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Sunday, October 3, 2010

GET READY, GET SET: Warm-up for Monday Poetry Potluck...

A Funny Poem - The Funny Pair
The Ballad of Ebenezer and Florence
Eb & Flo

'The world's turned pale, hidden in snow,'
Said Eb, from the window, to his partner, Flo
'What we need is a holiday, somewhere warm.
What would you like, where shall we go?'
Flo scowls at Eb
To be fair, it's her turn!
'I'm sure I don't mind!'
She coils like a worm.
'You enjoyed the Bahamas
The sea and the sand
And dancing each night
To the steel band.'
'If that's what you want
I expect I'll survive
There were lots of young women
You know how to jive.'
'I was thinking of you
You could do with the light
But if you'd prefer
We can stay here and fight!'
'No, you're right,' Flo concurs
'I remember your joy
You went fishing for Marlin
You were like a young boy!'
'That's a very good point
I can see your idea
But there's far better fishing
Barely 10 miles from here.'
'We don't have to go there
That was just one suggestion.
Please, look at the atlas
Then make your selection.'
'Such a typical view
I've been stereotyped
I'm a man - so I'll fish.
What infinite tripe.'
'Look, here's the damned globe
Stick a pin in the thing
The extension's upstairs
You can give me a ring!'
'The world's turned pale, hidden in snow,'
Said Eb, on the phone, to his partner, Flo
'What we need is a holiday, somewhere warm.
What would you like, where shall we go?'
Copyright Peter Fairbrother

This week, we share a funny poem with you as part of our Sunday Fun!

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Jingle Poetry said...

Thanks a ton, Jamie Dedes...
you make me giggle!


Caribbean Fool said...

Thanks for the laughs on that poem, very much enjoyed reading, as always. See you at the poetry potluck!


River said...

I'm not sure where to comment with this request, but I am guessing here will be OK. I have moved my poetry to a new blog. I am wondering if the new blog can be placed on the blog roll for when I have new posts. My old blog, Adventures in Poesy, is on the blog roll and I will post pieces here and there on that site. My new blog is at http://riversruminations.blogspot.com/ Miigwech~ Thank you :)

Jingle Poetry said...

River, yes, we will make changes for you within a few days.

Amanda said...

This was so much fun Jamie, thanks for posting this!! Hugs x

Kavita said...

This was a super sweet poem, J.. and perfect warm up for potluck!! Thank you so muchhhh, Jamie!!! :)
Now, one doesn't a vacation to beat the cold... Potluck's RIGHT HERE.. the best and most "convenient" vacation spot ever!!!! heheh
Many hugs to you, my dear friend...

JamieDedes said...

I just posted. Credit goes to Jingle! :-)

Anonymous said...

This is priceless fun!