, as much writing as you can do for November, and combining with other memes. Leo plans “to visit each post and comment and will remove the link from the comments section of a post is found to be malicious or hurtful. The Z-A challenge is not a platform for attacking others, but an outlet for your talents.”  If clarification is needed, Leo suggests that you leave a comment along with your link. He will get back to you.

 * Note: Leo has a badge you can use to link to him. You'll find it in his blog roll.

THIS WEEK: Jingle's Thursday Poets Rally will start on November 4 and run through November 11. Don't miss the fun. Jingle will post complete details on November 3 on her Poets Rally site
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Recently our own Someone Is Special started a new meme on his site. Here he is to tell us about himself, his writing, and his new meme.

When did you start blogging and why?
In March 2008, I started with the verses I planned to use in my diary. For personal reasons, I stopped blogging and didn’t return for almost a year. A ray of hope came through one of my best friends. She encouraged me to start a new blog. She chose pendownmythoughts from my list of ten. Another friend chose Few Miles as the blog name. Why “Few Miles?” It is inspiration from Wodsworth’s “Lines composed a few miles above Tintern Abby."
I created the blog to share my thoughts and to dedicate my work to “someone special” in my life. 
How did you get interested in poetry and when and why did you start writing it?
The magical words of William Wordsworth inspired me to write poems. “Daffodils”, a work I love to read billion times a day, and his other poems are sources of my wisdom. They inspired me and bought me to this world of poetry.
In my school days, I penned my first poem for someone special in my life. That poem was titled Sorry!
Sorry to wake you up in your sleep!
Sorry for hugging you last night that deep!
Sorry to implant my lips on yours!
Sorry for tasting it for some hours!
Sorry to reveal those unheard words!
Sorry for wishing that not to be my dreams!
I received a response from her: “I wish that your dreams come true!” From
that day until today, I love to write poems. I write mostly on love, romance and
Someone Is Special
What are the benefits to you of participation in Thursday Poets Rally and Poetry Potluck?
I was unknown as Someone Is Special until Jingle visited me on Friendship Day with three awards that helped me to land on Thursday Poets Rally. From that day Someone Is Special became visible to this blogging world. That poem reaped me an award, “The Perfect Poet”, though I just an amateur writer. It also earned me a respectful official position in Jingle Poetry. I found many new friends and loved reading their wonderful works. I have to thank Ji a billion times for helping to bring this amateur writer visible to this blogging world. I have to thank Leo, who constantly encouraged me to write for more meme blogs from the first time he visited me.
Poetry Potluck is absolutely a dream place for a poet, I always love to be a part of this wonderful place and wish to thank Amanda, Kavita, and Riika for their wonderful works.
What inspired you to start your new meme and why Romance?
Well, as I said before, my source of wisdom and inspiration is Wordsworth who inspired me to write about romance. I also feel that romance is the eternal part of all living things and somehow something stops most poets from writing a romantic poem. I wanted to break that barrier. That is the reason I started the meme, Room for Romance, a place to romance with your pen. 
One month old now, it has acquired a few visitors, romantic people who romance with their pen. It is a delightful treat for me to read their work. I hope soon these few will become a large crowd and will give me a big treat every week.
What other kinds of writing do you do and why?
I do write fiction for the memes” 55-Fiction, 77-Fiction, Drabble, Fiction and  Real Life Stories. I appreciate all my own work, but as per the readers’ choice, the some of the most loved works are “Moment of Madness”, “The Untold Story”, “Call it as Love”, “Sweet Madness”, “Sweetest 90 Seconds”, “What if I am locked with a cute girl in a lift?”, “The Golden Trip”. I just simply love to explore different varieties of writing and I enjoy them.
In poems, I always love to write a free verse. Inspired by Leo’s work I started writing haiku. From reading other writers, I am writing and learning other poetry forms: Etheree, Tetractys, Villanelle, Sonnet and etc.
I also sketch portraits and create wall papers for friends.
What are you reading right now?
Currently, I enjoy my fellow bloggers poems. I love to read more of romantic works and prefer eBooks to read any sort of novels. The last book I read was Tribute to Sonia by Riika Inifinity, a wonderful compilation. (Editor's note: Riika was interviewed for the last Sunday Rally Disptach, October 24, 2010.)
What are you long term goals for your blog and your writing?
I love to travel the few miles to reach all the bloggers in this world and enjoy their works. My ultimate aim is to write a novel and I hope to do that soon.

We hope that Sunday Rally Dispatch provided some helpful and inspiring information and that you’ll join us this back here this evening for Poetry Potluck.  We plan to have a spooktackular Halloween!


