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Friday, October 15, 2010

Poem of the Week

Welcome to Saturday’s Poem of the Week. Each week, Bill Cook of Poetry Matters and I (Talon) take turns highlighting one of the poems from Monday’s Potluck Poetry. I hope everyone enjoyed reading all the amazing poetry this week as much as I did.

This week I chose a poem by Julie Jordan Scott, “Growing, Leaving, Arriving”

Growing, Leaving, Arriving

felt you in my womb: a salty
cradle to more than my children
I know for you still rumble sometimes
I feel your spirit kicking from
inside my walls, messages
of cycles of healing of
growing of leaving of arriving

ancient travelers leave their
hats on the racks by the entry way
exchanging light for darkness
the leap from the cliffs above
into the home of the sea lions
cavorting below I welcome

the fog the sunset the light mist
the unseeing clarity that comes
and goes with the tides, in and out
and large and mottled against my skin
we greet each other once again

by Julie Jordan Scott


Thank you, Julie, for sharing your fine work with Poetry Potluck! Julie says on her blog that this poem was borne from the poetic prompt posted and what a beautiful birth it is. The use of language, the imagery, the cycles of life are so gorgeously portrayed. It’s the type of poem that transports me. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

To read more of Julie’s fine writing please visit her blog Poetry from Julie Jordan Scott.

Please join us for Monday’s Poetry Potluck by linking a poem and reading and enjoying all the great work. The McLinky will we be up on Sunday at 8 pm (CST) and will stay open until Wednesday 8 am (CST).  The theme for week 6 will be the seven sins. Hope that inspires you to write some fabulous poetry!


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading your poem! Lovely way of putting words together!

Jingles said...

Nice poetry i like jingles a lot in my free time and also soft and meaning full poetry also you words collection is so nice.

Anonymous said...

What a poetry. Wow! Thanks for sharing it.


annell said...

Nice poem. Thanks for the post.

Anonymous said...

amazing ! beautifully done.

Jingle said...

smart choice, Talon...
It is awesome to read Julie, she writes many fabulous or thought provoking stuff...it takes me some time to truly understand what she says, but her talent is worthy everyone's attention.

have a smiling day, Talon, and Julie Scott.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Thank you so much, Talon, for honoring me this way. I am grateful to know my poem moved you AND was selected from so many marvelous poems.

So many thanks, to everyone who commented as well. I appreciate it.

Julie Jordan Scott Poetry

Anonymous said...

This was one fine poem!
Great choice!