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Sunday, September 26, 2010

MONDAY POETRY POTLUCK - Kings, Queens and Warriors

It's Monday - and it's POTLUCK time again!!!!

Hello and WELCOME back to Poetry Potluck!!! 

After two fantastic weeks of fun and festivities, we (Amanda and Kavita) now welcome you to the third super-grand week of poetry potluck!! Get ready to bring in your treasures, share them here, and let's all partake in it.

Register yourself (with your name and the link to your potluck entry) using InLinkz below, and leave a comment with a pointer to your post! It would be great if you could link back to us on your blog!!! Once you are done with this, visit other participants, read their entries, comment, AND ENJOY!!! This week the theme we've chosen is Kings, Queens & Warriors. So let your imagination run wild and march in the fun!!

Remember: Every week, InLinkz will be up on Sunday, at 8pm (CST), and will stay open till Tuesday, 8pm (CST). So you will have 48 hours to share up to 3 poems with us...WONDERFUL!!

So, we are done with the instructions, LET'S GET STARTED with this week's potluck!!!! Please watch the VIDEO we have created and let those creative spirits flow!!! Thanks for joining, and have fun!!!

(Image courtesy: desktopnex)

Oh Soul of Radiance
Friend of the stars
You fill the dark sky
Oh light of my life
Fight your wars with your head held high
May your renown spread upwards to the sky
I call to you
Please come to me
To hold me close
Your voice in a chant
Raise your sword to those cruel and vile
Slay the monsters, go employ your guile
I will sing this song
To your loving soul
For to lift your heart
And keep you from fear
Lift your bow and may the arrow release
Manoeuver your dagger with deft and ease
There is no danger
A lantern to steer
To show you the way
And let in the light
And while you are gone, I await your return
You defend your pride, as I sit here and burn


RiikaInfinityy said...

I am the all time supporter!=P

Let's have fun with wings!:3~

A poem ending my first semi-graphical novel; Tributes of Sonia - The First Fall

Warrior of Memories
Written for the theme
A battle begins :P

Linda Bob Grifins Korbetis Hall said...

Magical Theme,
love it,
unbeatable job, Kavita and Amanda...
Thanks for the backup, Viika.

Anonymous said...

Hi again! Me and Riika - early birds... well in the UK it's either now (2am) or tomorrow morning, which would be late...

My poems linked -

Hue and Cry:

Oil Painting:


Look forward to reading other ppl's Monday and Tuesday! Happy Pot-lucking all.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Hoho it is 9am here >:P Great job and cheers to Kavita and Amanda<3<3 ^^~

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Monday Potluck is fast becoming an exciting spot for poets. Wonderful work peoples. My poem might need some imagination to fit the theme. Have a great Monday everyone. :))

RiikaInfinityy said...

Will be back later to check out other's work ;D~ I got a lot of things on my hands right now lol, i wish I have more than two hands hahaXDXD

buttercup/Amanda said...

@ Riika....You Rock girlfriend!! Thanks for all your support!

@ Jingle....Happy you like the theme Ji, it was so much fun this week!!

@ Luke...Yes you are early birds...my Mondays almost halfway already!! Thanks for always being here Luke and happy reading my friend xx

@ Eaton...we are just as excited to have you here Eaton...and your poem's just fine...remember you can link up to 3 here. Happy Monday too!!

Kavita said...

@Riika: Without you, InLinkz would've been a "dream" ;-) And so, Poetry Potluck would've been a half-realized dream..
Simply put, WE LOVE YOU!!! :)) Congrats on the completion of your first semi-graphic novel...HURRRRRAAAAYYY!!!!

@Jingle: You are THE star, Ji!! MWAH!!! Thanks for the encouragement! We need it all the time!! :)

@Luke: Maaaaan....you are quick! And we are GLAD!!!!! :))) Thank you so much, Lukey... you totally give us reason to stay ever-motivated!! Yiipppeeeee!!!!

@Eaton: Oooohhh... it is so awesome to "hear" that Poetry Potluck is becoming an exciting spot for us poets! It's music to the eyes :) Thank you so much, Eaton... it FEELS GREAT!!!!

@Amanda: Girl... need I tell you anything at all?! You and I are interchangeable here...hehhehe.. and me LOVES it!!! LOVIEZ to you!!

