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Sunday, October 24, 2010

POETRY POTLUCK - Love and Romance...

It's Monday - POTLUCK time again!!!!

Hello and WELCOME back to the SEVENTH and lucky week of Poetry Potluck!!! 

We (Amanda and Kavita) are as pleased as ever to welcome you here... This week, we shall delve into the world of Love and Romance!! Splash on, and verse away...

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using InLinkz below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!!  Once you are done with this, visit other participants (at least 6), read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!!  The theme for this week is Love and Romance. So let your imagination soar along the heights, and immerse in the silky sands... write on! Of course, you can always submit any poem of your choice as well... 

Remember: Every week, InLinkz will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8am (CDT). So you will have 60 hours to share your poem with us...HOW COOL IS THAT!! Also, if you aren't new to Poetry Potluck, please note that we may not send you weekly reminders. So, it would be awesome if you could add us to your Blogroll or Favorites, so that you can stay updated with the happenings on our site!! :))

Flash Forward!! After a sinful week, we shall once again get back to being nice. So, the theme for next week will be "Halloween - Trick or Treat?!"... You will have a week to prepare your poem for this theme.. :) And if you are unable to submit a poem ON the theme, relax... Send in an older poem you would love to share with us...

And now, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Enjoy the VIDEO here and let those creative spirits flow!!! Thanks for joining in and supporting your fellow poets and our favorite Poetry Potluck!!!

(Image courtesy: photobucket.com and deviantart.com)

The Universal Truth

It is an untamed lioness; so fierce and so wild
It can tease innocence; like candy to a child
It is a fantasy; a figment of your reverie
It lives on; longer than reality
It melts like wax; it is sweeter than honey
It can be a gourd; as bitter as it can be
It makes you do things; arouses your desire
It ain’t no myth; no dragon that spits fire
It is a weakness; makes you cry out in despair
It is a pleasant surprise; catching you unaware
It becomes an obsession; it makes you resent
It induces fear; of treason and commitment
It can be so mystic; surreal in its flow
It has but one name; it’s LOVE just as we know


Brian said...

I think the link is wrong. It shows my post link instead of my name.

David Waters said...

Cant get the linky to work:( I'll try again later;)

tracyhsays.com said...

Glad to be part of Potluck again :)

pandaheroes said...

Glad I could join early this time 'round.

aconnectiontomyheart said...

Thanks for the potluck guys, LOVE this week's topic ;)

David Waters said...

Its my second week with Potluck and I'm loving it ;)

Jingle said...

wow, that's fantastic.
we will have love, romance, broken hearts, and complete lists of emotions here..

I will read all of you, if not tonight, tomorrow.
Keep your treats coming.
Happy Monday Potluck!

abthomas said...

Ah the sweet song of love, gonna like reading these ones! Just one question though, I was going to link a third poem however I was unsure whether or not it was suitable as its background is a painting of a woman au natural

Gramma Ann said...

I am going to try to take part this week.

JamieDedes said...

Great job everyone. Looks lovely. Thank you!

Here's my link and I did link back.

Mine is a "romance" with Halloween ... :-) Call me curmudgeon.

Have fun everyone.

RiikaInfinityy said...

The linky will now show only names, sorry for the late amendment XD, the alarm clock failed me once again T_T~ lol anyway here my lovely treat of love and romance for everyone, cheers and have a happy poetry potluck week ;D~

Lovely Annie said...

Happy to be feasting at Potluck this week! Missed everyone last week! Here is a piece called "Crush"


I can't wait to start reading!!

Later Skaters!

dasuntoucha said...

POTLUCK is ummmm ummm good (^_^) There are always lots of interesting post to be found.

fiveloaf said...

heres two for the pot: http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2009/12/23/true-love-waits/

LeiffyV said...

Figures, I squander another love poem this morning. Oh well, this is more heartfelt! Enjoy!

Rashmi said...

Here is my entry ...written earlier..
Will post a new one afterwards...
Happy potluck...

scentofmyheart said...

Happy Potluck everyone! Be blessed and happy!

imagina1 said...

