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Sunday, September 19, 2010

POETRY POTLUCK - Bedazzled!!!

It's Monday - and it's POTLUCK time again!!!!

Hello and WELCOME back to Poetry Potluck!!! 

We (Amanda and Kavita) are delighted to be your hosts. That's right... this is the 2nd week of this exciting venture, and you are all invited!! Bring all your goodies, share them here, and let's all relish it together.

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using McLinky below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!! Once you are done with this, visit other participants, read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!! This week the theme we've chosen is NIGHT, MOON & STARS, let your imagination run wild and join in the fun!!

Remember: Every week, MckLinky will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CST), and will stay open till Tuesday, 8pm (CST). So you will have 48 hours to share up to 3 poems with us...WONDERFUL!!

So, we are done with the instructions, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Please watch the VIDEO we have created and let those creative spirits flow!!! Thanks for joining, and have fun!!!

(Image courtesy: desktopnex)

Look outside your open window
Bask in this warm silver glow
Watch a moon slowly rise
Believe it's your dearest prize
Soak in the drizzle of stars
Erase away all your scars
Give Luna your coyest smile
Cast away all thoughts vile
May the stars twinkle and shine
And reflect in your eyes divine
Let your ink assume a hue
Like this deep midnight blue
Come... enjoy this lovely night
Allow your dreams to take flight


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

love the image on top,
you guys are right on time...

signed...bkm said...

lovely...but do not think the link is working...I tried it unless I am missing something....bkm

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

I could not find the blue link bottom, please help, Kavita, Amanda, or Rikka...

RiikaInfinityy said...

It open at 8pm right now lolXD

Anonymous said...

Glad to be here ladies... :)

Amanda said...

Will get onto it straight away, sorry guys xx

RiikaInfinityy said...

Sun -
How will the Sun die :O?

Mirror -
Shattering in Pain

Rabbits Vs. Pandas -
No mercy even if you are cute :3

RiikaInfinityy said...

The link is working already, don't worry my friends :3 It opened exactly at 8pm Central Time that's why =3

Amanda said...

Riika, could you have a look, McLinky is not working :( Thanks xx

signed...bkm said...

got it....it is 8pm central....will remember that....bkm

Amanda said...

Phewwww.thanks so much xxx Bless your soul!!

RiikaInfinityy said...

If you guys wanna push it forward please tell me XD, I will adjust it if I have to =)

Anonymous said...

- kristina time (for a godmother)
- Spread
- State of America

My three entries. So glad o be part of it! Wow it's late here in the UK. Timezones... looking forward to reading other ppl's poems tomorrow and Tues

Warmest Salad


Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

my fault...
I thought it is open 1 minute earlier...

perfect job,
love the theme, light, moon, and stars...

RiikaInfinityy said...

It is automatically open at the time set, so it will be definitely start and end at the exactly timing :D

Amanda said...

Phewww, had a bit of a panic for a minute but happy to see it's up and running...welcome everyone, we are so excited to be here and invite all of you to participate, it is such a wonderful opportunity to have your creativity read by fellow poets.

@ bkm....thanks so much for linking, your support means a lot!

@ Riika....thanks so very much Riika..you are a pillar!

@ Jingle...you rock as always and thanks for your support always.

@ Tracy....you never ever fail to support us...thank you.

@ Luke...sooooo happy to see you here Luke...sweet dreams xx

Amanda, Kavita and Jingle

Amanda said...

@ Lisa....wow...very happy to see you here my darling friend..thanks for your support!!

@ Em...and a first Haiku for this event too!!!! Wow...thanks Em...lovely to have you here Mwah x

Anonymous said...

All you guys are just amazing!!!
Riika is AWESOME!! She set mcLinky perfectly!
McLinky worked perfectly..
BKM timed the post perfectly!!
Amanda - got panic stricken too.. "perfectly" .. heheh ... LOVE YOU LOADS girl!!

bkm, Luke, Jingle, Lisa - THANK YOU for participating....YIPPEEEE!!!

Anonymous said...

A poem about bedazzlement, and spring, for Amanda & Kavita, who are entering theirs.