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday! I'm just linking one for now:

I'll try and come up with something on theme tomorrow.

Thanks for hosting!

Amanda said...

@ Kavz....Me loves you right back!!!! My partner in crime!!!! Mwah xxx YOU ROCK JINGLE!!!!

Unknown said...

So i've linked in one poem so far today, now i will be digging in my files for two more...

Unknown said...

here is poem 2 for today...


Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Oh my gosh, I do have a poem to suit today's theme. I forgot all about it.

Artofstarving said...

Thanks for putting this together, Jingle. I linked a couple of oldies. Here's to all the poets battling the Mondays with a little bit of transcendent beauty!

Chris G. said...

Excellent, and a fun little theme too. Looks like we've got some lovely submissions already! I've connected two. One I just made, and one I posted a while back.

"A Man, A King":

I Will Not Don the Black:

Olivia said...

This looks like so much fun- Lemme work towards sending a few more poets here- I am so excited as always.. :D
Mondays have become so much to look forward to-
All the best everyone-
Kavita, Amanda: Gurls, you keep outdoing yourselves every week.. Love

joanna said...

Hello all:

My post is up for the Monday Poetry Pot luck.



Amanda said...

@ Ruth ....One for now is just fine Ruth, we are just so happy to see you linking. Your support means so much...and take your time :)

@ Gary...Whoohooo...very happy to see a 2nd one going up Gary...happy reading my friend xx

@ Eaton...now I can't wait to read the one you're talking about!!! Thanks so much!!!

@ Artofstarving...Oldies are just wonderful...so happy you have linked my friend and happy reading...cheers to Monday Potluck and YOU!!! x

@ Chris G....happy you liked the theme, Kavita and I had so much fun creating it!! Hope you have fun here and thanks so much for linking!!!

@ Olivia...I have missed you girlfriend!!! Awesome, bring lots more...we love you and thanks for those kind words. Love yah!! xx

@ Joanny....Gorgeous girl's here and linked...that makes me very happy!!! Love you Joanny!! xx

Amanda said...

@ Dom...I noticed that your poem linked in No 14 does not work..(the other 2 are just perfect)..please try and delete and repost when you can!! Good job and so happy to see you here :) xx

Ramesh Sood said...

I am so Sorry Jingle.. I don't know if I have posted as per theme of the week.. I just posted some poems which I wanted to share with this group.. hope it's OK.. or you can delete and I go back to return with whatever I have for the theme.. let me know anyway..God bless!

Anonymous said...

tq jingle- my contribution to your potluck this week is:

Arts Web Show said...

i put in my latest episode.
it's a performance poem in video format

Anonymous said...

Come to think of it I don't have any poem with this theme :(
Great job, ladies, i'm reading some of the poems here :)

Anonymous said...

Thank you to all, and especially you, Jingle, for providing this forum to share our work with others.

This week, I tried to write 3 poems. They are all very different in tone and topic. Don't run away, as you might find one that will be meaningful to you.

Thanks to all for sharing your poetry with me. I am inspired by your work.


Amanda said...

@ Ramesh...it is absolutely fine to post older poems...we're just so very happy to have you linked!! Happy reading and blessings to you too :)

@ Fiveloaf...very happy to see you here!! Your support and place in our community is HUGE!!!! XXX

@ Art Web (Robert)..I can't wait to listen ...thanks for linking my friend....YOU ROCK!!!

@ Imagina...you can link some of your older poems Imagina...very happy to have you here girlfriend!! Happy reading :) xxx

River said...

I will not be posting this week. I am curious about the theme and ones posts. Do I have this right? We are to come here read the poem and watch the video and then write a poem to the theme? or can someone put up what poem or poems they want? Does it matter?
Great Job Amanda and Kavita

River said...

Could someone please add my new blog Rivers Ruminations. http://riversruminations.blogspot.com/ Thank you ~ I'm going to start using this one mostly.

Anonymous said...

Just loaded my post. Was able to take an idea that I've kicked around a few times now, so thank you for the prompt.

Anonymous said...

i look forward to this all week..thank for everyone who stops by and for everyone who submits. I love the mishmash of poetry.

Anonymous said...

