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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wednesday's Meet The Poet

Ah! Yes, we meet again on this fine Wednesday at Jingle Poetry. Welcome to Meet the Poet. This marks the third week that Lovely Annie and Tracy Harris have interviewed stunning individuals of the poetic elite. This week’s interview is a bit different. I, Lovely Annie, have had the pleasure of interviewing Laura Lynn of Laura Lynn Poetry. Laura Lynn has not been to any rallies, one-stop, or potlucks…yet. So I offer for your reading pleasure Laura Lynn’s Jingle Poetry community debut!

Meet The Poet: Laura Lynn Poetry

Annie: Will you tell us about yourself?

Laura: My name is Laura. I live in spectacular Louisville, KY! My life is pretty regular. I work a basic job during the day in health care and write at night. I don't have an exact pattern to my life. I can be a little random and spontaneous.

Annie: What is it about poetry that makes you want to write?

Laura: Poetry is my way of expression. I have always expressed myself through writing and poetry doesn't limit me. I can write everything that rolls around in my head. It is amazing!

Annie: Can you remember writing your first poem?

Laura: I remember the first poem I wrote when I decided to be a writer. I was 10 or 11. It was called "Never Let your Dreams Die". I typed it and I still have the copy!

Annie: I would love to read that poem someday! Do you have a particular style of poetry you prefer?

Laura: Free verse is my favorite. I don't like having limits.

Annie: No limits! That’s fantastic. Are there any styles of poetry you find difficult or annoying, and why?

Laura: Not really. I haven't really tried any particular style since high school. I mainly stick to free verse.

Annie: Do you write more than poetry?

Laura: Yes, I do. Poetry has been my main focus of late but I have a few stories and half novels I worked on in the past.

Annie: Do you have a favorite poem? One written by you, of course!

Laura: That is a hard question. But to choose just one I have to say "Tiger, Tiger". I first wrote that poem when I was 12 and my perfectionist side couldn't let it go. I continued to tinker with it and finally called it a poem at 14. That poem speaks a lot. It will always hold a special place in my heart.

Now Presenting:

Tiger, tiger

by LauraLynnpoetry

Tiger, tiger of the land

Tiger, tiger makes me quiver in the sand.

Tiger, tiger of the night

Tiger, tiger in the moonlight you shine so bright.

Tiger, tiger of the moon

Tiger, tiger come back soon.

Tiger, tiger you are my strength

Tiger, tiger for me you always went that extra length.

Tiger, tiger you are mine

Tiger, tiger only to me are you very kind.

Tiger, tiger don't run so slow,

Tiger, tiger I love you so.

Tiger, tiger I'm just a lad

Tiger, tiger I am so sad.

Tiger, tiger why does this tear come to eye

Tiger, tiger knows not why.

Tiger, tiger in my heart there will always be a sore

Tiger, tiger runs no more.

Annie: Thank you for sharing that with us. May I share a link to a poem on your blog?

Laura: Go ahead!

Annie: This link is to the first poem I read by Laura. I was caught on the thorns of this poetic rose!


Annie: Do you have a favorite poet, poem, or both?

Laura: I have many. Poetry was my greatest pleasure growing up. It is so hard to say. Poetry is my passion!

“Birches” by Robert Frost

“Lady of Shalott” by Alfred Lord Tenneyson

I love Edgar Allan Poe. Especially the beginning of his poem “Stanzas”.

How often we forget all time, when lone

Admiring Nature's universal throne;

Her woods- her wilds- her mountains- the intense

Reply of HERS to OUR intelligence!

I used to write this part of the poem everywhere! On my walls, notebooks…I have all of Poe’s poetry.

Annie: I used to write poetry and lyrics on my walls as well! Some poets have certain places that they write. Do you have a place that inspires you?

Laura: I don't have one. I can get inspired anywhere and not one certain place or thing can trigger a writing streak. I have moments at work. Shhhh….Don’t Tell.

Annie: I won’t! A little off the subject…What is your favorite type of music?

Laura: I am not particular to one style. It all depends on my mood. Some days I will stick to one style and other days I will jump from rock to country to classical. I love music and listen to all different types.

Annie: Favorite book?

Laura: Emily of New Moon by Lucy M Montgomery. It was my favorite as a child and I can still get lost in it.

Annie: I have never heard of it. I will check it out! Can you share a quote that serves as an inspiration to you, your life, your poetry?

Laura: I have many! This one is by William Blake.

I must create a system or be enslaved by another man’s;

I will not reason and compare: my business is to create.

Annie: That fits well with your “No limits” policy! I dig it…Any other creative passions?

Laura: Photography is my other main passion. I'm also dabbling a little in design but I do not have any drawing skills. I like looking at anything to find some way of altering it. I want to get back into painting but I really do not have any talent with it. I love being creative and I am always finding ways to do it even when it comes to cooking.

Annie: Creativity abounds in your world! That makes me happy. Ok, Important question: If you could have dinner with any famous dead person who would it be, and where would you dine?

Laura: Edgar Allen Poe and James Dean. Yes, I know I picked two. It would be nice to dine somewhere outside at a lovely little bistro or something of that nature.

Annie: I’m glad you picked two! What a wonderful duo. I can hardly imagine what that would be like. Now, for a tough question.

Imagine you are making a mix tape (yep tape) what is your A side play list?

Laura: Holy Jupiter! I will have to get back with you on that one.

