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Monday, October 4, 2010

Review Tuesdays - Poetry is a subtle art

Achieving my first milestone in the journey of “Few Miles”, I love to review a poet, one among the hundred poets who inspired me in the poetry world and being the other half of the “Tuesday Reviews” Team. His blog says that it is, “A Diary Of Rhyme, Of Memories In Time, Etched From The Heart, Rest My Works Of Art”. He is very well known to this blogging world as Leo or Leonnyes, he owns the blog, “I Rhyme Without Reason”, and yes, of course, he rhymes in all his creation.

About The Author:

Leo or Leonnyes, a sweet person personally, an optimist, a passionate poet, inspires many beginners through his poetry and he is also known as, “The Amateur Poet”. As he says in his blog, “A visiting card never says who you are as it is just a space of words about you. It can’t reveal the million thoughts that race in your mind, a writer’s journey, the quest of dreams, desire, straight from the heart.” If you want to know about him then you have to read his rhymes to know his heart completely.

He owns two personal blogs, I Rhyme Without Reason (where he rhymes from his heart) and My First Home (His home, where he first seeded his thoughts, his rhymes from his heart, but due to personal reasons, he switched platforms. Still he says that this is the place where his memories were created and continues to be created).

He hosts three meme blogs, 1. Thursday Tales (“A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words”, as the saying goes, he with Ms. Meduri offers a picture on Thursdays. Fellow bloggers have a write a tale in sync with the picture). 2. Haiku Heights (On Sundays, a beautiful word will be given as a theme for us to pen down a Haiku.) 3. Lots of Laughter (If you want to have fun, stop by Lots of Laughter. I am damn sure you stomach will ache after reading the wonderful entries. Personally, I want to thank him as he helps us in laughing in this mechanical world.)

He helps the host in Acrostic Only (where prompts will be out on every 1st day of the month and the fellow bloggers or wonderful writers as we say in Jingle Poetry that they have to write acrostics for those prompts within the permissible rules).

He also says that, "Poetry is a subtle art...not easily conquered", he does that so easily; no more words required I hope.

You can catch him in FB via Network Blogs, “I Rhyme Without Reason
About The Blog:

A feel good blog with an outstanding template that has a good collection of useful widgets say Calendar, Archives, Recent Posts, Recent Comments, Stats Counter, and the places he loves to rhyme for. He has three pages, one for his introduction, one that speaks about his meme blogs, one for token of the appreciation from his beloved friends. As per the site archives he pens down right from November 2006. This shows that he had travelled a long way in the Poetry World. The blog totally looks cool with lots of rhymes and unimaginable fictions. You can like and vote for his rhymes and fictions; I know most of the people do that.

About The Poetry:

The art of genius out at the center, profound words of wisdom and a true master class behind his rhymes. God must have blessed him with poetry and that’s the reason he rhymes without reason. Not only the words sound beautiful but also it inspire many hearts to explore more and write more. I am one of those hearts inspired by his works and fell into the magical world of Haiku. Let it be a fiction or a free verse or a special form of poem he rhymes so easily that clearly indicates his love towards poetry. Frankly to say he is the best poet I have ever read in the blogging world.

If I want to list out some of his best works then it would be, (Personal Favorites) “The Crown”, “Essence”, “Crossroads”, “The Rally”, “The Butterfly Lover”, “Goodbye”, “White Beauty”, “Escape”, “Destiny” and many more. Special notes about his posts, “Escape – won the best blog post of The Colors Magazine”, “Goodbye – Gold Blog a Ton of the month” and many more. However if you ask the same question to Leo his answer would I love my each and every posts of my blog as they all are from my heart. (PS: He is such a sweet character).


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Special Words:

I feel proud to review a poet who inspired me a lot through his rhymes, a wonderful friend of mine found in the blogging world. In few words, “a pearl found in the travel of few miles”, Happy to say, it is a lifelong frendship (PS: I never use ‘I’ in frends)

About Me:

Friends, this is Someone Is Special, the author of Few Miles, the other half the team hosting Tuesday Reviews here. If you are new to poetry, read his works, get inspired by those rhymes and try to rhyme your rhyme. If you are known to poetry, then enjoy the sweetness, majestic rhymes through his poetry. Have fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


Bubba said...

You're always giving someone a nod and sharing their work with others.

I think you deserve a blogging cheerleader award, jingle!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

What a wonderful review, I enjoyed reading it and will be looking at leo's blogs. Thank you.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

you are such a supportive hero....
love your clear version of blogging and blogging rules...
what a joy to have you in our supportive side...

Glad to read Leo, he is a true inspiration to all of us.

william manson said...

very nice indeed xxx

JamieDedes said...

Congrats to Leo and to Someone Is Special.

Nice job here: good analysis, good points covered, good suggestions. Well done ...

And, Leo, poem on ....

RiikaInfinityy said...

Amazing review! I totally enjoy it :P

Wonderful job for the both of you!^^~
:D~~~Happy Tuesday!^.^

Juice Box said...

Hey, thanks for all your wonderful comments on my blog, and also for being a follower.

I'm most certainly going to have a peep at Leo's blog.

Someone is Special said...

@ All..

Thanks a lot for your wonderful words.. Next time I promise that a fresh poet will be reviewed by me..

--Someone Is Special--