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Sunday, October 31, 2010


It's Monday - POTLUCK time again!!!!

Hello and WELCOME back to this spooky and creepy week of Poetry Potluck!!!

We (Amanda and Kavita) are as pleased as ever to welcome you here... This week, we shall delve into the haunting world of  HALLOWEEN!!  In the spirit of this time, let your dark side rise!!

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using InLinkz below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!! Once you are done with this, visit other participants (at least 6), read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!!  So let your imagination soar in the darkness and the graveyards... write on! Of course, you can always submit any poem of your choice as well...

Remember: Every week, InLinkz will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CDT), and will stay open till Wednesday, 8am (CDT). So you will have 60 hours to share your poem with us...COOL huh?!! Also, if you aren't new to Poetry Potluck, please note that we may not send you weekly reminders. So, it would be awesome if you could add us to your Blogroll or Favorites, so that you can stay updated with the happenings on our site!! :))

Flash Forward!! After a sinful week, we shall once again get back to being nice. So, the theme for next week will be "Fortresses, Buildings and Monuments".. You will have a week to prepare your poem for this theme.. :) And if you are unable to submit a poem ON the theme, relax... Send in an older poem you would love to share with us...

And now, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Enjoy the VIDEO here and let those creative bloody spirits flow!!! Thanks for joining in and supporting your fellow poets and our favorite Poetry Potluck!!!


‘Twas all Hallows eve, and all through the house
Every creature was stirring, even our pet mouse
Oh the pumpkins were carved with very great care
In the hope that trick-or-treaters soon would be there
The children were agitated, not one in his bed
As visions of sweet treats danced in their heads
Dad and I in our costumes and me with my cap
Had settled by the door listening for the first rap
When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter
We sprang to our feet to check on the matter
We threw open the door to offer our sweet stash
While witches flew by, all glitter and flash
And the moon on the rise and the dark ground below
Gave lustre and bluster to ghosts on the go
Then what to our startled eyes should appear,
But a miniature ballerina among goblins, one bear
Now, Alice! Now Ernie! Now Jimmy! Now Chris!
Come little Tony, big Brandy, and Trish
To the top of the stairs, don’t any one fall …
Now dash away dash away dash away all

By Jamie Dedes - Thanks so much Jamie.


David Waters said...

Love love love the poem...so clever;)

omj said...

Jamie invited me to post my
All Hallow's Evepoem to the Potluck. So here it is! :)

signed...bkm said...

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

Fyodor Lewis said...

Lots of variety in these posts exploring different themes linked to Halloween. I like it!

pandaheroes said...

The poem by Jamie was excellent!

Glad I could join the Halloween version of potluck.


Jingle said...

Welcome, Everyone!
We are thrilled to see you come, carrying your special favors of treats, wearing your unique and fabulous customs...

Keep the creepiness alive,
Keep your Halloween spirits alive tonight.

I will enjoy everyone's take, if not today, tomorrow for sure.

You all Rock!
Happy Halloween!


Sumit Sarkar said...

Awesome poetry Jamie...Thanks for sharing such wonderful poem... :)

Rashmi said...

Sorry,I dont have a poem related t halloween.This is related to a traffic block..Hope this will be ok?

LeiffyV said...

Saint Lucifer, here me praying to thee on this day of All Saints. High be the price but then nothing is free, my soul I'll gladly pay!

My not quite so spooky but still scary to me poetry is up!

Eaton Bennett said...

Hi everyone, This weeks poetry readings will be interesting. I have no experience with Halloween, it's only become popular here in Australia over the last few years. Mind you I'm not unused to scary stories, just not used to celebrating ghosts and ghoulies. :))

Well done Jamie, beautifully put together piece.


JamieDedes said...

Hi, Everyone! Wonderful poems. Thanks for comments on mine. And OMJ, so pleased to see you join the fun.

Happy Halloween ...

Strummed Words said...


Matty said...

Thanks for the invitation. I'm new here, and I've linked my entry.