Anonymous said...

Oooohh... thank you Marilynn... so thoughtful of you!!
That was absolutely beautiful!! Spring for Amanda, bedazzlement for me (it's night here and LOVELY)
We LOVE YA, Marilynn!

Anonymous said...

I have no idea if the link thing worked - I have technology issues - however, even if it did not, I saw some cool images put to a darn good tune. Cheers, folks!
If the submission did work, I put three in:
1. Shooting Star
2. Thoughts of a pressured virgin under his lover's window on the night of the first time
3. reparation

Anonymous said...

http://shoelessboywonder.wordpress.com/2010/02/27/mother-where-have-you-gone/ is this what i am suppose to do? hey jingle thanks for stopping by and hope all is well with ya

Anonymous said...

aaah stoked to be a part of this =]if you wanna look at a specific entry http://luisydomonique.wordpress.com/2010/08/23/cessation/ is a personal favorite I remember reading dickens when I wrote it.

Also be sure to check out the Archives links they're spread is such a way so you can see who wrote what =]

JamieDedes said...

Thank you, Ladies! Beautifully done ... Appreciate the thought and hard work. Will link in with tomorrow's post. :-)

Amanda said...

@ Marilynn....thanks so much, love the Spring....hugsx

@ abthomas...thanks for linking, they all show up now.

@ Shoeless...just click on the blue button and type in your detail..I tried but dont have your detail :)

@ Luis....wonderful to have you linked :)

@ Jamie....VERY happy to see you in Jamie...so appreciate your support xx

Kavita and Amanda xx

TALON said...

Looking forward to a fabulous potluck!

Kavita said...

@Talon: Thank you for participating, Talon... We LOVE it!! :)

Anonymous said...

I love the theme...plan to add one more. Let's see what dreams unfold tonight!

Kavita said...

@lovelannie: Ooohh.. I am so glad you liked our theme this week!! HURRRAAAYYYY!! And please do submit more... that would be AWESOME!! Thank you so much...

Kavita said...

@lovelyannie79 : sorry about the typo in my previous comment.. I was way too excited!!! :))

Someone is Special said...

Hi All,

Good Day!

This is a poem written for my best frend on her birthday. I wish everyone to read it..

Happy Birthday Devil


Since I am viewing this page from my office, I am not able to see the Link, So someone please help me in updating the link. Give me two weeks of time i will sort out this issue..

Between Amanda and Kavita, wonderful job.. Let make this week a grand success too..

Thank you..

--Someone Is Special--

Amanda said...

@ Someone is Special...such a wonderful comment!! Thanks so much and your link is visible!! It's going to be a great week and so happy you're part of it!!! Hugs xx

JamieDedes said...

Linked this in on my site here:

brokenpenwriter said...

what a lovely poem invitation to join the magic of the night! I laughed when I saw the images you chose for today's potluck - I chose a photo this morning to write to, and I swear I didn't know what your images were going to be. What do they say about great minds? :)

Julie Jordan Scott said...

I posted an oldie and a goodie. I am hoping when I go to sleep and then wake up, I will give birth to some brilliant poetry! LOL

Anonymous said...

Amanda, Kavita, Riika: You are doing a lovely job. I am so loving the buzz around :).. I have posted my Link too..

Just noticed that my Link at the right side with you guys under the Officials link has not updated any activity.. I have posted a few more articles.. :( almost 20 of those since Vendetta. Please help.


Amanda said...

@ Jamie..You Rock Jamie, thanks for doing that and so wonderful to have you here, your support means so much. Thanks for linking x

@ Cindy...My exact words earlier to Kavita when we spoke on gmail, wonderful to have you here, we are sooo excited about this, an honor to have such talent all under one roof!!

@ Julie....LOL...your comment made me laugh, thanks for linking and I hope the birth ia painfree one!!! x

@ Olivia...Plse send an email to Riika, (if you don't have her email, just email me and I'll send it to you) she is our technical advisor and will be able to help you sort this. Thanks for linking in :) Happy reading my friend xx

Also note that there's quite a time difference between Australia and America (about 14 hours)when you are awake, I'll be sleeping :) :) :) We WILL comment on all of your poems, even if it's a day or two late. We really appreciate all of your support to make this a happy place to meet fellow poets. Have a great day everyone and happy reading :) xxx

Anonymous said...

tq ji for informing me- here's my posting for your pot.. http://fiveloaf.wordpress.com/2010/04/18/tale-from-the-sky/

Brian said...