Yay! Another Potluck! :D :D

Submitted a poem: http://deadpoet88.wordpress.com/2010/05/12/unrequited/

Will visit blogs soon. Still have net troubles at home :(

Anonymous said...

hi y'all-- I just linked the only "royal" poem I ever wrote, had to really. But some of you have read it before. I'm now searching back in the archives for another, like last week's, that was posted before I was part of this poetry community, so never read. back soon!

Someone is Special said...

Sorry Amanda and Kavita.. For the past three days, I just took a leave from Blogging World due to my very busy Schedule, may be till this weekend it may continue. I am sure next monday I am up with a poem for Potluck.. Sure..

--Someone Is Special--

Thoughts Not Lost said...

I have two contributions for this fine Potluck, hope all enjoy!




PS..can't wait to start reading everyone elses poems once I am home from work tonight! Yay!

Amanda said...

@ River...It does not matter if you link a poem with another title or an older one...the theme is just a prompt to put a bit of fun with it all but does not mean you have to write about it....the main goal here is for all to have a wonderful time reading each others work and sharing poetry. Have taking note of the new blog and will ask Jingle to add it. Hugs to you my friend xxx

@ Shanegenziuk...Now that is great news...so happy that you are sharing and very happy you could use the prompt as inspiration! x

@ unprecedented....So do we...look forward to this also and very happy you're here my friend...love your discription!!! Happy reading oxoxox

@ DP....You Rock ....thanks for linking despite all your net problems...hope it get's sorted quick! Thanks soooo much for linking. Mwah xx

@ Marilynn...Whoohooo...I love to see you here...and don't forget, it does not have to be about the theme...can't wait to read!! Thanks my friend xx

@ Someone...that is super fine my friend, we all know how busy life can get...thanks for letting us know and look forward to see you back soon. Hugs xxx

@ Thoughts Not Lost...Smiles to see you have 2 linked!!! Happy reading and thanks for linking ...Yayyyyyy!!! xxx

Amanda said...

This is a Place for ALL OF YOU to share your wonderful poems...IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ABOUT THE THEME...it is there to create a bit of fun and some inspiration...please don't let it hold you back from linking if it is not about the specific topic above...we want this to be a happy place where we meet on a weekly basis, for all to share their wonderful work...no matter what!!
Happy reading everyone, if there's any questions, please do not hesitate to ask any of us...Amanda, Kavita or Jingle. oxo

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone

Two poems linked in this time; one old and one new :)

Great to see you all xx

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Welcome aboard, poets from all over the word,
please feel free to bring in your dish to share....
Happy Monday!

brokenpenwriter said...

I stopped holding Libby's paw for a moment so she could sleep, and came here to find you, my cyberfriends...your poems and life-energy and enthusiasm bring me back on a breath of sweet oxygen to the world of writers. For the last two days, dear Libby has been dying. With quiet elegance, she refuses all water and food and her only movement is to thump her tail whenever I come to sit or lay down beside her. Today at 10:30, Libby's vet will give her the final injection and release her from all the pain and discomfort of liver cancer. Don't know if I can write... tears keep getting in my way. In honor of Libby, I'll make a link to the last poem that shared her beautiful soul. It's called Arlo's Garden. In a few hours Arlo and Shadow will be welcoming my dear friend to their side of the rainbow. And to help celebrate your wonderful theme, I'll link to Raffy's Nap - a saxon hill fort in England, recently discovered and the archeological dig shared with my grandchildrens' school. If I can later today, I'll write another piece but for now my heart is too full of the sadness of letting Libby go.

Thanks to everyone,

Anonymous said...

is it necessary to stick to the theme :(
i am not sure if i have any poems related to kings, queens or knights..
but i may have some old poems which i would like to link to monday poetry potluck... :(

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Megzone, no need to stick to the theme...
feel free to link in any old poems you wish to share....


Anonymous said...

yaayy...thanks :D
my links coming up :D

Cheryl said...

Thank you Jingle for stopping by and suggesting I link in this week. This is important and yes I'd like more people to be know. Maybe some of you will write a post and join in spreading the message.

Jingle Poetry At Washington State said...

Good Luck, Cheryl,
your entry makes me smile!
Happy Monday!

Bubba said...

I knew I had something already:
The Old King

Anonymous said...

found a couple that fit in with this week's theme--though i loosely extended it to princesses and warrior princesses as well! lol

thanks again for putting all this together guys :)



Lovely Annie said...

Here is my regal offering! I will be reading off and on throughout the day!

Much love to you all!