Very nice mix of Halloween and Christmas all in one.

fiveloaf said...

mine for the potluck- enjoy! http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/03/13/scarlet-rain/

Lovely Annie said...

I'm in! My dreams are rich with darkness and shadow sides...welcome to my dream...or nightmare!

imagina1 said...

Althhough not Halloween themed, I'm linking an old poem of mine, "Night Visit".
Happy Halloween everyone :)

Ramesh Sood said...

Don't know much about Halloween.. but whatever learnt have tried to write a different kind of a poem which just flowed from my heart.. that's where everything with me happens.. Hope it will be liked.

tasithoughts said...

What a fun Halloween weekend!

Here is my submission to the Potluck

Link also submitted


umapoems said...

I have written about fear related to halloween

Eric Alder said...

Superb Halloween feel to this one! Well done!

I posted pics of this year's jack o' lantern (with a secret!)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I am writing Micropoems in November (or my primary focus) so the potluck poem for today is jack-o-lantern inspired.


For the Potluck!

Reflections said...

I'm up now for the Halloween Potluck. But there must be a gliche in the system as the first was what I posted last week for Potluck Poetry, tho I did not link it to this one, but it is here.?.

Claudia said...

thanks jingle for your nice comments over at my blog...and happy halloween to you - hope you had a lovely evening

Artemis said...

Hi Jingle
You commented on my page a couple of weeks ago. I thought you and the gang might be interested in joining a baton haiku started on Pseu's page http://wp.me/pNldf-7c
She wrote the first haiku, I picked up the baton and wrote a second haiku linked to the first on my page, now we are hoping the baton will pass around wordpress.
Any takers?

isobelandcat said...

Would anyone like to join in a baton haiku?
It's all explained here:
http://wp.me/pNldf-7c on Pseu's page.
She wrote a haiku, I picked up the baton and wrote a follow on haiku on my page, now we are hoping others will join in, passing the baton on.

Jingle Poetry said...


I saw your first post for week 7, I know you did not link, I linked in for you so that poets read what you write...
Will not do next time.
Thanks for linking the Halloween post.
Hope that you have fun.

Peaceful Pandemonium said...

Glad to find such a wonderful poetry meme! I look forward to next week. Although...me and Mondays....

Theron Kennedy said...

lots of great poetry here. I will definitely check this out often.

Kumiko Mae said...

Thank you. because of your blog I now started a poetry page on my site.

Pls support and help me improve my art..

Here's a link to one of my poems:
Hi Jingle!



Jingle Poetry said...

Many thanks for checking us out,

please feel free to link in and share one of your poem with us,
NOT necessarily related to our theme.

Happy November,
Happy Belated Halloween....

JamieDedes said...

Hi, Amanda and Kavita and Everyone!

Just making a mini-round to let you all know that I've had a slew of emails with regard to National Novel Writing Month also known as NaNoWriMo and NaNo, which started on November 1. I've spent the night between cat naps responding and have posted a Q & A on line. If people would leave questions in the comments, we could all share info. It would be more efficient than emails. I appreciate the interest and wish all participants good luck. Here's the link to the Q & A post.

Also, because of this I am late getting around on Potluck and other visits. I hope to catch up later today and on Wednesday ... assuming I can stay awake. :-)

Thanks to all who facilitate Poetry Potluck and to all our poets for enriching our lives with their fine poetry.

Peace & Hugs,

Chris G. said...

Another great selection of poems--hope everyone had a great Halloween!

C. said...

Once again, thank you for this opportunity.. :)

Here's my link


I would like to join in Monday Potluck
as i'm presenting you my creation ...
please enroll me !!

azfree said...

Thank you for the warm welcome into this wonderful community!


The Reason You Come said...

I made it! :D I've posted the link to my entry. I'm happy to be part of this. Thank you!


Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks everyone for coming or linking.
you rock!
our place is not the same without your support.

Hope to see you next Monday.
Take good care.
Happy Wednesday!