Two poems written this week. Thanks Jingle for the invite to the potluck.

Harshika said...

FINALLY!!!! i was just thinking how i can link to potluck and here is my chance...

here are the 3 poems :




Anonymous said...

Awesome job ladies :)
I'm sharing here an old poem of mine, The Summoning of Dreams
Hope the linky works out :)
Cheers every one :)

wiserskydiver said...

i linked in :D

Amanda said...

@ Fiveload...love having you share the pot my friend xx

@ Brian ...Thanks Brian,,we look forward to read your poems.

@ Harshika...You have to click on the "add your link" blue button and enter your links there for everyone to be able to read...let me know if you have problems ok xx

@ Imagina...Whoohoo, great to see you join girlfriend!! Thanks and you can post 2 more if you want!! xxxx

Anonymous said...

Hey all,

Just linked in!
Two offerings from me:

This Night
Starry Sky (bit of a short one)

Enjoy, it's been a pleasure as usual


Melissa Russell said...

New to this circle of poets, but I did participate this week :)

A friend and I wrote the one I posted, it's an older poem.

Anonymous said...

I think this is really great! A lot of sharing! Sharing is caring!

Anonymous said...

Oh this looks wonderful :) Hope I can get in on it..not sure this week, but I definitely will. Need to come back later to check out the wonderful writers' posts. Awesome job setting this all up!!

Louise Gallagher said...

This is wonderful -- I love the visual prompt! And being part of this potluck.

Thanks so much for the invite.

I linked in with Gone is the Knight

and tonight, I'll spend some time wandering amidst the stars as I become bedazzled by all the offerings!

dustus said...

Best wishes to everyone for a great pot luck. Enjoy and have an excellent week! Nice work Amanda, Jingle, and Kavita :)

Thoughts Not Lost said...

I just posted my link for the Potluck! Unfortunately, I won't be able to enjoy everyone's wonderful poems until this evening after I get off work...but I am very much looking foward to reading/commenting tonight!

Anonymous said...

A type because of being excited!!! Thats fantastic Kavita!!!

lovelannie ; )

Anonymous said...

A type because of being excited!!! Thats fantastic Kavita!!!

lovelannie ; )

Bing Yap said...

mine's up! so happy and proud to be part of the potluck again. great job guys! i hope you all have a great week!

Uma Anandane said...

Thanks for inviting me in.

I have posted the links of my 3 finest poems in this week's potluck.
I am really excited and love to be here sharing and mingling with other poeters in this place :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for doing this all :) Thanks for the reminder Ji :)

raj said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

personal attack is not allowed here.
Please be considerate your own conduct, referring to the one who commented before this comment...

privacy issues may arise when you try to attack a person personally ....

wiserskydiver said...


i think i linked in the blog address so heres the correction

this ones not about moon or stars but all of em together as astrology :D

Jinksy said...

Being cheeky, I hope a Morning After poem comes within the Night Catagory!

dustus said...

Thank you for the invitation. I've linked up my newest recent poem.

Anonymous said...

Just found an old one, much more on-prompt that my first one, and much more "finished" as well.

Marshy said...

hi all and thankyou for inviting me...i have been so busy this week and only written one piece, i do hope you enjoy as it took me quite a while to create?..have fun amanda & kavita...cheers Pete

batsick said...

Thanks for the invitation! I really appreciate it! Thanks for also populating my Sundays with something exciting!!!

Amanda said...

@ Kiera... So happy to see you here Kiera and you are linked in :)

@ Missy...older poems are just fine my dear, very happy to see you here. Thanks and happy ready!!

@ Williewizzy...Could not have said it better...enjoy and thanks for your support!!