Lovely Annie

Anonymous said...

My 2nd poem is up under Marilynn/mairmusic. It is about a tragic inadvertent warrior, caught in the crossfire. Looking forward to reading y'all!

Christine said...

My first time to the Potluck! Thanks for the cute prompt! Something came quickly: not very brilliantly, but quickly :-)

Kavita said...

@Kiera: So glad to see you link up two of your poems with us! Thank you!!! That's terrific!! Can't wait to read 'em!! Happy Reading, and Happy Monday!!! :)

@Cindy: We really appreciate you taking the time to come here despite the tough time you and Libby are going through.. I hope Libby continues her onward journey in peace and painfree... Please stay strong, cuz Libby would want to see you happy whenever she sees you from wherever she is...
Thank you for the linkups here, my dear friend... Think of all the lovelier days with Libby and I am sure you will feel better in no time...
May Libby's kind soul rest in peace..
Take care, Cindy.. Much love to you!!!

@Meg: The theme is just an idea... it ain't a MUST to stick to it :) Write in and link up any poem (old or new) you feel like... no sad faces allowed here! ;-) Jingle Poetry is a HAPPY PLACE... theme or no theme - doesn't matter!! MWAAAHH!!

@Cheryl: We really like the idea of a post to spread the Potluck message!! Sounds awesome to me!! Thank you..... :)
And while you are here, we hope you a lovely time!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Jingle! I am happy to be a part of this one...

Here is my entry: http://thinkinlikegavroche.wordpress.com/2010/09/27/yael-poetry-collection-monday-poetry-potluck/

Amanda said...

@ Cindy (Brokenpenwriter) My heart bleeds with you my dearest friend...I can almost feel your pain as I have been down the same road before...I am so sad about Libby....they are soooo much part of our lives :- I will come and visit you on your page but eave you with these words:-

Beyond the Rainbow ....although we may not be together in the way we used to be, we are still connected by a cord no eye can see.
So whenever you need to find me, we're never far apart, if you look beyond the Rainbow and listen with your heart.

Amanda said...

@ Eric....You are sooooooo clever!!! Thanks for linking, happy to see you in!! x

@ arspoetica....Absolutely perfect...all welcome and look forward to read your work!!!

@ Annie...Lovely to have our lovely Annie here...can't wait to read all...thanks my dear friend xxx

@ Marilynn...A mouthful that sounds very interesting!! Thanks darling!!

@ Christine... Whoohooo, sooo happy to have you here, your support means soooo much. Thanks my friend and look forward to read your work!!

@ goatgirlbookworm... (love your name) and it's awesome that you are part of potluck. Welcome and happy reading!!! x

william manson said...

superb, the place to be :)

Stafford Ray said...

Hey guys, stuffed up the link first try (typo in link). Can you remove it? Second one OK.

sm said...


Anonymous said...

I put up my entries under tasithoughts for the potluck. Looking forward to the reads

Lu Ann said...

Sounds really interesting! Thanks for the invite, thou it seems like I have to write a lot every week!! Nice :)




Lu Ann said...




Thanks for the invitation. They are oldies :) But I hope they like them!

Anonymous said...

Oh that's great if we don't have to stick to the theme :)
Here's an old poem of mine :)

Eaton Bennett aka Berenice Albrecht said...

Thank you Jingle, my third poem is linked as well. :))

Dasuntoucha said...

Hello Jingle and fellow poets...I'd like to thank Olivia for inviting and actually reminding my about Poetry Potluck (^_^)...can't wait to read what folks are sharing.

Amanda said...

@ William...Thanks so much for linking William...very very happy to see you here my friend xx

@ Stafford Ray...It works fine now my friend, thanks so much for linking and enjoy reading :) x

@ SM ...Please join us, a wonderful place to have your work read.

@ Tasithoughts...whoohooo, great to have you here!!! Happy reading my friend xx

@ Lu Ann...You can post older poems darling, does not have to be new ones. Very glad to see you have linked. Enjoy reading :)

@ Imagina....See, it's easy and don't have to stick to the theme my dear!! Happy you have linked xxxxx

@ Eaton....you're a star!!! Enjoy your time here, we're very happy to have you xxx

Someone is Special said...

Hi All..

Mine is up.. A Sweet dedication to Ji.. Do visit this link..


Someone please link this up..

