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Friday, October 29, 2010

Poem of the Week

It’s Saturday’s Poem of the Week. And what a gorgeous potluck it was with the theme of Love and Romance being beautifully and passionately represented.

It’s always difficult (is it for you, too, Bill?) for me, Talon, to pick just one poem, but I inevitably find one poem sticks with me long after I’ve finished reading it and this week that poem was She of the Rainbow by Fyodor Lewis of the blog Bright Light – Dark Words. After reading it, I think you’ll know why it lingered with me...

She of the Rainbow

I dreamed of her in shades of grey
Mixed jet and pearl and slate and cream
Upon my canvass her to stay
My rainbow shade; my eye’s fair gleam

I dreamed of her in black and white
Mixed paint to stain false memory
And thought I painted all that’s bright
Not seeing my poor mimicry

I dreamed she was all framed but free
In lands not green and blue alive
Imprisoned there alone was she
In my dark head I thought she’d thrive

I dreamed in sunsets of her grace
In reds and yellows that did fade
And did not catch upon her face
That gift of glory there was laid

I dreamed in palettes overbright
But never finding the right tone
Violet, orange, pink weren’t right
They all became a monochrome

I painted dreams and nightmares too
To try and find her somewhere there
To mirror that one and only who
That did my bleary eyes ensnare

But when she walked across my way
And broke the image in my view
I saw that all my shades of grey
Were not the rainbow’s truest hues

She lived more vivid than my dream
And glittered far against my clouds
And all I brushed to me did seem
Deluding ashen shadowed shrouds

Reality is where I’ll go
To see and draw just what I know
I will not try to bring down low
The hues above in the rainbow

by Fyodor Lewis
Thank you so much, Fyodor, for sharing your poetry with Jingle's Poetry Potluck.
To read more of Fyodor's amazing work, please visit him at Bright Light - Dark Words.
Thank you, everyone, for sharing your poetry and I look forward to another great week of fantastic writing next week.
Happy Halloween!
Bill Cook


Anonymous said...

What a cracking poem!

Anonymous said...

What a poem. splendid. just adored it.

Jingle said...

She lived more vivid than my dream
And glittered far against my clouds
And all I brushed to me did seem
Deluding ashen shadowed shrouds


very vivid imaginations, it is indeed lingering when reading it once, twice....

fabulous choice, Talon.
Glad to see this piece in spotlight.

Victoria said...

A beautiful poem--glad you picked it, Talon, as I didn't have a chance to read as many as I would have liked this week. Congrats, Fydor.

Fyodor Lewis said...

Thanks a bunch for featuring my poem! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

KB said...

I can see why you picked this one.

signed...bkm said...

Lovely piece, love the meter and the flow...enjoyed reading every stanza....bkm

Anonymous said...

Good choice. Yes it is difficult! - bill

chamiechamz said...

lovely ^^,