@ April...Thanks so much..your support will mean so much my friend, whenever you can!! Hugs xx

@ M.L. Gallagher..We are very happy to have you here. Enjoy and thanks for linking in.

@ Adam...Thanks so much Adam, we value your support as always ~ Hugs xx

@ Annie...LOL...you should see us communicate with each other!! So much fun!!

@ Bing...And we are so proud to have you here my dear friend, thanks so much!!

@ Mark...Happy to see you here Mark, your support is awesome!!

@ Jingle...we love you Ji!!!

@ Wiseskydiver...It does not matter if it's not about the theme, just so happy to see you here. Thanks so much!!

@ Jinksy...Awesome, happy to have you!!

@ Vivinfrance...Thanks for linking my friend and enjoy reading.


william manson said...

great to be here, @_)

Amanda said...

@ Kiera..Thanks so posting, lovely to have you linked in!

@ Missy...Can't wait to read your work, thanks for linking and happy reading x

@ Willy..Loved you comment and awesome to see you here.

@ April...your support means so much my friend, whenever you can!!

@ M.L....We would love for you to be bedazzled, thanks for linking!! x

@ Adam...your support means so much and am very happy to see you linked in my friend...thanks so much!!

@ Thoughts...You Rock my friend...take your time, just very happy to see you here!

@ Annie...LOL..you should see us talking on gmail!! Soooo much fun!! x

@ Pinklady...ditto to you too gorgeous girl and very thankful to see you here!!

@ uma...we are excited to have you linked it and have fun my friend. Thanks so much.

@ Mark...Very excited to see you here my friend..enjoy!!

@ Ji...we love you girl!! xx

@ wiser...It is perfectly fine if not about the theme, thanks for linking my friend.

@ Jinksy...LOL, your comment made me laugh...it is perfect!! Enjoy xx

@ viv...Awesome to have you linked in my friend xxx

@ Pete...Your support means so very much and know that it's so much appreciated. Thanks from the heart Pete!! Mwah x

Bubba said...

I jumped on the bandwagon!
Headlines and Bylines

Kavita said...

@Kiera: Wowww!! 2 entries! That's fantastic! Thank you so much for linking in, sweetie!! xoxo

@Missy: Yipppeee! We are so glad you decided to participate here... I hope you have a great time!!! :)) Be it an older poem, or a new one - we are just happy to have you here!!

@WillieWizzy: Very well said!! Sharing is indeed caring! Thank you for your kind words, and your participation here

@ML Gallagher: Hurrraayy!! We are very happy you liked this visual prompt! Thank you so muhc for your feedback!! We soo appreciate it! Wooohooo.... please do wander among those stars.. you never know what you'll find there :))

@Dustus: Gee...Adam, THANK YOU!! We are genuinely happy to see you here.... And are excited to see you participate too!! Thank you for your lovely wishes!! We will GRAB them with pleasure :)

@thoughtsnotlost: It's awesome to have you here, my friend... And please don't fret over hurrying to read the works by our poets here... Take your time, and read at your convenience... We do hope that you have a great time reading/commenting!!!

@LovelyAnnie: heheheh... I knoooww... crazy me! ;-)

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Thanks a ton, Eric.

Kavita said...

@William: Thank you!!!! Hope you have a great time reading...

Unknown said...

thank you for the invitation!
I cannot wait to dive in and read everyone's submissions :)


Kavita said...

@Shigune Matsui: Yaaayy.. We are pleased to see that you found/find our poetry potluck exciting! And we sincerely hope you have a great time here! Thank you for participating, and for your kind wishes..

Anonymous said...

Hi, thanks for the invitation to link up --- just one for now, I dashed it off when I saw the night, moon & stars theme.


Kavita said...

@Rene: THANK YOU for participating, my friend... We are glad to have you here!! And we hope you have an amazing time reading the other submitted poems!! HAVE FUN! :)

Kavita said...

@gospelwriter: Wowiezz!! Excited to see your post here! Cannot wait to read it!! Thanks for joining in the fun, Ruth!!

Marilyn & Jeff said...

Jingle thank you so much for your invite to join Poetry Potluck - I have an entry in but I am not a poet, I had never written anything until I started my blog in May so please forgive my poor words ;-)
I will enjoy reading the other entries.