Thanks in advance..

--Someone Is Special--

Tekia said...

Thanks for the invite! Hope I linked up right.

Bing Yap said...

i'm so sorry... but better late than never, i hope. ;) my post is finally up.

Uncle Tree said...

Well...okay, Jingle. You talked me into it. Thanks for the invitation! My entry is a little dark, but death is something even Kings and Queens come to fear.


reetam said...

thought i'd write something serious but something funny came out instead. :D
might post another one though.
here's the one i submitted : http://superhero-blues.blogspot.com/2010/09/kingly-conversation.html

Anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
here's my potluck post. Have a bit of writer's flu this past weekend. Sorry so late. Became brave and tried a Ballade.

At Last Light


Olivia said...

Dasuntoucha: You are so welcome. The pleasure's been mine..
It's so much fun reading you guys around. What a treat of verses.. Couldn't have been any other way..

Happy Potluck all..

Olivia said...

Riika/Amanda//Kavs- Could you please check the 87th link of Annie, it doesn't connect.. Maybe this needs to be re- posted..

Could you please check the error?

yulistya dey said...

Hi, Kavita and Amanda.
Thanks for the invitation.

i kinda busy lately, so I think I'm going to post my old poem instead of a tailored-one for the theme.

Hope you don't mind. :)

Anonymous said...

Here's my submission!!


Owen S. Jordan

Anonymous said...

Here's my submission!!


Owen S. Jordan

Lovely Annie said...

My link did not seem to be working before so i just posted my poem again! Thanks everyone! I have been reading through the poems today...such weavers we all are!

RiikaInfinityy said...

dot...lol Olivia was like telling me about the problem and i thought it was at the official link section...sorry about it lol i will get it fixed...

RiikaInfinityy said...

Everyone, you can just remove your link and repost it again if it is not working, just in case, some of you doesn't know about it :)

Uma Anandane said...

I have submitted a poem on warrior and my next one is on war based on emotions.....

Harshika said...


Third week in poetry pot luck and i'm all excited to post up!!!

here are my 3 links :




Olivia said...

LovelyAnnie: It's now up and fine.. I have checked it again..
Riika: You are a sweetheart.. without you I would have been lost.. :)

Lu Ann: Refer the 113 entry.. I couldn't find the comment box on the site- can someone help please..?

My comments for that poem: It's very much my mind- when things are in their gravest order. Just then, I notice how a Divine and helping hand come upon my head to sort out the things in the best possible manner.. very Divine and true!! Often we tend to ignore such mini- miracles and choose to remain blind- folded. Very well written and conveyed. All the Best.. xox

Olivia said...

Discovered where to comment on Lu Ann's site: This is where you click..

Publicar un comentario en la entrada

This maybe one of the reasons there aren't many comments to such a lovely piece- Here fellow poets, rush now..

Happy Potluck

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Hi Amanda, Kavita and Jingle
Been busy with lot of stuff that is happenning around me professionally offline (i.e my work etc...;-)) so could not post earlier. Glad I could do it with still some time left.
I am happy to see that there are such a great group of people who have submitted here and kind of feeling awkward now to submit mine, as the topic was something that I usually don't write about... but since I got Jingle's message thought about it and gave it a try few hours back. So here is the result, hope some of you like it.

Here is the link


Happy potluc to all...

Om Namah Shivaya
Connect with me at Twitter @VerseEveryDay to read verse about love, life and longing...

Anonymous said...

Althought I don't fit into the theme, I still went ahead and submitted my very first, second, and third poems from my blog.

Kavita, Amanda and Jingle - You gals can I say that?) rock!

Kristen Haskell said...

I only had time to post one this week. I sure hope you enjoy it. It is kind of a sad one but then how many truly happy Monarch were there really?


Kavita said...

@Dasuntoucha: thanks for being here and supporting us, my friend...we really appreciate it!

@SiS: Thank you for linking in!! Cannot wait to read it all... Happy Potlucking!! :)

@Tekia: You did perfect, lady!!! Thank you soooo much for sharing your poem here... love ya!

@Bing: Absolutely!!! As long as you post your poems here, we are good... Read on, gorlfriend... We are GLAAAAAD to have you here! :)

@Uncle tree: Dark or not, we are very happy you have shared your poem here, my friend... thank you sooo much!! Happy Reading/Poeming!!! :)

@Reetam: Funny is cool! :) We are very glad to have you here...and that's that!! I hope you are having a good time here yourself.... thank you for your participation... we totally appreciate it!