RiikaInfinityy said...

First of all, good luck to everyone who is participating in NaNo!^^~ Have lots of fun!=P

And for the Challenge, I will hop by sometimes to add in my words for you =3~

As for Someone is Special and Jamie, this is a wonderful interview over here. Cute and a little witty poem.

Romance is a topic that can be hard and easy depending how the way you write in my opinion. But most importantly is the feel and emotion that flow within the poem that truly mean everything in this world ;D~

Lastly, thank for showing much interest to Tributes of Sonia, if you are looking for a romance and action e-book semi-graphical novel, I am sure you got the right book =P

P.S Dare to write, draw to dream and you will definitely do more than what you imagined!^^~

Cheers and Happy Halloween! Before I head off to my busy weekdays once again in 12 hours time :)

JamieDedes said...

Thanks, Riika! Have a great week, and thanks for all your hard work for Jingle Poetry.

Jingle said...

It is a pure pleasure and a huge surprise for me to read your post Jamie Dedes.

First of all, thanks for bringing attention to a few interesting memes going on these days, Good Luck to everyone who do Nano, and I have fun writing for "Room for Romance",
I will have a post for Leo's Halloween PARTY, which is fun to know and get into.

Thanks for the honorable mention of Thursday Poets Rally, it is a sweet surprise to me.

Glad to have you on board, Someone Is Special....

Keep up the writing and have fun.

Jamie Dedes, you rock!
Happy Halloween to Everyone in this community.
Hope to see you all tonight.

Jingle said...

Spooky blog template, beautiful job, Riika...

See you tonight.


Rajlakshmi said...

thanks for the update. will be participating in few :)
good luck to all.
wonderfully compiled and presented :)

Leo said...

All the best to the NaNo group :) Thanks for mentioning the challenge, Jamie and also for bringing attention to the Rally and Room for Romance! :)

Nice interview, SiS! Good to know more of you..! Cheers!

Kristen Haskell said...

Sunday Rally this week is really interesting. I am interested in the NANO but I couldn't get the link to work. Could someone please check that. I am working on a story currently that might be perfect for the 50,000 word challenge. I write full time so please someone contact me. Thanks Kristen

mairmusic said...

hi y'all-- I've signed up for NaNoWriMo, but in my own way. My brother is writing a novel so in solidarity I'm going to post a poem a day on my blog and keep all the writing and editing to see how much it turns out to be, But it surely won't be 50,000 words. Would love to link up w/ y'all though and join your cheering teams!

Someone Is Special said...

@ Jamie

Thanks a billion for the wonderful compilation of my words.. Thanks a ton..

@ Riika,

Thanks dear.. It was good to hear those..

@ Jingle

Thank you so much Ji...

@ Leo

Thanks Leo..

@ all
It is good to see many of you participating.. lets meet and enjoy..

@ Ji

I was unwell for the past three days that made me to stay away from my lappy.. I am ok now.. Will soon post all my updates..

--Someone Is Special--

JamieDedes said...

Hi everyone! Thanks for your kind comments.

Regarding NaNo: I suspect that a zillion folks from around the world are trying to log in and register at the last minute. That's probably overloading the system.

I've received a lot of emails with questions. I wouldn't say I'm can give the definitive word on things, but I'm going to post on my site site tonight and answer questions as best I can. Hope that will help. Leave any unresolved questions in the comments there.

Good luck everyone. Be patient. Enjoy the fun ... don't stress.


JamieDedes said...

Hi, Ji and Everyone!

Just making a mini-round to let you all know that I've had a slew of emails with regard to National Novel Writing Month also known as NaNoWriMo and NaNo, which started on November 1. I've spent the night between cat naps responding and have posted a Q & A on line. If people would leave questions in the comments, we could all share info. It would be more efficient than emails. I appreciate the interest and wish all participants good luck. Here's the link to the Q & A post.

Also, because of this I am late getting around on Potluck and other visits. I hope to catch up later today and on Wednesday ... assuming I can stay awake. :-)

Peace & Hugs,

Amity said...

Hello everyone,

I am happy to have come across this post...reading Leo with his Z to A Challenge, and am a happy and active part right now...:-) Crazy, too!!!

And happy to read also about SiS' birth to the blogging world...He writes immensely well, what more, he writes with a passion, almost all on romantic themes! :-)

Show's he's also a writer who loves to experiment on prose and poetry forms..:-) It is a very good sign that his first few miles will go a long, long way...BIG MILES!

Congratulations SiS! Keep up!