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Friday, October 22, 2010

Poem of the Week: Week 7

As is true every Monday, there were many good poems posted. “Longing to commit the sin” presents us with a different perspective that is paradoxical and refreshing. Wysteria begins: “Wonder why it is called a deadly sin? / I feel dead without it.” Embodied in the poem is a passion for life, and a challenge to embrace it. Read and enjoy. 

Longing to commit the sin

Wonder why it is called a deadly sin?

 I feel dead without it.

 Longing for those days

That I felt it every moment

The need and longing insatiable

And now, I would gladly commit the sin of lust

To spend eternity in hell

To feel alive, to feel the longing,

the intense heat of desire

The real sin, is living a life without it.


For more by Wysteria, check out:

Till next time, enjoy the reading and writing,
                Bill Cook (www.beginningpoetry.wordpress.com)
                Talon: (www.talonted.blogspot.com)     


David Waters said...

I found it amazing the first time I read it, even more so the second time around;)

TALON said...

Bill, what a fanastic choice!

Wysteria, this was such a great take on the theme. I loved it!

Anonymous said...

very powerfully coveyed thoughts.

brilliantly written.


sillyfrogsusan said...

A great choice indeed.
I enjoy the poems most that have a twist or moral "smack dab" at the end!

Jingle Poetry said...

beautiful poem,
glad that it is selected...

excellent jon, bill cook.
keep it up


JamieDedes said...

A lovely poem, Wysteria, and a fine choice, Bill. Thanks to both of you.

Punam said...

Lovely poem, Wysteria. Good choice.. perfect! 'Longing to commit the sin' Some sins are not that bad, right? Like.. indulging in a chocolate brownie? Mmmmm..