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Monday, September 20, 2010

Review Tuesdays - It's all in my mind

Three Hundred and Thirty Seven days of blogging career helped me to improve my poetic skills and learn different forms of poems by reading my fellow poets who I consider as special. I can feel a giant leap from where I was, the day I wrote my first verse for someone special in my life. It has been a sweet journey, I had travelled the “Few Milesto overcome several hurdles and am happy to stand here. And here comes my first official review of a blog that says “It's all in my mind” and yes, it whirls in her mind - Olivia's In- Mind Whirls

About The Author:

Olivia a strong-willed woman, optimist and passionate about life. She loves to own that entire woman would envy and everything else that a man would want to possess. She says that her blog is the place where her heart speaks and minds express her thoughts through words to reach out all. Born on August 11th, a sweet person, Human” as Religion (Lovely Olivia) lives in Gurgaon, Haryana, India. If you wanna know more about her, read her thoughts as she is writing about her, of things that she saw and that affected her.

She owns three blogs, Olivia's In- Mind Whirls (where she pens down her dreams, verses and her beautiful sketches), Olivia's Life Instances (where she writes about her life instances), Olivia writes here (where she writes about her observation on our current societal trends).

You can catch her in FB, Facebook or in Twitter. You can also write to her freakoutwitholivia@gmail.com

About The Blog:

In her blog not only the words whirls but also the design, a cute template with an introduction to her verses, dreams and sketches. She welcomes her reader with a simple yet cute image and followed by a Reader’s Guide. As per the site archives she pens down right from March 2010. She has a very good widgets collection and an image to prosper it. The blog totally looks cool with lots of attractive glittering images, outstanding poems and fictions. Anyone can share her posts through Social Networking Websites like Facebook, Twitter etc., or even you can vote or like her post.

About her Poetry:

She is blessed by God with poetry and her works are the result of sheer brilliance, a flawless creativity, and simplistic yet deep thoughts behind it. Her passion towards words makes it more beautiful and meaningful. The emotional quality in her poems is unimaginable and the images make it to prosper more. She rhymes in all her creations and it conveys a strong message to the readers. Stepping Stone, Frozen Fire, I am Fire, I am the Wind are few of her works that no one should miss to read them. Actually, you should read all her works, let it be verses or dreams or fictions or sketches, they are special in their own way. Once you start reading her works, you will get inspired by them. If you are a newbie here, then read her works to improve your poetic skills.

About Me:

Friends, this is Someone Is Special, the author of Few Milesthe other half of the team hosting Tuesday Reviews here. Hope you enjoyed reading the review and of course about Olivia. Do visit her right now and enjoy her sweet verses, dreams and sketches. Enjoy the fun! Jingle Poetry Rocks!


Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

great job, someone is special...
love Olivia's work very much!

Anonymous said...

Olivia is unique and talented writings have opened a door to more views for me. Great pick great blog..great writings..

Anonymous said...

Gosh- I just notice you guy have posted me this Week.. I am so blessed to be a part of this community..
Some One Special: You have made me feel so special today.. Thank you for all the nice words you have pressed for me..
Jingle: Don't forget you picked me up and connected here.. Credit goes to you too..
Woih: I am touched. hankyou so much :)

RiikaInfinityy said...

Wow! Congratulation my friend, you are great!=D~ Both of you did a wonderful job <3 it so much! Thank for being a part of the community and share the fun around us =P

Someone is Special said...

@ Jingle
Ji, thank you so much, with your blessings i love to write more and explore more. Proud and Happy to be a part of this community.

@ woih
Thank you so much.

@ Olivia
Thank you so much, I am happy to review a wonderful blog.

@ Riika
Thank you so much for your support. Happy to be part of this community.

@ community members

I will be happy if more people read Tuesday reviews and do know about the poet. I didn't see that happen in the last week. Do support Tuesday reviews and other events that happen in Jingle Poetry.

Enjoy the Fun!

Happy Tuesday!

