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Sunday, October 24, 2010


Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members. I've collected announcement from diverse sources in order to attempt a reflection of the geographic and cultural diversity of our community. Your contributions from your area of the world or your interests are welcome.  Please forward them to Jamie Dedes at jamiededes@rocketmail.com. Contributions are subject to editorial discretion and space constraints. Feedback welcome.

ThursdayPoets Rally, Week 31: Rally is now in process and still open for participation. Details HERE.

Novel Inspiration (Starts November 1, 2010) : For those poets who write fiction or have considered doing so, [Inter] National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is a fun, seat-of-your-pants approach to novel writing. Participants begin writing November 1. The goal is to write a 175-page (50,000-word) novel by midnight, November 30. Valuing enthusiasm and perseverance over painstaking craft, NaNoWriMo is a novel-writing program for everyone who has thought fleetingly about writing a novel but has been scared away by the time and effort involved. This is an exercise in by--passing your internal editor and getting a jump-start on your novel. After the NaNoWriMo is over, you continue on your own to expand, edit, and refine your draft. In its tenth year now, NaNoWriMo had 167,150 participants world-wide last year. 32,178 completed the 50,000 word challenge. Sixty NaNoWriMo novels have been published including the New York Times bestseller, Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. A few community members- including Olivia - are already registered and ready-to-go on November 1. For information on 2010 NaNo, link HERE.

Recently our own Riika, Deadly Butterfly Betrayal, self-published the first of seven parts of Tributes of Sonia, a semi-graphical novel. She discusses that experience and others with Sunday Rally Dispatch:

How long have you been blogging and what inspired you to start?
I blogged a long time ago while helping people translate Chinese guides to English for a game. However, I’ve been wandering in the land of poetry for just a few months. I enjoy everything including the fun of meeting people in the community. I didn’t actually set out to create a poetry site. Mainly I wanted to post my designs like a portfolio. I changed my mind while browsing poetry sites and communities hosted by WordPress. I wondered if I could use my Photoshop skills and play around with words. Why not? It will be lot of fun, and I’ll get to know more about other poets' work as well. I can use this opportunity to learn more than I had during high school. I always love doing something new and different.
When did you first start writing poetry? What have you learned from writing poetry?
I was actually about ten years old. I was on a flight back to Singapore. My imaginations ran wild. I began to scribble a poem. It was entitled Song of Heaven. I have no idea how I managed to write this; but, when your imagination runs wild, anything is possible. 

I've learned a lot from writing poetry. I learned to see  beyond the superficial. Poetry is something not just full of words and meanings, but something that can bring out your true self. Your character and style speaks through the poetry. It is the only time you can feel true to yourself.  I prefer to write dark poetry because I feel that it is just like me. I am not a very "light" person that often speaks of happiness and joy. 
Song of Heaven
Heaven lights a path of hope
for those who truly see it
may they be blessed
and a journey shall begin
Throw away differences
and may understanding
stands and shall
peace and harmony
be attained in the path of light
Fear no pain
conquer yourself
and move on
The future is in your hands
Listen to your heart
and may its voice
reach your mind and soul
and you shall see the truth
A journey of life and death
may the living and
the death hear it
for God have mercy on his final judgment
I would say that that’s actually a light-filled poem. Lovely! Thank you.

What have you learned from other potluck and rally participants?
Oh they are all wonderful poets. I do often check out their work. I learn a lot of different poetic forms. I check them out during Jingle’s Poetry Potluck and Thursday Poets Rally. I don’t actually have any specific poetry format to write with. I write pretty much in my own style and feeling. That is why I find poetry pretty interesting. Poetry totally caught my attention. I also learned a lot of new words that I never came before but that fully merged me in the flow of the poem itself. English is not my main language of communication. I try to write in simple and understandable English for the people who read my site and novel. I always take note of new things happening around the Potluck and Rally to improve myself and my writing.
Simple is generally best, even for native speakers of English. You do very well, by the way.

Tell us about your book.

