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Monday, September 13, 2010

Review Tuesdays - How I Read

From being in blogger four years, I’ve realized, poets are all around the world. Even simple rhyme is done by a lot of people, and reading each other is one way that I, or anyone for that matter, can improve their poetic skills.

“Poetry is a subtle art”, so says my comment space on Blogger. And today, I do my first official review of a blog that practices that subtle art very well. Friends, the Blog of the Week review inaugural post, is for a blog, the title of which in itself is catchy.

“How I Write Is Mine, How You Read Is Yours” is written by Kavita, a blogger from India settled in the United States. The site, as per blog archives, has been active since January 2006. The design of the blog is simple yet attractive with large fonts for both header and post title giving it a professional touch. Menus at the top as well as search buttons/tags in sidebar offer an easy navigation facility to a reader. The author herself says the blog is an attempt to catch her thoughts before they leave her mind, and I’ve to agree that she’s catching them very well. Sharing her posts through social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter or StumbleUpon is also enabled, as well as subscriptions via E-mail.

Kavita’s poetry can be best described to me as simplistic, yet deep. She has a lot of talent to dig deep and bring philosophic thoughts through verse and also to bring simple poetry just as they’re meant to be told. As her posts Darkest Light and Painted Plain shows, she also has an eye for art, her photography quite amazing. I feel sometimes her poems do not need a specific image alongwith, since the image is formed once the reader goes in flow with the poem. A hint of rhyme and the verse becomes etched in the mind.

Perhaps her undying passion for words is also assisted by inspiration she obtains from the various meme blogs that she writes for. I’ve not come across many forms in her blog, but her free verse poems aren’t repetitive. I feel once you start reading her poems, even if you aren’t inspired to write poetry, you’ll at the least, continue to read her just for the pleasure and serenity it brings to thought. One of her readers has suggested she go into children’s poetry, and I feel that it’d be a good idea considering her vocabulary is at times easy to understand.

I was going to suggest a template that gives tags at the bottom, keeping in mind she likes to be a bit mysterious in her posts, but Wordpress templates are limited in number, so her current template gets the nod for now!

I’m Leo or Leonnyes (http://leonnyes.wordpress.com) as you’d prefer, one half of the team hosting Tuesday Reviews here. Hope you enjoy reading the reviews, and of course, the poet too. Have fun at Jingle Poetry folks!


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

what a sweet surprise..
thanks for featuring Kavita, she is well deserved.
beautiful writing!

Vinay Leo R. said...

yep.. :) I hope I did the review justice :D

Bubba said...

How nice! Kavita is certainly a Blogger people should discover, as we have already.

(And so are you, Jingle!)

Anonymous said...

Leo, thank you so much for thinking of my blog for the first review here! I am truly honored!

And to all my readers that have been reading my work thus far, THANK YOU for all your appreciation and support!

A special thanks to Jingle for bringing me to the fore by letting me participate in the Thursday Poets Rally! :)

Together, we shall all rock!!! :)

I am a butterfly
And you are my flower
Your nectar makes me high
And gives me my power

Thank you all!!! LOVE YA!!

Best Wishes...
~Kavita (a poem)

Jingle said...

Leo, Eric, and Kavita, u All rock!
Many thanks for the encouraging words...
Happy Monday!

signed...bkm said...

Great write-up Leo on Kavita's blog....love reading about the poets....it always feeds the art with fresh information and talent....blessings..bkm

Amanda said...

A truly talented poet and a very special friend. You have done a wonderful write-up Leo, enjoyed it so much!! Kavita is one of the most creative writers I have come across and very proud to call her friend. ~ Hugs xx

Anonymous said...

So happy to see Kavita shown here. Not only an amazing poet, but I see her all over the place giving encouragement and kindness. Writings..unique and cutting.

Anonymous said...

And, well done Leo. Good review

Anonymous said...

@Woih: heheh..thanks a ton!! :))

@Amanda: Ditto to you tooo...mwah!!

@bkm: Reading up poets is so interesting! Infact, I loved reading about me too! It's all about perspective ..isn't it?! I am already looking to the next reviewed poet!

@Leo: Thanks again! If I say 'good job' here, it has nothing to do with my blog.. but that credit goes ONLY to you! :)

@Ji: What can I say baby? You are my star!! Thank you!!! :)

RiikaInfinityy said...

Wow with much love my friend<3 You deserved it!^^~ Great Review :P

Bing Yap said...

kavita's poems are indeed insightful. happy to see her featured here. it is much deserved. great job, leo! =)

TALON said...

Wonderful review, Leo, and congratulations, Kavita, on the terrific review. Very well deserved!

Anonymous said...

@Riika, Bing and Talon: Thank you so much for your wishes, and your kind words for my work... It's most appreciated!

Someone is Special said...

Lovely Review Leo...

Kavita, you are a fantastic poet and here it goes.. Great...

--Someone Is Special--

Anonymous said...

Kavita is such a wonderful talent.. she deserves the best!

Good job Leo!

Caty said...

I agree, Kavita has great talent and a well deserved recognition :)

Anonymous said...

@SomeoneIsSpecial: Gee...thank you so much... I'm totally flattered!

@Noha: Thank you sweetie... all thanks to Leo!!

@Caty: Woohoo!! Thanks Caty... I am flying on cloud 9!! Need to get down real soon.. :)

Anonymous said...

Great review Leo ! Here is what attracts me to Kavita's blog - simplicity of words , deep running ideas, layered thoughts and yet a stunning visual if you imagine the lines in your head !!!! total stunning work :)

JamieDedes said...

Leo, congratulations on your choice of blog/blogger to review. Kavita is gifted and one of the finest poets in our group. She certainly has a talent for clarity and makes important points without any posturing. I dearly love her blog. I love her surprises and her sense of humor too. She is a delight and her blog is wonderful for its visual as well as poetic appeal. I agree with you on all points, Leo, and think you've done a spectacular job here ... Thank you so very much much. Look forward eagerly to your next review.

Vinay Leo R. said...


thanks very much for appreciating my review of Kavi's blog :) glad u all liked it... and my next review is on 28th Sept!

for this week, the review is going to be done by "Someone is Special".