Annie: I am going to hold you to that promise. Later this week I will post your Side A play list as an update! It is imperative that we know what you would name a band if you were in one. Can you give me the name, first album title, and the first single?


Band: Drops of Rain (first thing that popped in my head)

Album: Drops of Rain

First Single: Steady as I go

Annie: Steady as I Go. I love it! Before I let you go I just want to mention that you are an avid “tweeter” and have a poetry blog on Blogger. You mentioned to me that what you want the most is more feedback on your poems.

Laura: Yes. I am such a perfectionist! Sometimes I have to make myself post a poem so I will stop trying to make it “perfect”. Twitter friends will tell me they visited my blog, but they never leave comments!

Annie: Well, welcome to Jingle Poetry Laura! Our Monday Potluck is all about reading, honoring, and sharing our individual poetic gift! You mentioned your computer is on the fritz, but I, we, cordially invite you to share some poetry.

I know I will visit your blog, and feel certain members of this lovely community will welcome you by stopping in.

Check Laura out at:


Before we sign off I would like to see what the stars have in store for you this week!

Aries Horoscope for week of September 30, 2010

Nine-year-old Fatima Santos told the San Francisco Chronicle her opinions about the movie Toy Story: "If I had to make a movie like this, I would make it funnier. I would make Mr. Potato Head look funnier that he already does. I would put his hair on his legs, his shoes on his head, and his arms on his face. His eyeballs would be on the place where his arms are." In the coming week, Aries, I advise you to engage in Fatima's enlightened style of cockeyed thinking. According to my analysis of the astrological omens, you have the power and the mandate to improve pretty much every scenario you're in by making it less predictable, more rambunctious, and just plain funnier.

Thank you so much for allowing me the honor of interviewing you! I also want to let you know that i am so excited that we were able to meet face to face! Connecting with an amazing poet who just happens to live ten minutes from my place is a wonderful surprise!

I look forward to connecting with you on Twitter, your blog, and face to face soon! Brendan's for appetizers and wine!!

On behalf of the Jingle Poetry community: Welcome, Laura! We all look forward to sharing our poetry and our feedback with you.

Laura, you are lovely! Have a phenomenal day today! I mean, You ARE famous now!

 Be sure to stop by for another dazzling interview at Wednesday's Meet the Poet next week. The interview will be hosted by the dynamic and charming Tracy Harris!

Until Next Time...


Anonymous said...

Howdy, Laura :) It's a pleasure to get to know you here in our little meeting spot. Annie told me she had someone brand new to introduce, and she has made an excellent choice. Welcome to the fray ;)

Great interview, Annie, you're setting the bar high...well done!
(seriously though...mix tape?) :) lol

Olivia said...

Good to know about you Laura.. It's such a fab conversation captured by Annie..
It's surprising to note that most of us (if not all) are just the person next door and writing such beautiful poetries.. Wonderful..
You are so welcome Dear- we all look forward to reading each other more often.
Wishing you a wonderful Day..

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Laura, love your Tiger poem...
glad to learn things about you via lovely Annie...

Hope that you find time exploring our community and join us when you are ready..

beautiful job, Annie.
fresh poet is always welcome here.

from Jingle

RiikaInfinityy said...

I am on a tiger roll right now tiger tiger tiger~ wonderful XD Glad to have know more about you, Laura :P~
and also having you in our community!
Cheers and have fun :P Lovely band name once again, I am so fascinated with names nowadays :3

Uma Anandane said...

I have known more about you laura..your passion for your poem,your tiger tiger poem and I also left a comment on your blog.
Welcome to jingle poetry!

Lovely Annie said...

Laura! You are a lovely poet who is a sensational SMASH! in this community.I hope you enjoyed the interview as much as I did. As Jingle mentioned, please do join and share poetry when you are ready...or your brother's fix your computer ; P

Thank you everyone for all the kind words and support! i love it here!

Anonymous said...

Nice to meet you Laura!
So much of what you said touches me( Birches by Frost)...a big favorite.
These interviews are so well done folks. I'm considering making Wednesday my favorite day!

Bubba said...

Is it question time now?

Laura, why do folks down there pronounce Louisville 'Loo-ville'?

Any fan of Frost and Poe is okay in my book!

Thanks for introducing us all to Laura, Jingle!

TALON said...

Lovely to meet you, Laura! And thank you, Annie, for a wonderful interview.

I loved your Tiger, Tiger poem - it was lovely and so sad!

L.M. Montgomery is one of my favorite authors. And Emily is a wonderful character.

Rajlakshmi said...

Glad to know about you Laura :D

Laura Lynn said...

Thanks for the warm welcome and wonderful words everyone!

Someone is Special said...

Laura.. I love your poem and also your response.. Lovely Interview Annie..

And Laura, Robert Frost.. I am happy to find people of my taste..

Thanks Jingle Poetry...

--Someone Is Special--

Kavita said...

It was a pleasure getting to you a bit better, Laura... thank you!!! I soo loved "Drops of Rain"... ultra sweet!

And LovelyAnnie, you and Tracy are totally mastering this art of interviewing! AWESOME!!!!

Cheers, all.. and happy weekend!

JamieDedes said...

So very nice to meet you, Laura, and to ger ro know you hear. Look forward to more from you at your site.

And LovelyAnn, what a wonderful job you've done the the interview. Good questions ... Thanks for your hard work ... :-)