My book comes in seven parts: Tributes of Sonia is a semi-graphical novel series. This is the first series I’ve written that includes Photoshop graphics art, drawing and designs by me and also lastly, writing of the novel and poetry too. 
As for the series itself, it is a legend about a girl who traversed many dimensions of this universe in search of a purpose so mysterious, so unknown. She often comes close to what seems to be the very answer she seeks, only to be disappointed as each step opens her to a whole new world of mysteries. She will have to keep moving on to find her true self along the journey into Tributes of Sonia.
The first book in the series: Tributes of Sonia - The First Fall, is about the humans and the devils seeking a peaceful haven where they can all live in harmony. It tells of the obstacles and difficulties they had to conquered. Meanwhile, a game seemed to be set within the dimension and only one side can win. A mysterious group called the “Letters” was known to be one of the side that is playing this game and they will do anything to make sure their King’s piece will not get eaten up by the other side. Site: http://riikainfinityy.com/tos/the-first-fall/

I include a lot of features in the novel as well, which might interest some people.I did manga drawings for the main protagonist in the story. This is my first time drawing a manga-like character, which I did by reading up on manga in an E-book. It turned out quite okay to me. Still there will be room for improvement. I did drawings and designs of weapons as well. To enhance the ancient feel, I take a photo of the original and over contrast them into dark-brownish parchment-like texture as if they had been drawn on the parchment itself.

I use Photoshop Actions to tone up the new images that will be appearing in the Second Fall, it will go from sepia images to colorful images. I want each part of the series to have something different and fresh to attract the readers' eyes. 
I also brought in the game environment to give the readers a feel that they are actually playing a game while reading the novel. The features will be the "Quest System", "Character Customization On Appearance" and "Fun and Entertainment". The quest system will take readers through part by part of the story while the fun parts will let the characters in the novel as well as the readers have a fun experience instead of a full plain text. 

For this book, I created beings called  "The Sixth Race - Merus." They will enter later in the story when the truth that they had all been searching for is near. They have their own culture and language. Their language is called "Meru." I created a few ancient scrolls that spread across the whole series for the characters to collect. These scrolls are in Photoshop made with free-hand drawing of the symbols and using a parchment cover to go with it. There is a behind the scene footage of how the scripting was done at http://riikainfinityy.com/2010/10/18/meru-scripting-in-action-with-photoshop/
These are the few main features in the novel series. If you want to find out more, just check out my website page on Tributes of Sonia at http://riikainfinityy.com/tos The first book is available at Lulu, Scribd or my website for free download. Check it out if you are interested. Currently, the Second Fall had been completed and sent for editorial review. Everything is prepared for the start of third book in the series. I'll begin that soon.
Tell us about your experience with self-publishing. So far, do you think you'd do it again?

For the self-publishing, I used Lulu. It is because my book format is a PDF and I made it like an e-book. I did not intend to make it like a readable hardcover book, considering the amount of color and images used. Lulu offer self-publishing for free. You can sell your e-books right on their site, which is a plus to me. Since I’m using Microsoft 2010 Word, Lulu did not allowed the usage of PDF converted from there. It had to be in a .doc format and a lot of changes had to be done in the end. Other than that, there’s a step by step guide. A free ISBN number is issued upon publication with Lulu. I decided not to go for ePub format because of the images and formatting issues. I decided to leave the book as a normal e-book. And, of course, I will definitely do it again when the Second Fall is ready.
Quite an understandable decision. Looks like you did all your research thought things through before you took your finally publishing leap.
It appears you collaborate with others in the production of your book. How many collaborators? How do you keep everyone on track and on time line?

Oh yes, one is actually my editor, Dayana, and another is a MS Paint Artist who made a special appearance for the first book upon my request, Ban-Ban Studio. They helped me with the final draft of the first book of Tributes of Sonia and helped make it a success. I'm actually not a very time accountable person. When I sent Dayana the book for review, I waited for her to complete her editing process and pass it back to me when she completed it. She had to read all over again and make sure that when she edited it, she didn't change the flow of the story. That is another reason I didn't rush her on that process. I prefer to go slow and easy on the flow of the work. Since I am self-publishing the book, it can be done anytime as long as I am in front of my laptop with the completed book. So it is like just take your time and enjoy the process thing. 

Thanks, Riika, and good luck!

All self-publishing formats mentioned are to be viewed as information not recommendations. If you plan to self-publish, please be sure to do your own research.


