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Sunday, September 26, 2010

SUNDAY RALLY DISPATCH, September 26, 2010

Sunday Rally Dispatch is a collection of news updates of interest to our poet-blogger community members. I've collected announcements from diverse sources in order to attempt a reflection of the geographic and cultural diversity of our community. 

Self-publishing poets may want to learn how to format their manuscripts for ebooks: After increasing by “only” 118% in June, e-book sales jumped 150.2%, to $40.8 million, at the 14 publishers that report e-book sales in July. Sales for the first seven months of the year were up 191%, to $219.5 million. The $40.8 million in e-book sales generated in July came within $20 million of the July sales generated by the nine mass market paperback publishers that reported results to the Association of American Publishers. The e-book gains also came in a month where all print trade segments reported a decline in sales.

In the audio market, sales of traditional audiobooks (mostly CDs) fell 35.6%, to $8.7 million, in July at the 21 reporting companies, while sales of downloadable audio rose 38.4%, to $6.6 million, from the seven companies that reported figures. SOURCE: Publishers’ Weekly,September 22, 2010.

Poetry Daily for iPhone and iPod Touch has been released!
Read the daily poem, save favorites, check news links, and more, even when you're on the go. Visit the iTunes Store to download the app, and let us know what you think! SOURCE: Poetry Daily. (Note: this may not be universally available.)

Featuring Billy Collins, Rita Dove, Daniel Hoffman, Maxine Kumin, Kay Ryan, Charles Simic, and Mark Strand.
Reception and book-signing will follow.
7 p.m., Coolidge Auditorium, 10 First Street, SE, Washington, DC 20540.
Tickets are sold out, but a limited number may be available on a stand-by basis the evening of the event. For information please call 202-707-5394. SOURCE: U.S. Library of Congress.

August 19, 2010 Edwin Morgan, the first Scottish National Poet , died on this day of pneumonia at age ninety.  He taught English at Glascow University and become full professor  in 1975 and retired in 1980. He was Glascow’s first Poet Laureate. He also won the Queen’s Gold Medal for Poetry and the Weidenfeld Prize for Translation. author, playwright and translator and more can be found about him and his poetry on his official website.

One Cigarette

By Edwin Morgan

No smoke without you, my fire.
After you left,
your cigarette glowed on in my ashtray
and sent up a long thread of such quiet grey
I smiled to wonder who would believe its signal
of so much love. One cigarette
in the non-smoker's tray.
As the last spire
trembles up, a sudden draught
blows it winding into my face.
Is it smell, is it taste?
You are here again, and I am drunk on your tobacco lips.
Out with the light.
Let the smoke lie back in the dark.
Till I hear the very ash
sigh down among the flowers of brass
I'll breathe, and long past midnight, your last kiss.


Jingle said...

Excellent job...
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Olivia said...

Wow Jamie- what piece of Information.. That's too informative. I am only at the 1st stepper so just watching from a distance..
You are one very knowledgeable gurl..
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JamieDedes said...

Jingle, you are Johnny-on-the-spot! As soon as I saw "1 comment," I knew it was you.

Thank you!

Happy Sunday!

signed...bkm said...

I loved it too...love that poem...thank you for sharing...bkm

Amanda said...

The information created here is always a highlight and I am very happy to read about the Poetry Daily for iPod Touch...how wonderful...now just have to work out if it in fact is available in Australia yet!! Very informative Jamie, well done my friend!! Hugs xx

Someone is Special said...

Excellent Job Jamie.. Lots of infos...

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