So nice to see the potluck is consistent and more popular, great job for all the officials :)

I posted a poem on the bitter side of love & romance, The Mourning Coffee :)

Eaton Bennett said...

Hi Kavita, Amanda, Jingle and everyone, my three poems on love are posted on the same page on my blog. Have a loved up Monday everyone ;)


Someone Is Special said...

Hmmm this is my favorite place and this time it is my favorite theme.. Here comes a sonnet for all the sweet poets to enjoy..

(Hyperlink in text):

Waited Love

PH: Can someone link my romance in the ink linkz.. Thanks to those sweet heart..

Thanks to Amanda, Kavita and Riika and of course Ji for the wonderful work.. Jingle Poetry Rocks ! ! !

Romance with your pen and share here for this person to enjoy..

Romance On...........................

--Someone Is Special--

Bing (PinkLady) said...

i enjoyed writing my piece for this week's theme. thanks. :)

here's my link:


enjoy the potluck and have a great week ahead!

Bing (PinkLady) said...

@Someone is Special... hey SiS, i just linked you in. ;)

Someone Is Special said...

@ Bing

Thank you so much for your help..
Why not try to romance with your pen for Room for Romance ?

--Someone Is Special--

Sumit Sarkar said...

Hi...this is my first for Poetry Potluck...
This is a poem I posted before in my blog but as it goes with the theme, I have linked it with this week's theme.


jessicasjapes said...

Okay, I've left my entry, girls!

Olivia said...

@ Brian: I hope now it worked out for you. Maybe the link was posted in place of the name.. :)

@ David Waters: It all seems sorted now. You too are loved for partaking. Look forward to your linking every week.. :)

@ Jingle: Isn't broken heart the 1st side effect of "falling" in Love.. LOLss

@ AbThomas: Trust me- today JP seems to be celebrating a Fall Lovers Dar.. :) Thanks for being thoughtful.. :)

@ Ann: Please do- most welcome.. waiting now.. :)

@ Jamie the curmudgeon: You too have fun. It's so beautiful that Mandy/Kavz did this theme today.. :)

@ Riika: Glad to see you around. missed you bigtime.. Nevermind the linkies, as long as all works out at the end- and that does always :)

@ Lovely Annie: Likewise- Can't really wait to taste others' dishes.. :)

@ Dasuntoucha: have loads of fun.. :)

@ Fiveloaf: Thank you for linking.. :)

@ LeiffyV: Enjoy- you too Dear.. :)

@ Rashmi: Glad you did link. Old is gold- isn't it.. :)

@ Scentofmyheart: You too stay blessed sweet-bun.. :)

@ Imagina1: Bitter side..eh? I call it after- effects of "falling" in Love.. :)

@ Eaton: a very Loved Up Monday Morning to you too.. :)

@ Someone Is Special: Thanks so much for your lovely words.. :)

@ Bing: Dear, I am sure so did everyone!! I enjoyed the most- cause I didn't expect me to be writing this.. LOLsss

@ Mandy & Kavz: girlies, the 2 of you rock.. really!!

@ All the Linkers/Participants- Love is definitely in the air. What a time to "Fall" in Love. Go ahead all, let's feel mushy and blush and giggle.. :)

Love you all.. xoxoxox

Anonymous said...

love cant be defined but your poem almost did it.

fabulous poem.


Wysteria said...

Wow, took me back to a feeling I never felt again.

Very fun, and how wonderful words can stir something inside us!


deadpoet88 said...

Yay! Posted: http://deadpoet88.wordpress.com/2010/10/25/impossibilities/

Ramesh Sood said...

Had put three entries.. as usual.
But couldn't hold myself to add a fourth one absolutely befitting to the theme.. Seeing it I am sure you won't mind my having crossed the limit..:) :)

beginningpoetry said...

My post is an older one sent forward again, but at least it puts me back on the menu. - bill


Thoughts Not Lost said...

Happy Monday Potluck! Just linked my entry.

My love and romance poem:

omj said...

Oops! Think I put the link in the wrong spot-not sure what happened! Please delete that. Thanks for hosting!

lukepraterswordsalad said...