Anonymous said...

She is a fabulous writer and a marvelous painter. her graphics are simply dazzling.

thanks for the interview and an introduction to her.


Jingle Poetry said...

Riika, Glad to learn more about you.

you take note of NEW forms on potluck and Poets Rally poetry entries, how thoughtful....

your poetry is always unique and solid.
Glad to hear you speak.

Keep us informed about what you do.
Thanks for the sunshine and wisdom shared here.


Olivia said...


Just when I was talking about your Novel online, I read this.. I was wondering about that online published version in the evening.. telepathy??


Now I know who o be after for any guidance.. :)

All the Best sweetheart..:) xxxx

Anonymous said...

Very happy to read so many good things about people that write! Good luck with everything ahead on your road! Thanks for sharing!

signed...bkm said...

What a great write on Riika, writing a novel - I give her so much credit for being so diverse in her writing...wonderful talent that I am sure we will all hear and read more of in the future....best to you Riika...bkm

Anonymous said...

such beautiful words, and an interesting soul... glad to know you.

Someone Is Special said...

Wonderful info's Jamie, thanks for educating me about novel writing.. My ultimate aim is to pen down a novel.. Actually I am working on my novel..

@ Riika

Riika, I strong apologise to you dear. Reason: I couldn't comment on any of your works, reason is simple, I can't comment on .com domains, I can't view ink linkz and lots of security restrictions in my company network.. Thats stops me from commenting on your wonderful work, but reading and enjoying your wonderful works is truly amazing, i take this opportunity to convey my views on your works..

Your poems, they are wonderful and true and inspiring..

Your theme, what a theme was that, i loved it totally..

Your novel, I loved it dear.. thats was truly amazing..

Totally you are rockstar..

PS: I have ordered for personal net connection for my home, soon i will get. Once that is done no one can stop me from commenting to the wonderful works of the amazing writers of this blogosphere..

Leo, Riika, Jamie, Amanda, Olivia, Kavita, Annie, Tracy, Bill cook, TALON, Joanny and all the folks, you all are invited for Room for Romance, a place to romance with your pen, I couldn't personally visit your space and invite you but I will be happy to see you ppl linking in..

Ji, you are always in.. Happy for that..

Once Again Jingle Poetry Rocks..

Happy Monday!
Happy Potluck!

Romance on..

--Someone Is Special--

RiikaInfinityy said...

Wow thank you everyone^^~ Lots of thanks to Jamie especially for the invitation and interview^^~


Thank you Trisha, I am glad to have amaze your eyes^^~!


I will surely do, Jingle =P I love forms :3~ They kind of fascinated me in a way, I guess I am pretty weird =P The sunshine and wisdom will be flowing around the circle for now ^^~


Woah, I do believe in telepathy, it is something both my editor and me shared somehow! That is oen of the reasons why I asked my very best friend to be my editor, she knew me better than anyone haha! =D~

I am free every now and then, email is always open ;D~ All the best to you as well^^~

@Scent Of My Heart

Thank you, my friend! =D Don't forget you write too, so you are one of them!^^~


Thank you^^~ =P You definitely will! =D All the best as well with your writings :P

@David Waters

^^~ Glad to know you too, my friend, it been a wonder to have everyone in this community ;D~

@Someone is Special

Cool to hear that, novel is definitely something much more concentrated, I am sure =P Will be looking forward^^! And don't worry about the commenting, I am sure some network tend to crap things up, just do it whenever you can, it is great to have you over at my website =D~ And I am humbled truly by your words :3~

As for Room of Romance, if you noticed I never once send an entry to picture poetry prompt site unless I really have the inspiration to do so because i would normally write down the poem first before I set to do the image in my website and then try to connect them in a way, that is what they called image manipulation I guess XD.

I am someone who cannot write something based on a picture because I think that it spoke more than just words. But I am write and make the picture after that because I knew what picture is already in my mind, strange, isn't it? >.<

But I will definitely try if I have the time, there is definitely room for romance. ;D And trying out new things shouldn't be a trouble at all, don't you all think so? :D

Dasuntoucha said...

Kudos to you (^_^)...I definitely enjoy your writing.