@Woih: I hope your writer's flu has flown away by now :) And no need to apologize at all, my friend... we are very glad to have you here! Your support is like our backbone!!! Cannot do without it, can we now?!?!? Thank you so much for linking in despite everything! You rock!!! Take care, woih...

@Olivia: Y.O.U A.R.E T.H.E B.E.S.T!!! That's all I can say now.... LUV YA!!!
Will check LovelyAnnie's link right away! Thanks for everything...

Kavita said...

@dhitzunako: Older poems work just fine, my friend.. we all understand that we get busy with other commitments as well.. it's perfectly okay... Take care, and thank you for taking the time to linking up your poem here! We really appreciate your gesture..

@Owen: Yiipppee!! Thanks for linking up, my friend! Your participation here is invaluable!!!

@Lovely Annie: Olivia and Riika have fixed it all... aaaahhh... life savers, aren't they?! :) Luv ya, girl!! Poem on .. and have fun here!

@Riika and Liv: MWAAHH!!!

@Uma: WOW!! 2 poems here! That sounds super cool!! Thank you so much for your participation, my friend... it is precious here!

@Harshika: Yaaaaaayy.... I love this excitement!!! I hope you are having a good time here, girlie... I am so glad you linked up 3 poems here! AWESOME!!!! You rock! Thank you so much for showing your interest here, sweetie...

@Shashi: How bugging can work get, at times!! GRRRR... we all understand that, Shashi... Despite all that, you have managed to link up with the potluck...that is AWESOME!! And we are grateful to you for that! And don't bother much about sticking to the theme.. if you are not comfortable with it, you may submit any poem you like.. the theme is just to give an idea/ a pointer... it's no rule at all!! :)
Thank you for you support, S.. it is invaluable to us!!! Take care... and have a great time while you are here (AND at work too :))

@Keshav: Yaaaayyy...at LAST, you participated!! And with 3 poems! That's terrific, K!! Thank you so much!! And yes, you CAN say we rock! hehehheh (thank youuuuu)

@Kristen: Sad or not, one or more, it doesn't matter, Kristen! As long as you having a great time here, we are happy! We really appreciate you taking the time to post a poem for us in the first place.. you kind gesture means a great deal to us!!! Take care, my friend...

Anonymous said...

Finally! I got my post up! Thanks for your patience and I will start visiting others tomorrow. Good luck to all!

Kavita said...

@Lisa: yaaayyy... we are so glad you could make it, lady!! Thank youuuuuuuuu!!!! Hope you have loads of fun with the treats out here! :)

reetam said...

@kavita. yep. i'm having a whale of a time here... there are so many awesome entries!

RA said...

Thanks for another wonderful week. I love the inspiring posts and themes you present to us. If only I could be more on time. Please, forgive me.

Olivia said...

The 104th entry Stafford, had been posted incorrectly.. I am posting it again-
Warm wishes

rashmi said...

Hi everybody,
Here's my post for the potluck...

Dennis Go said...

Thanks to everyone who visited and commented on my post :)

Anonymous said...

The link to Althea, #219, is broken.

Anonymous said...

Would try to make it in time next time round! Ghosh...work @ home n office makes it tough to read all the good ones here.

RiikaInfinityy said...

Link fixed=)

Someone is Special said...

@ Everyone...

I am happy on seeing the super dooper success of Monday Potery Potluck, almost like a SUPERSTAR Movie.. Well done everyone..

@Tekia, thanks a lot for linking mine in...

I will be happy if everyone visit and enjoy the dedication to Ji..

--Someone Is Special--

Shashidhar Sharma said...

Dear Jingle
I was not able to leave my comments even after reading few of the verses of the following cool people, as it wanted me to log on to leave comments. At this stage I am not really very keen to start another blog page at word-press as my hands are already full of online stuff. Please pass on my appreciation to them ...
1) Almond
2) Suzzane
3) Julie Jordan Scott (Not accepting data
4) MairMusic

ॐ नमः शिवाय
Om Namah Shivaya
Twitter @VerseEveryDay

Anonymous said...

Hi friends, its enormous article on the topic of teachingand entirely
defined, keep it up all the time.