Hi -

glad to be in again- has the number we can submit been cut from three to one?


Luke @ WordSalad

woih said...

I'm back in the potluck pot!

Lu Ann said...

aww mine´s about marriage!!! :) My ideal of "just married".

Thanks a lot!!!

Rajlakshmi said...

glad to be here once again :)

lucykiss said...

Hey, I've gatecrashed your poetry party and left and entry. Hope that's cool.

tasithoughts said...

I posted an older poem I put into a video with music of a love interest I had once...

Sumit Sarkar said...

Posted my second poem too...

tasithoughts said...

My entry did not post the first time so I reposted it and I am doing it here also.


flaubert said...

Love and romance, hmm ... not really up my alley. But I gave it a shot anyway.

buttercup said...

@ Sumit....thanks so much for linking for the first time, happy reading and welcome!!

@ Jessica...You Rock as always girlfriend xxx

@ Olivia...you are such a darling for helping us with ....thanks from the heart oxoxox

@ Trisha...Always so happy to see you here my friend...thanks for linking!!!

@ Wisteria....Glad to see you here my friend. Happy reading xx

@ DP....Yay....you're here...we're smiling and happy to see you here :) xx

@ Ramesh...Thanks for linking...happy reading fellow poems posted too :) x

@ Bill...very happy to see you linked...whoohooo and hugs xx

@ Thoughts Not Lost....Love and Romance rock!! Thanks and big hugs xx

@ omj.... We will sort it, thanks for linking oxoxo

@ Luke...You can do 3 (Ji said)...me and Kavz will read one each because of numbers...happy linking and you rock as always xx

@ Woih...and we are happy to see you in :) xx

@ Lu Ann...Awesome...thanks for linking and happy reading xx

@ Rajlakshmi...glad to see you linked in again...thanks so much xx

@ Lucykiss....whoohooo....awesome..welcome and happy reading my friend!! Let the party begin!!

She said...

This is one of my own love and romance favorites - Glad I made it on time to the Potluck this week (smiles!)

Juice Box said...

I guess my poem's touching on a differenmt side of love. but meh. :)

keshavnarla said...

Linked an old one, but I love that poem, I wrote for my sweetheart...Enjoy guys!

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Just done with the link.. Almost forgot but alas, made it in time.. :) :) That is the general part of how Love appeals it is to me.. I have another one.. Will link it up too (soon).. Enjoy guys.. :)

Krislin Neo, Ting (Syracuse Pike) said...

Oops, just realise only one poem for each week's potluck.. Alright then, I shall save the other 2 for some other times.. ;)

Kerry O'Connor said...

Thank you very much for your continued support of my blog and invitation to Pot Luck Monday. Work commitments have meant that I've been a little inactive the last few weeks, but I'll get my act together and link up a poem.


arspoetica said...


Couldn't resist jumping in this round, not when i have a whole page on my site dedicated to "love poetry/hate poetry." ;)

So, only one link this time, but several poems on that one page, some older, some newer:


Thanks as always for putting this on, guys. You're the best!


likewine said...

Hello again. Here is mine. The one I don't like unfortunately. But it is about love for sure.. Venus of the Seven Veils

shawnbird.com said...

Here's one from June that has quite a sophisticated structure despite its brevity:

Fyodor Lewis said...

I look forward to reading all this glorious poetry. Have a gander at some of mine:

I hope you are all doing fantastic.

Fyodor Lewis said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Wysteria said...

Wanted to let you know, I have left my footprint on more than 18 writers. Tonight, I will read more of them. It is so fun to read others writings.


belladonna23 said...


there's mine, sorry if you find it slightly pessimistic. (but that doesn't mean that it is not true,or that love is pointless. it's all about how you read it.)

lynnaima said...

Hello, here is my poem: SENSUAL FLOETRY


Reflections said...

Hope you all enjoy this one.


Laura Lynn said...

Made it!

: )

The Reason You Come said...

Oops, I didn't make it. I'm blaming it on the busy day. :( Oh well, guess I'll submit it next week to Thursday Rally, and make a new one for next week's Potluck.

Anonymous said...

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