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Friday, October 8, 2010

Poem of the Week October 9, 2010

Again, choosing one from the many is not an easy task. But there is one poem that reads like a breath of fresh air. I find that the best poetry causes me to reenter my own experience and to notice and attend to things I would ordinarily miss. “An East Wind” by Talon does just that. It is as ordinary as “a plastic bag/cart wheeling down the street,” and as complex as the metaphor with which it ends. (A note from Bill Cook: it is my week to choose and post the poem of the week. Talon will be very surprised)

Read and enjoy the simple images, the ordinary things that are lifted up and placed before us in ways that enable us to experience them as poetry.

An east wind
ruffles the feathers
of silent birds
swaying on hydro lines
and sends a plastic bag
cart wheeling down the street
in a madcap game of tag
with a crumpled soda can

The fickle and fey east wind
makes cats crazy—
they skitter across the road
ears flat against skulls
tails like bottle brushes

An east wind
lifts the skirts of pine trees
shamelessly teasing
innocent flowers
who toss their heads

The fickle and fey east wind
bosses the clouds—
billowing giants
with grey frowns
swallow golden rays

An east wind
carries secrets
and whispered regrets
sprinkling them as randomly
as a dandelion scatters seeds

Till next time, enjoy the reading and writing,
Talon: (www.talonted.blogspot.com)                                                                 


Anonymous said...

Cracking poem choice, J.

Eric Alder said...

No surprise to me - Talon's got talent.

Anonymous said...

One beautiful selection...already a favorite of mine.
One that sweetens every time I revisit it!

Someone Is Special said...

Lovely choice..

--Someone Is Special--

Jingle said...

super brilliant choice,
Talon is a rose, her beauty is unbeatable!
love the elegance of her poetry, it is always a treat to read her,

Many thanks for the highlight of Talon, Bill Cook!
what a detective eye!

Anonymous said...

this poem brings a gust of east wind in the room.

beautifully written talon.

thanks jingle for this brilliant idea of sharing a perfect poem with all of us every week.


Anonymous said...

oh the previous comment was from me.


TALON said...

This was truly a surprise! Thank you so much, Bill! And thank you everyone for your lovely comments!

annell said...

Wonderful poem. Wonderful illustrations I've seen them. And you have captured them perfectly. I've always wondered about that east wind.

Kristen Haskell said...

Oh I love this poem! Such texture and imagery. It is truly lovely.

Victoria said...

I agree. This is such a good illustration of how sensory detail makes the story/poem come alive.

TALON said...

Thank you so much, Annell, Kristen and Victoria!