--Someone Is Special--

JamieDedes said...

Someone Is Special: Kudos to you for a fine selection and fine analysis. Nice job! Thank you...

And as far as our dear, dear Olivia; a willow wisp of spirit (amazing strength in one whose expression is often delicate), always a delight to read her amethyst blog ... lively and colorful and not without humor, sometimes sad, generally thoughtful, introspective. I enjoy her sketches a lot, full of fun fancy ... Charming ... Keep whirling, dear poet-friend.

Anonymous said...

** Pardon my Typo ** I am beyond myself.. :D
Jamie- Thanks a very big bunch Dear.. I am learning from all of you.. I have just initiated Blogging a "newbie"- technically..
For some real sarcasm and humor- check this out. I guarantee enough laughter, so better be light on food before reading those..

You are bound to roll and tumble-- (psst- all non- fiction)


TALON said...

Great review, Someone is Special! Neat to learn more about Olivia! Thank you!

Caty said...

Great review, Someone is special! I have just read some of Olivia's work; it's beautiful.

Rajlakshmi said...

wonderfully reviewed

Kavita said...

Woww...this was a fantastic review, Someone!! Thank you so much for sharing the work of a lovely poet/writer/artist/human being - Olivia!
It really is a pleasure to learn more about her and her work!
You really have done a super fine job with this one!!

Olivia.. babes, you rock!!! :)

Amanda said...

You did an amazing job "Someone is Special", so very interesting from start to end!!! Thanks so very much!!
I am happy to have come across Olivia's blog not so long ago, she is such an unique individual with amazing writing potential,creative in every way and such a joy! Always smiling (altough sometimes sad in her writings) but shows her loving soul in such a true way! Congrats Olivia, it is a pleasure to read more about you oxoxoxox We love you xx

Anonymous said...

Wowie.. I am so delighted..!!
Talon: Thank you so much for your words here..
Caty: I am touched. Thankyou again :)
Rajlakshmi: Thankieess :D
Kavita: I am floating in the air now- hold me down.. LOLss.. Thankyou so much Darling.. You too rock sweets
Amanda: Like you always make me smile- Appreciation coming from a wonderful person, I am floored. Thank you..

Actually my poem Blog happens to be my mind before I started writing my biography. Often the associated posts are also referred to as- They are sad indeed.. :(

I guess, I am a paradox- In person- I'm the funniest clown you'll ever interact with- I'm good with PJs too!! OMG I am so self obsessed, I am singing my songs praising myself still..
My heartfelt THANKS to Someone Special for making me so special. I wouldn't have wanted it any other way..
LOVE you all loads

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

way to go, Olivia!

Olivia said...

Jingle, I am just so honored. It was definitely inspiring and wonderful to say the least- take some credit for yourself too..
You make my Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Thursday go so special.. The rest of the days brighten up automatically because of spillover..
I wouldn't have made it till here w/o you and My Blog Friends- Amanda, Jamie, Riika, Kavita, Lisa, Annie and everyone else who take out time to read me and leave a comment for me to read with a grin pasted on my face like a Fool.. :D
I am meeting new poets and making great friends here- I am partying full on... Lovies for all.. xoxox

Someone is Special said...

@ Jamie

Glad to know that I received Kudoes from Jamie.. Thank you so much..


Thank you so much TALON...

@ Rajalakshmi

Thank you so much..

@ Kavita

Thank you so much for your lovely words..

@ Amanda
Thank you so so much for those words.. Happy to hear...

@ Jingle

Thanks for the opportunity..

--Someone Is Special--

Kodjo Deynoo said...

Just here to show my love, someone tell me how this site works

Anonymous said...

hello there thanks for your grat post, as usual ((o:

Anonymous said...

А! Ini benar-benar menarik. Aku suka membacanya

Louise said...

Just added myself as twitter follower. Great if you want to link up with me @120Socks. If you have twitter link ups for the others on Jingle Poetry, I can catch up with them as well.