Amanda said...

@ Eric...You are always a wonderful supporter and thank you for that my friend.

@ Rene.. So happy to have you here...enjoy every moment!!

@ Shigune...So happy to make your Sunday's a good and happy one...thanks for joining!!

@ Ruth ....You know how much I value your support dear Ruth, sooooo happy to see you here, Enjoy!!! xx

Anonymous said...

I have nothing! My mind has been a blank all week. I have already entered all my old poems to the Thursday Rally. *sigh* I will look for inspiration and try again next week.

Writer's block, Argh!

Kathe W. said...

well this is fun- thanks Jingle for letting me know!
I've been out of town so just now got to play!

Anonymous said...

Hey there again...I have a second to add here (it's about someone you all might know. I won't say who, but's she's lovely..) ...:}

-Exiled into bliss

Love having these sites to inspire me...really.
Thanks as always...

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Thanks, Kathew...

Wild Rose said...

Lovely idea Jingle, Amanda and Kavita and thanks for inviting me. So will see what i can link maybe old poems and are short stories welcome too? Enjoy your week all~

Amanda said...

@ Lisa...thats ok darling, you being here and supporting us, says everything!!! We love you anyway!!

@ Kathew...very happy you've linked!! Hope you have loads of fun...thanks so much for joining!! xx

Anonymous said...

Thanks Amanda! I need a crisis or some drama to get my creative juices flowing again lol! Very frustrating.

Linda Bob Grifins Brin Korbetis said...

our pleasure to have you, wild rose.

Amanda said...

@ Wild Rose...so exciting to have you here...you can link older poems, no problem...we are just so happy to have you here with us!!!

@ Lisa...we love you anyway and it will happen, no rush!! Mwah xx

Kristen Haskell said...

I am a bit of dunce and honestly I am able to follow directions, it is just that I messed up posting on 109 and 112. Could someone please delete those posts because they are not linked correctly. Thank you. BTW I love this so thank you for inviting me to join in.

RiikaInfinityy said...

You can delete it yourself :)~and make changes to it whenever you need it Kristen, don't worry so much and thank you for joining us, it is great to have you here^^

JamieDedes said...

Hi all! What fun to come back tonight and see 121 entrees. Amazing and Delightful.

Congrats to Jingle, Amanda and Kavita ... and all these fine poets blessed with the wit, wisdom, and where-with-all to join the party ...

bon appetit

Kavita said...

@Jamie: And thank YOU for coming here, and participating and encouraging us all!! We are loving it immensely! And we hope you do too!!!!!!!!! 121 entries, and we still have like 18 hours to go! Whoa!! AWESOME!! :))

Annie Jeffries said...

Thank you for the invitation. I'm following now, too.

Anonymous said...

Okey since this is a very dear theme for me, yes, i'm adding two more poems :)
Love this site, great job, and so many participants :)Nom off to read more great poems :)

Lyn said...

Thank you so much for inviting me..love the Van Morrison!!
Love your poem too..inspirational!!

Anonymous said...

i feel like a kid in a candy store!!!! yippeee new pieces to read

RA said...

Very beautiful post! Thanks to all for the great work. I'm sorry that I couldn't join last week. We just returned from a two week vacation. I still have a lot of catch up to do. Have a wonderful week, everyone.

wiserkydiver said...


my second entry :D

Kavita said...

@Annie: Aww... anytime, my friend! Thank you for joining us! I hope you are having a great time at the potluck!!

@Magia: Oh...that's fantastic!!! Add on, my dear.... And we are so glad you love this theme!! Yaaaayyyyyy!!! Have a lovely time reading :))

@Lyn: Yaaaaayyy...thank you so much, Lyn!! We are DELIGHTED that you liked the Moondance theme, AND the little ode to the night... Thank you so much for the appreciation...It means a great deal to us here!! I hope you have a great time here!! ENJOY!!! :)

@unprecedentedintellectual: Hehehehe... we are all little kids, running wild in this MEGA candy store! :)) Am soooo glad you are having a fantastic time here... and thank you for linking in, my friend.. we really appreciated it!

@Rosidah: It's perfectly alright if you could not join us last week, Rosidah.. we all have things to attend to.. we understand... Hope you had an AWESOME vacation! :) Relax a bit now, and enjoy the treats here at your own convenience.. Have fun! We value your presence here..

@Wiser: Thanks for the 2nd entry, W... we sooo appreciate it! The more, the better!! Yaaayyyy

Amanda said...

Just under 5 hours to go...whooohooo, we have a new record posting thanks to all of YOU!!! You guys have been sooo supportive and we thank you from the heart!! Just remember, you can post up to 3 poems here!! Much love and happy reading!!! xxxx

Nalini Hebbar said...

Oh shucks! I missed the deadline! Thanks for the invite, Jingle!

Luisa Doraz said...

What a journey one can take with an endless smile. Jave fun writing.

benjity said...

Jingle, this is the most creative, enjoyable site and concept! Thanks for keeping it up. Honestly, I feel I am a little inept at navigating it. I keep trying to find every nook and cranny! It's amazing!

Amanda said...

Thanks to each and everyone who has linked and participated to this weeks Potluck, without you we cannot be here. The poetry was absolutely outstanding and we are so proud you are part of our community!!! Have a good week and we will see you here next Sunday night!!! Have a fabulous rest of the week and happy reading.
Hugs xoxoxoxox

Ramesh Sood said...

This is simply such a beautiful place.. i want to stay longer.. well sometime time will permit.. thanks jingle for the potluck feast for heart and soul.. you know we used to have potluck feasts years ago..

I feel humbled by the wisdom sprinkled here..God bless..

ZENDOM said...

Here are three of my favourite Jingle, please enjoy as well(+)




Happy Wednesday to ya,

annell4 said...

I missed the deadline. I'll get the hang of it.....but I posted my little poem on my blog. Thanks.

Kavita said...

@Nalini: Awww... it's okay if you missed it this time, Nalini.. we will be back this Sunday evening!! :) Hope you can make it then... Thanks for your interest... Have a great week ahead!

@Luisa: You can say that again, Doraz.. those smiles can go a loooooooooooooooong way indeed! Hope you are having a fantastic time!! Thanks for participating! :))

@Benjity: hehehe.. I am very happy you enjoyed the concept here... I have a feeling you tried linking in your poems after the deadlne, which is why you probably were unable to. I hope you can participate this coming weekend, and we will be DELIGHTED to have you here... your support and encouragement are most appreciated! xoxo

@Ramesh: Oohh..thank you so much for the kind words, Ramesh.... we are very glad that you had a great time here at the potluck! And yes, you can join us AGAIN this coming week... we are most excited to have you here! Your support is our strength! Enjoy a superb week ahead!

@Dom: Thanks for the links to your poems.. we will definitely read them. And I hope you can participate in the potluck this coming week as well... we would be very pleased to have you here! Thanks forthe kind words... :)

@Annell: It's perfectly alright if you missed the deadline this time, Annell... Cuz we will be back this weekend! And I hope you can make it then...it would be awesome to have you here... yaaaaaaaaayyy.. That won't stop us from visiting your blog though :) Take care, and have a fun week!

@Jingle: Thank you for your immense support throughout the potluck...YOU SIMPLY ROCK!!! (hugs)

@Amanda: What would I ever have done without you, my sweet partner in crime/fun?!?! :)) LOVE YA!!!!

EVERYONE: Poetry potluck would have been lackluster without your SUPERB participation and EXCELLENT support! We are grateful to you for that.. Thank you (a zillion times over) for everything!! WE WILL BE BACK THIS SUNDAY 8pm CST!!! Till then, enjoy, read on...and keep writing!! :)))

Lots of love to all for making Poetry Potluck a GRAND SUCCESS!!
Hip Hip Hurray!!!

annell4 said...

I'll be away until after the first. I jump in the next week.

Charles L. Mashburn said...

Here is a link to my Poetry Pot Luck post. I hope I'm not too late. Was on a book signing trip the last several days, and playing catch-up now!